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Latest Headlines

Free home edition of enterprise level analytics

World Programming, a producer of analytics and data science software, has released a free edition of its WPS analytics software for individual home use to hone data science skills or simply do a big data project on your own. Sure, students can use this to get started in data science and programming in the SAS language, but full-fledged data scientists can use it to hone their skills too. 

Demand for data scientists grows despite efforts to replace them through automation

Every big data vendor out there is trying desperately to develop the magic algorithm to enable the average business user to use big data without the aid of data scientists, with varying success. The inconvenient truth is that even with intelligent automation, data scientists are still needed to handle the growing complexity in analysis and in vendor product automation and innovation. According to Indeed, there are over 600 open positions for data scientists in Silicon Valley alone. 

State of Workforce Analytics study, infographic

Although 90 percent of enterprises are making significant investments in workforce optimization, only 4 percent have the data they need to do the analysis. That's a bit scary considering so many companies are making workforce decisions based on far too little information.

Spotlight: Microsoft's Padmanabhan moves to Adobe big data lab

He will lead Adobe's efforts in the region, which include data mining, machine learning, social network analysis, mobile experience and content intelligence technologies, the Economic Times said. 

The key ingredients for building happy data science teams

At last week's Strata + Hadoop World 2016 in San Jose, California, a team of data scientist managers shared observations about hiring the right types of people and ensuring they are both productive for the business and challenged and satisfied in their jobs.

Spotlight: Data for Good Exchange's call for papers

The theme for this year's Data for Good Exchange, a conference where data science leaders come together to solve public interest problems, is "better governance." Bloomberg is hosting...

NoSQL skills gap widening

A  new survey  by DataStax on the state of the NoSQL industry found that only eight percent of respondents (among 250+ engineers, administrators and data architects) believe the current pool of skilled NoSQL talent is enough to fill demand in the DBMS industry. Apache Cassandra is the top paying NoSQL skill and the second highest paying overall skill across SQL, cloud, analytics and more, according to' s 2016 Salary  Survey.

The top 50 best value big data graduate programs

It seems like only yesterday when I was listening to university professors say at a media luncheon at Strata that they weren't really sure what skills a data scientist needed, since the role was so new, nor what to teach them. That was three or four years ago or so. Since then, the role has been much better defined, though still evolving. Enough time has lapsed that now there's even a scorecard for big data graduate programs. And here are the top 50.

Continuum Analytics launches Anaconda Skills Accelerator Program

Continuum Analytics is set on turning scientists, physicists, mathematicians and engineers into data scientists as fast as possible. That's why they launched their Anaconda Skills Accelerator Program, the acronym for which, ASAP, drives home the need for speed in filling the data science skill gap.

IEEE intros new eLearning series on cyberhuman security, big data, IoT

Staying abreast of new and advancing technologies, particularly around the grueling work schedules common today, can be tough. That's why it's important to know where new online learning opportunities are so you can boost your skills regularly, at your own pace, and in whatever time you have available.  On that note, I bring you news of the IEEE Computer Society's recently announced eLearning series covering the gamut of cutting edge topics from big data and IoT to cyberhuman security.