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Latest Headlines

Group intelligence key to market advantage

Many organizations are focused on measuring productivity and efficiency and view the hiring and retaining of intelligent employees with specific skill sets to be essential for both. However, group intelligence may be of more importance than individual intelligence to achieving market advantage.

Infographic: What will be hot or not in data science for 2015

This infographic in particular is of interest to data scientists everywhere. The information within came from CrowdFlower's poll of their team of data scientists on what they think will be "hot" or "not" in their world for 2015. 

Eight human traits that hamstring us in the competition with machines for jobs (and how to fix them)

Automation has replaced many jobs and it's on course to replace far more. So how can mere humans compete and keep their jobs? Edward D. Hess, a professor at the University of Virginia's Darden Graduate School of Business, says first we must "overcome our humanness." 

The unraveling of genetic, environmental contributors in gene expression begins

There is a team of researchers hard at work in unraveling the genetic and environmental contributors. The work is far from finished but it represents the incredible advances in a number of technologies leading to knowledge that was once far beyond our reach.

Visier's new release offers real-time workforce analytics

Visier's new release includes succession planning, employee recognition, talent flow analytics, automated personalized reporting, and even a one-of-a-kind interactive talent flow visualization that enables` real-time analysis of how people have developed in their careers and moved over time.

Pivotal lays off data pros

It was a bit of a shocker to hear Pivotal announce last week that it was laying off 60 employees, the majority of which worked on Pivotal's big data projects. Is this a sign that demand is dwindling or simply a reflection of a flaw in Pivotal's business strategy?

The effect of big data on professional artists

Before big data, creators were free to create on a whim and as inspired. With big data, the creation is determined first and the artist often determined afterwards. This new process feels, well, wrong. But is it really?

muUniverse automates executive decision-making

muUniverse seeks to answer problems in cluster formation rather than in isolation and then map possible decisions based on decision-making patterns found inside and outside the organization. At what point do CEOs become redundant and unnecessary too? I guess we'll soon see.

The machine-human link and the future we build

The question is, why aren't more people analyzing the probable impact of AI on humankind and working on policies and plans to both maximize the benefits of AI and automation while minimizing the negative effects?

CNBC and Kensho partner on analytics for investors

Expect faster and far more reliable reporting as analytics are more widely deployed in the financial journalism sector. But if you are an investor you can also expect the sudden onset of vertigo as counter-intuitive information rises and investor lore and your favorite investment models get unceremoniously smashed.