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Latest Headlines

How to spur adoption of user-friendly analytics in your organization

The hottest trend in big data right now is to loosen the grasp of data geeks and move analytics to the fingertips of end users. But it's pure folly to think that all business users will be interested in using these new tools. Therefore, adoption cannot be left to chance but instead must be proactively instigated and nurtured.

Oxford University big data project to 'create the NASA of biomedicine'

A collaboration between the University of Oxford and the U.S.-based Chan Soon-Shiong Institute of Molecular Medicine aims to improve patient care in the National Health System in the U.K. by combining genomics and infomatics in a big data and the Internet of Things project likened in scale to NASA.

Insurance giant Beazley on healthcare data breach risks

Katherine Keefe, leader of Breach Response Services at Beazley spelled out specific perils facing healthcare providers in terms of data breach risk at the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management annual conference in Anaheim this week.

Data wars: Retailers vs Apple Pay, Google Wallet and credit card issuers

Just one week after Apple Pay--a NFC pay system for Apple devices--went into full swing, CVS, Rite Aid and Walmart batted it out of play. But it's not only Apple Pay that's getting slammed; Google Wallet and other contactless pay systems are hit too. What's the fuss about? Data. 

Researchers need regulation to tap phone data to track, predict disease spread

Data from mobile phones offers real-time, empirical evidence that can greatly aid researchers' work in stopping the spread of contagious diseases ranging from ebola and flu to polio and measles. If, that is, researchers can get their hands on call data records.

Big data projects designed to compute pay and raises, shines light on pay inequality for women

Now big data projects have put the pay disparity in a glaring spotlight. Big data can even be used to identify misogynists in background checks for employment, memberships, and other uses designed to filter out such behavior.

Spotlight: 8 big trends in big data analytics

Here's what you need to know about fast-moving big data technologies and practices.

Mobile operators to suffer big revenue loss, big data offers new revenue streams

A new Juniper Research report found that voice and messaging traffic lost to OTT (Over The Top) players such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Skype and will cost network operators $14 billion in revenues globally this year, up by 26% on 2013.

Indiana University investing $7 million for new network complexity institute

Indiana University (IU) has invested $7 million on its new Network Science Institute, or IUNI.  The initiative will "bring together many of  the university's top minds to explore and embrace the challenge of understanding complex networks that underlie large-scale systems, including the environment, economics, technology and human health," say university officials. 

77% of chemical companies moving to cloud, big data analytics

According to a study by Accenture, 77 percent of the C-level executives in chemical companies surveyed think cloud computing and big data analytics are necessary to remain competitive. 87 percent said that failing to use them may lead to a company's extinction.