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Latest Headlines

Dun & Bradstreet: 73% of self-described data-driven companies aren't

Dun & Bradstreet released a new report on how big data is actually being used within enterprises and the results show, well, that companies are essentially delusional. Seventy-three percent of those surveyed consider themselves "analytically driven," but fewer than half of them have more than 10 employees working with analytics.

Advera Health Analytics launches MS drugs analyses, real world evidence

Advera Health Analytics added coverage of multiple sclerosis drugs in its Evidex drug data and analytics platform. The new coverage of MS drugs renders on-demand, pooled analyses of MS drugs' clinical outcome measures, predictive identification of serious unknown risks, direct downstream medical cost calculations, and drug safety scorecards.

Spotlight: Big data's "Streetlight Effect"

Source: Pixabay There are many potential pitfalls in big data, but the streetlight effect is one of the most overlooked, which is strange given its prevalence. For a good look at what the...

Data monetization is focus of new conference

It seems like only yesterday that 'data monetization' was the buzzword at every big data conference. In those days, just three or so years ago, the term was largely applied to selling raw data. But data monetization has evolved to largely mean using it to improve efficiencies and innovate new revenue streams. Enter a new conference focused on exactly that.

Spotlight: Big talk, little collaboration in big data

"There's been much talk lately about big data's potential value in treating cancer, but little effort has been made to make big data bigger — and more effective — by sharing...

Connectivity, protocols, data analysis are top technical challenges in IoT projects

PLAT.ONE, a provider of Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform, announced the results of their European IoT Industry Survey taken at the M2M Forum in Milan. They found the top three issues plaguing IoT projects to be connectivity, protocols, and data analysis. Here's what else they found.

Data from GPS mapping apps and smart city IoT needs re-purposing

At the moment, the world is focused on collecting data on just about everything and presenting it in useful visualizations. That's a good start, but it's only that, a basic beginning, the first lurching steps in the eventual march beyond a data-driven existence to a fully empowered human experience. It's time now for the big data industry to remember that the machines and data are not an end in themselves, and repurpose their uses to better reflect and improve the human condition.

Data-driven factories slow as manufacturing CEO optimism plummets

Competition is fierce across several verticals but especially so in industries experiencing or facing disruption. Uncertainty in the face of other factors, such as the economy, is adding considerable pressure and both spurs tech adoption and depresses the heck out of CEOs. So, is revolutionary tech such as big data analytics, IoT and robotics the path to a happy and prosperous future, or is it more a matter of grim survival? Here's what a new PwC report has to say.

Spotlight: Amy Gaskins, a data scientist, keynote speech at Apache: Big Data North America

If you didn't catch Amy Gaskins' keynote at Apache: Big Data North America, you'll want to read this post in CIO. Her 5 key requirements in successful big data projects are spot on...

FourthWall Media's new data collection tech captures viewer data from any set-top box, DVR on the market

The FCC is attempting, with  President Obama's backing, to force cable and satellite TV companies to allow subscribers to use any set-top box they want. If that happens, cable and satellite providers  lose their ability to gather viewer data. But now FourthWall Media has a newly patented data collection technique that enables these companies to gather viewer data "from any set-top and DVR on the market."