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Latest Headlines

Switchfly ranks airlines by reward seats availability

"The meaningful improvements we are seeing in 2015 are promising signs that the voice of the airline customer is stronger than ever," said Switchfly CEO Daniel Farrar in the report.

Cyberattacks mine universities for intellectual-property data

Penn State's College of Engineering was cyberattacked and security experts expect more universities to be actively mined by cyberattackers in the near future if they aren't already under attack. But these attacks are looking for more than the usual data payoff. Much more.

Millennials: The greatest risk to corporate data

According to a U.S. mobile security study, millennials are a greater risk to corporate data security than other user demographics. The findings between generational behaviors are likely to be counter-intuitive to many who assume younger generations to be more knowledgeable and more aware of security threats in mobile tech use than older generations. So much for gut-instinct, eh?

Breaks and exits

I'll be back in a week. Meanwhile, check out the great work by my colleagues in FBD this week. 

Over 80 new algorithms for app devs released in new NAG Library

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), provider of numerical and HPC services and solutions, unveiled its newest library which includes over 80 new mathematical and statistical algorithms. This brings the total number of available functions to over 1,800.

Project Data Sphere makes its first year milestones, moves on to conquer cancer

Think you can help the cause and try to defeat cancer? Jump in and see. You'll have to get authorization to access the data first but as a registered user you get to use SAS analytic tools for free to do this work too.

Teradata takes big data mobile

Teradata announced the addition of a REST interface to connect mobile devices to a Teradata Database. REST uses a direct webpage connection to make the data available to and usable on any device actually, from desktop to handhelds. 

Asking the right questions of the big data sphinx

Determining how best to query big data can feel a bit like trying to answer a sphinx's riddle. Can you determine what you don't know if you don't know what you don't know? Yes, the complexities in asking the right question can drive even the best of puzzle masters (or data scientists) completely bonkers.

ABA explains tokenization, EMV chips in securing banking data

Banks are sick and tired of retailers' lax security measures costing them millions of dollars at every turn. So, the bankers are pouring on the legal heat to make retailers more responsible while also working to better secure the data themselves. 

Labor 411 supports companies paying a fair wage to employees

Consumers can use Labor 411's searchable website to pinpoint, by neighborhood, where their shopping dollars can support living-wage companies and avoid retailers that do not treat workers well.