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Latest Headlines

IU researchers map entire global economy, forecast large-scale industrial evolution

"We're not only trying to give everyone a 'map,' or a large-scale picture of all the sectors of the economy, but also a 'weather forecast' and 'tools,'" Ahn said in a statement to the press. "So users will not only know where they can find jobs but also predict bright spots on the horizon – the emerging markets – and acquire the skills, or tools, they will need to get where they want to go."

Free Hadoop on-demand training comes with $500 in credit for Google Cloud

MapR has teamed with Google Cloud to provide $500 in credit for Google Cloud Platform services for everyone who registers for MapR's free Hadoop On-Demand Training program. But it's not a reward for signing up; it's more like a subsidy or scholarship to cover the costs of creating virtual environments to complete the required lab exercises in each course. 

Spotlight: Uber aims for autonomous cars to replace drivers – poaches AI, robotics pros from partner Carnegie Mellon

Uber is looking to soon ditch its drivers for a fleet of autonomous cars. But rather than collaborate with partner Carnegie Mellon University to pull that off as promised, Uber poached at least 40 of its researchers and scientists.

4 critical jobs in big data

Crucial roles do still exist and will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future. However, they are morphing a bit into more refined skill sets and job definitions from what we saw earlier in the industry. Take a look at what those roles look like now. 

Labor 411 supports companies paying a fair wage to employees

Consumers can use Labor 411's searchable website to pinpoint, by neighborhood, where their shopping dollars can support living-wage companies and avoid retailers that do not treat workers well. 

DataFest competition races to finish on automotive data

DataFest, an annual month-long data-analytics competitive event sponsored by the American Statistics Association, aims to improve college undergraduates' skills in analytics and drive innovation by allowing contestants to race on real industry data. This year the big data was all automotive, from car shopping powerhouse

Meta Brown's guide to female analytics authors and experts

Looking for a female speaker for your next conference, or for an expert source on analytics who is also a woman? Meta Brown published a booklet today on 262 women who have literally written the book on any analytics related topic you can think of.

4 hot big data jobs

Yes, data scientists are still very much sought after and that will be true for several years. But this post is about four other types of big data jobs that are now also hot.

IIA report: Companies failing to detect emerging risks due to the loss of internal auditors

The report finds that an alarming number of companies are unable to identify emerging risks ranging from cyberthreats to geopolitical developments, global health threats, and social media due to a shortage of skilled internal auditors.

Patricia Arquette addresses income disparity, Rhiza brings us the data behind it

After Patricia Arquette gave an acceptance speech at the Oscars addressing income disparity, Rhiza decided to focus its Rhiza Ratio project on income disparity between genders nationwide for those making less than $25,000 a year. Here's what their analysis revealed.