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Latest Headlines

muUniverse automates executive decision-making

muUniverse seeks to answer problems in cluster formation rather than in isolation and then map possible decisions based on decision-making patterns found inside and outside the organization. At what point do CEOs become redundant and unnecessary too? I guess we'll soon see.

The machine-human link and the future we build

The question is, why aren't more people analyzing the probable impact of AI on humankind and working on policies and plans to both maximize the benefits of AI and automation while minimizing the negative effects?

CNBC and Kensho partner on analytics for investors

Expect faster and far more reliable reporting as analytics are more widely deployed in the financial journalism sector. But if you are an investor you can also expect the sudden onset of vertigo as counter-intuitive information rises and investor lore and your favorite investment models get unceremoniously smashed. 

Big data may kill higher education as we know it

The days of expecting all students in a classroom to memorize and regurgitate the same information on the same tests are numbered. In the not so distant future, real-world project results will be the prime scoring mechanism instead. 

How to spur adoption of user-friendly analytics in your organization

The hottest trend in big data right now is to loosen the grasp of data geeks and move analytics to the fingertips of end users. But it's pure folly to think that all business users will be interested in using these new tools. Therefore, adoption cannot be left to chance but instead must be proactively instigated and nurtured.

Big data projects designed to compute pay and raises, shines light on pay inequality for women

Now big data projects have put the pay disparity in a glaring spotlight. Big data can even be used to identify misogynists in background checks for employment, memberships, and other uses designed to filter out such behavior.

Microsoft's big idea: an algorithm and model store

Microsoft's idea of creating a data science marketplace takes best of show. It is the best idea in a sea of great ideas at Strata NY this year. 

Data scientists: Mobile analytics startups are looking for you

Another area where jobs are springing up for data scientists is in mobile analytics startups. Of course, mobile companies of all types are also searching high and low for more data scientists, too. 

Future workplace: AI bosses and an Algorithm Director?

IPSoft's Amelia, a "learning cognitive agent," is already gaining high-level work skills that its creators say will put it, or others like it, at the top C-level position one day. And a Hong Kong-based venture capital company has already appointed an algorithm to its board of directors. Will we all work for machines soon--if we can find work at all?

Meet with me at Strata?

I'm hoping to see many of you at Strata this week, on the floor, in the sessions, at the parties, or just milling about. You can also find me at the "Meet the Author of 'Data Divination: Big Data Strategies'" events on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and again at 3:30 p.m. at MetaScale's booth #439. Drop by and say hello!