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Latest Headlines

Walmart accused of turning big data on workers supporting rise in minimum pay

Commercial companies most commonly use big data to understand customers and to parse and predict their actions, but Walmart has been accused of using it to spy on workers taking part in the employee action group OUR Walmart, short for the Organization United for Respect at Walmart. Publicly, the giant retailer called the group's actions "just another union publicity stunt," but privately it considers the group enough of a threat to solicit surveillance aid from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and Lockheed Martin.

Spotlight: powers Marathon24 international hackathon, a pure Apache Spark company providing code-free data manipulation and predictive analytics, announced Tuesday that it will help organize the activities in the 3rd annual Marathon24....

Spotlight: November is Automation Appreciation Month

The International Society of Automation and its affiliate, the Automation Federation, have declared November 2015 Automation Appreciation Month. As part of the month's celebration, they're...

Spotlight: Healthcare by the big data numbers

You'll find an interesting NPR post on how medical students are training on and already using big data to spot health trends and help treat patients. Data skills are so important in medicine...

MapR free On-Demand Training adds Apache Spark

MapR announced it has added a free Apache Spark course as part of a new series in its Hadoop On-Demand Training program. The new course, called Apache Spark Essentials, is designed for developers who want to learn the essentials of building Spark-based, big data applications on Hadoop.

Dell gives free predictive analytics to all US universities

At EDUCAUSE 2015 on Wednesday, Dell announced its free analytics program for U.S. university students and professors. Statistica, as the advanced analytics program is called, goes further than just an analytics giveaway. It also includes support materials, including a free online statistics textbook, how-to-videos and access to a community of collegiate and professional users in STEM.

Independent insurance agents at war with predictive analytics

In a new Vertafore survey, 58 percent of independent insurance agents reported that they are "seriously threatened by predictive analytics used by insurance carriers" as they "displace the agent value proposition." That's a fancy way of saying the analytics are making agents obsolete. But these agents are not huddled behind a desk waiting on the inevitable – they're scrambling to find a way to compete with a machine. Here's your glimpse into the future of work.

In top demand today: Good data storytellers

A key thing to remember is the big difference between presenting facts and conveying their meaning. If you just present the facts, odds are your audience will lose interest, and if they don't, the odds are even better that they'll forget that information shortly after your presentation. Since the final goal is not to make a presentation, but to transfer information to other humans in a way they'll remember and use, several top big data pros are recommending you become a very good data storyteller ASAP.

Spotlight: Algorithms outperform 615 of 906 human teams

MIT researchers developed a new system that both searches for patterns and designs feature sets too. To test the first prototype of their system, the researchers enrolled it in three data science...

New research: Failure to collaborate leaves $1.5 trillion on the table

It's shocking how many companies are still continuing to work in isolation even as they acknowledge the utility of data pumped in from outside sources. You would think that companies who see first-hand the value of outside digital information would also immediately discern the value of outside human collaboration.