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Spotlight: Intel's TAP draws healthcare, cloud partners

Intel's TAP, an open-source project designed to aid data scientists in deploying big data analytics easier and faster, has been around awhile now and a healthy ecosystem is forming around it. But...

Notes on disruption in clinical trial research from the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference

One of the hardest things for any industry to accept is that it can and will be disrupted. The tendency, especially in industries that have existed in much the same way for decades, is to think that processes have been perfected over time and that business will continue as usual. Even when new technologies arise loaded with data collection capabilities and analytics, many see them only as a means to add efficiencies rather than as a mode of change. And so it was that the message of impending disruption and how to adapt came as a surprise to some at the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference, and as welcomed information to others.

US Food and Drug Administration: 'There are no regulatory restrictions to using these technologies'

Leonard Sacks, associate director of clinical methodology at the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, gave a very interesting presentation at the N.Y. Academy of Sciences's "Mobile Health: The Power of Wearables, Sensors and Apps to Transform Clinical Trials" event. The big (and most welcomed) surprise to me was his assertion that "there are no regulatory restrictions to using these technologies." Here's what else he had to say regarding the collection of patient data through new devices and apps:

Bernard Munos: 'Disruption happens,' here's how to adapt to it in clinical trial research

Bernard Munos gave a very insightful presentation on creative disruption in clinical trial research and the societal impact of mobile biosensor technologies on human health at the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference. The highlights of his speech are below.

Spotlight: Obama's Chief Data Scientist on and innovation

"This is literally the most data-driven president we've had," said Dhanurjay "DJ" Patil, the first ever chief data scientist for the U.S. government, in a Time interview. Read...

Adobe Analytics launches 'creative canvas' for data analysis

For years now, many of us have touted the power of analytics beyond mere decision-making. Analytics have the power to birth innovation and disruption on a massive scale – and in many cases, have done so already. It is with interest, then, that I note Adobe Analytics's release of a "creative canvas" for data analysis.

iConsumer rewards customers with company stock

In a new twist on consumer returns for their data and support, a coupon and cash back website/app called iConsumer plans to reward customer loyalty by issuing stock to them. iConsumer filed with the SEC in September, and once SEC-qualified,  the company will begin giving customers freely tradeable stock in this new kind of public company. "Congress made crowdfunding a startup possible. The SEC's rules made it practical. We turned it inside out by making every customer a shareholder," said founder Robert Grosshandler, who is also the creator of the e-philanthropy site iGive.

AMA wants reboot of EHR national mandates

The American Medical Association is a longtime critic of the federal government's Meaningful Use program and the overall design of EMRs too. It's not that the powerful physician group is against using data to improve patient care, on the contrary, they're actually for it. But they don't think vendors or the government are doing it right. It's a complaint shared by other industries who are also frustrated with vendor products perceived as lacking in matching actual user needs.

NY is the place to be this week: Strata, NY Academy of Sciences and more, oh my

Yes, the conference season is in full swing. This week, several tech conferences are in NYC, including the Strata + Hadoop World conference, the NY Academy of Sciences event on " Mobile Health: The Power of Wearables, Sensors and Apps to Transform Clinical Trials," Bloomberg's Data for Good Exchange event and Pepcom's Holiday Spectacular! East event. There's probably more events than those four this week, but those four alone are blockbusters!

Big data conferences showdown

Oh sheesh, you would think these conferences would have compared dates in their pre-planning, but no, here we all go running from one to the next. At least they are clearly delineated by the audiences they address. So, perhaps you can narrow down which you want to attend by what you wish to accomplish with big data. But, if you're like me and your interests are broader than that, there's no escaping dashing back and forth across Manhattan.