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Latest Headlines

The FDA's big data hunt for drug problems in your medical records

Mini-Sentinel is a government project that proactively seeks evidence of adverse events that can be linked to drugs on the market in an effort to find and stop problems as fast as possible. It's a big data project on a specific mission and it's hunting through huge databases of medical records--and yours is probably in there somewhere.

Spotlight: Chinese military members caught hacking US companies

A grand jury in the Western District of Pennsylvania indicted five members of the Chinese military on charges of hacking and economic espionage.

Big data moving slowly ahead in human resources

While big data was introduced to the general public on the heels of the Snowden revelations with alarm and warning sirens, big data projects in the private sector have become so commonplace that they no longer see much fanfare. One of the quietest fronts is in human resources.

Turing Test reversal: 12 out of 13 human judges guessed wrong

On this, the 100th anniversary of Turing's birth, researchers put a test before human judges to see if they could tell whether they were conversing with another human or a machine.

Along came the Data Transparency Coalition to clear things up

The international trade group is celebrating the success of its top legislative priority: President Obama's signature on the Digital Accountability and Transparency Act, or DATA Act in May.

Top 100 eTailers use more marketing tech but their data quality is poor

Proving once again that simply owning the tech is not enough to hone a competitive edge, new research found that the top 100 online retailers still lag behind lesser ranked eTailers in data quality, despite owning more marketing technology. 

Bon appetit: Restaurants can document who you're dining with

Restaurant chains tout them as a customer convenience that you can use to order your food, pay your tab, and even buy games to keep your kids occupied at the table. But there's one more thing those tablets can be used for that you should be mindful of--they can collect data on your visit from pictures or videos of who you sat down at the table with to what you ate and drank to who paid the bill.

Big data, the death of jobs, and the need for public policy in change management

For the first time, jobs at every level are potentially at stake and subject to elimination thanks to big data and automation. Most likely new jobs will arise as they have in the past as mankind progressed. But there is no guarantee of that this time around.

Big data changes sports on the field, at practice and in the classroom

An interesting  post  in USA Today by former San Francisco 49ers running back Roger Craig gives us an inside look at how sports has changed courtesy of big data and what we can expect next. Fans and athletes, are you ready?

How big data marries marketing and finance for greater profits

Big data makes it possible to marry the two and increase profits on a scale never before realized. Case in point: MasterCard.