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Latest Headlines

Boston Scientific, Accenture team on in-hospital patient population analytics

Boston Scientific Corporation and Accenture teamed to develop cloud-based, patient population analytics for hospitals. In essence, these analytics track patients throughout the hospital to assess process efficiency, personnel performance, patient outcome, and patient engagement. Each of those touch points is key to improving patient outcome and thus complying with regulations but also in improving a hospital's profitability. 

Sickweather opens cognitive API for disease tracking to developers

Sickweather, a company that developed a real-time map of illness, opened its  cognitive API  to outside developers to use for disease surveillance. Those who are members of the Techstars community can use it free but even for those who have to pay the fee, the payoff could possibly be substantial.

IoT to the rescue: Demand for electricity to drop below 1% growth, too low to keep electric system going

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects less than 1 percent demand growth through 2040 for electricity in the U.S. Before anyone gets slap-happy about a conservation achievement here, consider that the growth is too low to cover maintaining the current electric system, much less make any upgrades. And this is one very old, decrepit electric system already. Raise electric rates? Yeah, well, that's hard to do given the success of energy alternatives. But no one wants to be without electricity, so what's to be done here? Enter IoT and its data to save the day and keep the lights on.

Wind River, IBM team to cook up new IoT "edge-to-cloud" recipes

Wind River and IBM announced today that they've teamed up to cook up new IoT "edge-to-cloud"  recipes  to help developers connect industrial devices running Wind River software to the IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform. This will allow them to access IBM Bluemix cloud services and IBM IoT Real-Time Insights analytics for IoT device data. The recipes are mix and match and can be used in a variety of combinations so users can build an edge-to-cloud IoT environment and more quickly develop and implement IoT devices.

Survey shows how IT decision makers use Hadoop

Syncsort, a big data software provider, released its second annual Hadoop Market Adoption Survey. Among several interesting findings is that more than half of the respondents, 59 percent, say they see Hadoop as an innovation engine while 40 percent use it as a storage and processing alternative. Here's what else the survey revealed.

Affirmed Networks, EMC team on native virtualized probe and analytics

Mobile operators are scrambling for better control and security in their networks, just like the rest of the world. Arguably, since their network is their core business, the urgency is greater. This, of course, has not escaped the notice of vendors. Case in point: Affirmed Networks and EMC have teamed to produce a native virtualized probe and analytics product specifically for mobile networks.

Patent analytics on the upswing

Regular FBD readers know that patent analytics are rapidly coming into play in a number of industries where finding patent info fast is crucial. If you haven't seen that reporting, start catching up by reading earlier FBD posts USPTO launches PatentsView and Patent Marker Tracker shows US patent purchase trends. But now what you need to know is that it is fast becoming the single most important tool set for patent pros. 

Data prep time down from 65% to 10% of data scientists' time

Things have changed for data scientists over three years ago – and pretty much for the better. Take a look at Platfora's infographic comparing then with now. 

USGS to map ground-level hazards from magnetic storms with magnetotelluric (MT) survey data

The mapping and continuing analyses are important since the data and results will be used by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the North American Electric Reliability Corporation to help develop standards to protect the nation's power grids against geomagnetic storm hazards. The data can also be helpful to many other industries since magnetic storms not only interfere with electric power grids but also directional drilling for oil and gas, radio communications, communication satellites and GPS systems, to name but a few.   

Spotlight: Treasury Department seeks to tap unconventional sources of data

Several U.S. government agencies—outside the NSA—struggle to master big data. Some are doing better than others but many are seriously intending to do better. For a look at how the...