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Latest Headlines

IIBA, ASPE team to support business analyst community, improve outcomes

Just as with data scientists and other professionals, skill levels and working habits vary between business analysis professionals. Work outcomes and quality can thus widely vary. It is one of the more perplexing problems organizations face in trying to shift to data-driven decision-making. In an effort to help address this problem, the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), a non-profit professional association for business analysis professionals and ASPE SDLC Training, a division of Fortis College, have teamed to support business analysts and help them build a stronger BA practice for their companies.

Kaplan-owned Metis acquires Booz Allen's data science online training program

Booz Allen originally created the online data science program in 2013 as an internal training tool for its own 600+ data science pros, but had since opened it for other users. Now the $99, gamified program will be available on the Metis website.

Statistician one of fastest-growing jobs in the US

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics is projecting that statistician will be one of the fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. for the next eight years. Indeed, it ranks in the top 10 job opportunities. Here's why...

MapR Partners, AWS collaboratively launch free trials with a twist

Several MapR partners have teamed up with MapR and together have collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide  free AWS Test Drives  for Dataguise DgSecure, HPE Vertica, Apache Drill, and TIBCO Spotfire for education, demonstration, and evaluation purposes.

Impetus to hire 150 big data architects, senior developers, and data scientists in the US

If there was any doubt that the demand for data scientists and other big data pros is still high, the news from Impetus on its plans to hire 150 of them in the U.S. alone should quell that. Specifically, the company is looking to hire big data architects, senior developers, and data scientists.

Data prep time down from 65% to 10% of data scientists' time

Things have changed for data scientists over three years ago – and pretty much for the better. Take a look at Platfora's infographic comparing then with now. 

Booz Allen launches Sailfish Platform, lowers entry barrier for business analysts

There is no doubt that the big data industry is scrambling to bridge the skills shortage so the work can go on. You see many vendors churning out user-friendly tools for the uninitiated today. The latest addition to Booz Allen's lineup of such tools is the newly released Sailfish.

Data scientists' new role: Big data app developers

Big data is growing up. The technical struggles from its infancy are falling by the wayside as needs shift to those befitting a tech toddler. The shift has moved from a focus on Hadoop cluster configuration to big data apps. Accordingly, the work of data scientist is shifting to big data app developer.

On the money trail: Data scientist skills in hottest demand this year

CrowdFlower analyzed roughly 3,500 active LinkedIn data science related job postings to identify which skills are in top demand this year! They are...

Analytics talent scarce, demand high

According to the A.T. Kearney 2015 Leadership Excellence in Analytic Practices study released last week, "Companies will need 33 percent more talent in analytics over the next five years, across all industries. That's in addition to the positions that remain to be filled today. Of the 430 executives surveyed for study, 43 percent said that at least 10 percent of their companies' digital and analytics positions remain unfilled."