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Latest Headlines

Data monetization is focus of new conference

It seems like only yesterday that 'data monetization' was the buzzword at every big data conference. In those days, just three or so years ago, the term was largely applied to selling raw data. But data monetization has evolved to largely mean using it to improve efficiencies and innovate new revenue streams. Enter a new conference focused on exactly that.

NYC Data Science Academy offers summer Data Science Bootcamp

The NYC Data Science Academy (NYCDSA) is offering a 12-week data science bootcamp for students with a technical background in engineering, finance, science, or business looking to update their skillset with big data skills. Students learn R, Python, Machine Learning, Hadoop, Spark and more in an intensive 12-week course.

Top DevOps databases, frameworks and libraries revealed

Toptal, a freelance software engineers and designers listing and ranking site backed by Andreessen Horowitz, Adam D'Angelo, Ryan Rockefeller, and other investors, released internal data about which databases, programming languages, frameworks and libraries are in highest demand this year among hiring tech companies that seek freelance talent through their service.

Real-world training for data scientists on social projects

Real-world training is essential to mastering big data projects on the job. Too often, university training is far behind what the work world actually needs from employees. By taking this approach, data science students are much more likely to be able to hit the ground running in their new jobs – and society benefits from these efforts too. It's a win all around.

Statisticians and big data scientists finally ready to make up?

You would think statisticians and big data scientists would be brothers in arms, or at least amicable team members. In some cases, they are. But in others, not so much. The good news is that it now looks as if the two disciplines are attempting to make peace.

Looking for a big data job? Here are the highest paying companies in America

While FierceBigData routinely reports on the changing skillsets you need to land a big data job, or grow your pay in the job you have, and we routinely report on resources for developing your skills too, it's time now to look at which companies are paying the most.

Spotlight: Top 10 skills in data science study

Bob Hayes, chief research officer at AnalyticsWeek, recently did a study to discover the top 10 skills in data science as it is actually being practiced today.

Free home edition of enterprise level analytics

World Programming, a producer of analytics and data science software, has released a free edition of its WPS analytics software for individual home use to hone data science skills or simply do a big data project on your own. Sure, students can use this to get started in data science and programming in the SAS language, but full-fledged data scientists can use it to hone their skills too. 

Demand for data scientists grows despite efforts to replace them through automation

Every big data vendor out there is trying desperately to develop the magic algorithm to enable the average business user to use big data without the aid of data scientists, with varying success. The inconvenient truth is that even with intelligent automation, data scientists are still needed to handle the growing complexity in analysis and in vendor product automation and innovation. According to Indeed, there are over 600 open positions for data scientists in Silicon Valley alone. 

State of Workforce Analytics study, infographic

Although 90 percent of enterprises are making significant investments in workforce optimization, only 4 percent have the data they need to do the analysis. That's a bit scary considering so many companies are making workforce decisions based on far too little information.