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Latest Headlines

Gartner and FBD on a big data myth-busting binge

Gartner released a new myth-busting report on big data last week. They are right that there is still a lot of hype, and most companies that are struggling with data now are unduly suffering from pressures generated by myths. Here are five of the myths they busted--plus a couple of my own after that.

The rise of Chief Analytics Officers

First came the Chief Data Officers, or CDOs, to handle data as the assets they are and to champion data-driven decision-making throughout the organization. Now some companies are hiring Chief Analytics Officers, or CAOs, as well.

What to do when you can't find any data scientists to hire

Data scientists are in hot demand and still a rare breed. Top performers are particularly hard to hire away from the positions they hold now. So what is a company in dire need of data scientists to do? Start without them. 

Spotlight: Data science definitions you need to know

Talking data science can be like speaking another language. Here are some data science definitions you'll find helpful. 

Why Buffalo Sabres Coach Ted Nolan (and some CEOs) shun analytics

Ted Nolan, the Buffalo Sabres head coach, has loudly proclaimed he doesn't believe in analytics. Nolan is playing on his gut alone--but that may leave fans retching in the end when opposing data-driven teams take all the wins.

Big data reveals productive people work in sprints, not marathons

According to a recent study, the top 10% of productive employees don't work full eight hour days. On average, they work for 52 minutes and then take 17-minute breaks. And no, those 17 minute breaks weren't spent on email, social media, or a smartphone app.

US Open tennis data turned into music--and infographics!

IBM and the U.S. Open have provided a perfect example of how analytics, cloud computing, mobile and social technologies can be combined to engage fans in a rich sporting experience.

Hilary Mason's big data idea service

If you already possess analytical and data science skills, then you are in a good position to take advantage of the coming hiring boom, or to launch a consultancy yourself.

Why big data scientists must have exceptional social instincts

Nearly every organization around the globe is in hot pursuit of data scientists. But among this relatively rare and very desirable bunch, what traits and skills are most desirable? 

Lockheed Martin's defense of tradecraft and keeping humans in the big data loop

Big data analytics, for all their spectacular achievements, are still in their infancy and nowhere near sophisticated enough to replace human analysts on an appreciable scale. That's a fact that Lockheed Martin, a major defense contractor, keeps dead center in its sights despite their naming their marquee product "LM Wisdom."