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Latest Headlines

Asking the right questions of the big data sphinx

Determining how best to query big data can feel a bit like trying to answer a sphinx's riddle. Can you determine what you don't know if you don't know what you don't know? Yes, the complexities in asking the right question can drive even the best of puzzle masters (or data scientists) completely bonkers.

ABA explains tokenization, EMV chips in securing banking data

Banks are sick and tired of retailers' lax security measures costing them millions of dollars at every turn. So, the bankers are pouring on the legal heat to make retailers more responsible while also working to better secure the data themselves. 

Labor 411 supports companies paying a fair wage to employees

Consumers can use Labor 411's searchable website to pinpoint, by neighborhood, where their shopping dollars can support living-wage companies and avoid retailers that do not treat workers well. 

Spotlight: MapR addresses its view on Open Data Platform

MapR was invited to participate in the Open Data Platform initiative and declined. John Schroeder, CEO and co-founder of MapR, explains why in a blog post.

Only 57% of critical IT infrastructure issues found before impact, lack of IT analytics blamed

A new survey found companies of all sizes are struggling to meet their Key Performance Indicator (KPI) goals in IT to prevent issues on-premises and in the cloud. The majority of these have few or no IT operations analytics in place at critical points.

Banks get a clue about big data

As things were going, banks had roughly the shelf-life of a new car. They might have made it to 10 years and +100,000 miles--maybe.  While the very big question of whether or not they can innovate fast enough to survive still looms, they are beginning to figure out some things at least. 

Survey reveals company data privacy policies are largely ignored

A new survey conducted by Dimensional Research and sponsored by Druva found that almost 84 percent of respondents reported that their employees do not follow data privacy policies. And while 84 percent also plan to up their game in data privacy protection and 87 percent said they are concerned about data privacy in the cloud, a whopping 90 percent said that their volume of data stored in the cloud will increase this year anyway

SQream launches screaming fast big data analytics database for genome researchers

Yesterday at the Bio-IT World Conference in Boston, Israel-based SQream announced the launch of its GenomeStack which the company says "enables the first-ever querying of a large number of samples simultaneously." 

You can now see your entire Google search history--look if you dare

Google has now made it possible for you--and only you--to see your entire search history. Google will even let you download the entire archive but it cautions you to protect that data because, yeah, there's a lot of sensitive data about you in that file. 

DHL, Cisco trend report looks at Internet of Things in logistics

The report estimates that the number of devices connected to the Internet will be up from 15 billion today to 50 billion by 2020 and that the new connections will generate around $8 trillion. What we're facing now is extreme data with little useful filtering. Harnessing the IoT will require much more than just connecting everything and bracing for the deluge.