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Latest Headlines

IT as business outsider: 'undervalued, underinvested and underutilized'

It's insane that IT is still so often shunned by the C-suite. In this big data age, it is the rest of the C-Suite who most often isn't equipped to lead because of their lack of access and skills with big data. Why in the world would you, as they say, bring a knife to a gun fight when you have a professional gunslinger on your team?

The rise of 'Harassmatics'

Big data is touted as the ultimate means to increase company profits and truly it is. But some companies take it too far and end up hurting their bottom-line instead by demanding too much from talented workers, dealers/distributors and customers alike and driving them away. When I came across the newly coined term "harassmatics," it was evident that overuse of the big data bully whip is so common that the source of the sting now has a name.

Corporate attitudes swing from warm to frigid faster than you can say 'analytics'

In the end, companies suffer the sting of their own big data bully whip. Rivals, after all, are ready and willing to take dealers, distributors and customers off your hands while you sit upon your throne thinking you're all that.

IE big data library offers presentations on-demand

It would be totally awesome if we had the time to fully study big data before we had to wade out in it, wouldn't it?! But no, most of us have to learn on the fly and usually on the job. Occasionally a resource comes along that can help us learn quickly and when we have the time.

Past transgressions surface with big data permanent record

Whatever your sins and shortcomings, they are now part of your permanent record.  These are not idle concerns. This is the time to address such issues head-on before they start killing the American Dream one school kid at a time.

Job offers find job-hunting attendees at CeBIT via Apple's Beacon

While this technology focuses on communicating with customized messages to individuals in the near vicinity, big data will be used in this and similar technologies to quickly identify who is in the vicinity and what their specific interests likely are.

The emerging practice of 'people analytics' in HR

Look for big data fueled changes in the workplace very soon. If you're an employer, start looking for ways to offset bias in the raw data so that your final analysis is accurate and useful.

Spotlight: Big data versus data science

Data scientists are not restricted to big data jobs which means big data users have to compete harder for talent.

Spotlight: NOAA seeks help from private sector to make its data public

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration needs help from private companies in making all of its data accessible to the public

Big data surprises: Add revenue by scaling back your business

Much ado is made about how big data can rev up revenues, usually in light of product innovation or creating new lines of revenue streams. Little is said of the reverse positive that can also be found through big data: sometimes the big money is in scaling back your business rather than expanding it.