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Latest Headlines

Microsoft's big idea: an algorithm and model store

Microsoft's idea of creating a data science marketplace takes best of show. It is the best idea in a sea of great ideas at Strata NY this year. 

Data scientists: Mobile analytics startups are looking for you

Another area where jobs are springing up for data scientists is in mobile analytics startups. Of course, mobile companies of all types are also searching high and low for more data scientists, too. 

Future workplace: AI bosses and an Algorithm Director?

IPSoft's Amelia, a "learning cognitive agent," is already gaining high-level work skills that its creators say will put it, or others like it, at the top C-level position one day. And a Hong Kong-based venture capital company has already appointed an algorithm to its board of directors. Will we all work for machines soon--if we can find work at all?

Meet with me at Strata?

I'm hoping to see many of you at Strata this week, on the floor, in the sessions, at the parties, or just milling about. You can also find me at the "Meet the Author of 'Data Divination: Big Data Strategies'" events on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and again at 3:30 p.m. at MetaScale's booth #439. Drop by and say hello!

IBM, Wharton partner for big data education program

As further evidence that big data is beginning to spread throughout organizations--aka data democratization--leading institutions of higher learning are beginning to teach big data skills to non-IT types. IBM and Wharton are a prime example with their new educational program for CMOs. 

HR's big data challenges for 2015 aren't what you think

By now, you've heard all about big data being used by HR for hiring. In all likelihood, you wondered just how much value big data could be in hiring people. It might be useful in finding and identifying good candidates in highly specialized fields, maybe, but for general HR purposes?

Big data cynicism runs amok, winners win anyway

Do your due diligence before buying big data tools and storage, by all means. But understand that whatever profits are to be had will be delivered by virtue of your mastery of them and not their mere presence in your organization.

Gartner and FBD on a big data myth-busting binge

Gartner released a new myth-busting report on big data last week. They are right that there is still a lot of hype, and most companies that are struggling with data now are unduly suffering from pressures generated by myths. Here are five of the myths they busted--plus a couple of my own after that.

The rise of Chief Analytics Officers

First came the Chief Data Officers, or CDOs, to handle data as the assets they are and to champion data-driven decision-making throughout the organization. Now some companies are hiring Chief Analytics Officers, or CAOs, as well.

What to do when you can't find any data scientists to hire

Data scientists are in hot demand and still a rare breed. Top performers are particularly hard to hire away from the positions they hold now. So what is a company in dire need of data scientists to do? Start without them.