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Latest Headlines

Google's using big data, machine-learning muscle to discover new meds

Google Research teamed with Stanford's Pande Lab and produced a paper on using large-scale machine learning for drug discovery. The results they found in testing the use of data from multiple diseases on multitask neural networks to find new cures and treatments is very encouraging. 

CrowdFlower releases 'world's largest human-curated data repository'

The newly released repository democratizes access to "thousands of dollars (and growing) worth of rich datasets" that CrowdFlower says "have been fully cleaned, organized and deduped" by its very human community. The datasets are provided by CrowdFlower customers who share data through the Data for Everyone Library.

Spotlight: Where to get the worst parking tickets in NYC

One of the most interesting big data use cases Ben Wellington cited was finding the worst place to park in NYC that would guarantee a parking ticket. 

Business is now done differently, analytics may be to blame

One of the surprising benefits from using big data tools is in how it changes how business is done.  Indeed, as I reported in a FBD eBrief, big data even changes how business leaders think and operate.  But Arnab Gupta, Founder and Chairman of Opera Solutions, says that analytics are changing business even more this year. Here's how.

How to sell your big data products and services to US government agencies

To help vendors, app developers, and other interested parties sell big data products, services, and ideas to the government, I asked a panel of federal government agency leaders to share what government agencies are interested in buying and to reveal how best to sell to them.

Spotlight: Big data through the eyes of Orwell and Huxley

Howard Baldwin penned a thought-provoking post in  Forbes  on the lessons that can be learned from the likes of science-fiction greats George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Waffle House channels its inner-Uber; Sharing economy generates more data

The Collaborative Economy, particularly the sharing economy leg of it, is likely to generate as much or more data as the Internet of Things. And it continues to erode traditional business models. 

IIA report: Companies failing to detect emerging risks due to the loss of internal auditors

The report finds that an alarming number of companies are unable to identify emerging risks ranging from cyberthreats to geopolitical developments, global health threats, and social media due to a shortage of skilled internal auditors.

Spotlight: Digital, beating hearts used to develop new treatments

Doctors in London have 1,600 digital, beating hearts. They plan to collect data from them to develop new treatments. 

Survey: IT leaders' big data shopping list and common barriers to ROI

A survey conducted by SnapLogic and TechValidate uncovered which big data tools are at the top of most IT leaders' shopping lists and revealed the most common barriers to realizing ROI once the shopping is done.