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Latest Headlines

IU researchers map entire global economy, forecast large-scale industrial evolution

"We're not only trying to give everyone a 'map,' or a large-scale picture of all the sectors of the economy, but also a 'weather forecast' and 'tools,'" Ahn said in a statement to the press. "So users will not only know where they can find jobs but also predict bright spots on the horizon – the emerging markets – and acquire the skills, or tools, they will need to get where they want to go."

Spotlight: Researcher finds inherent biases in big data from social media

According to new research by Northwestern University professor Eszter Hargittai, some analyses based on social media data are prone to bias from the outset. Check out the post by Julie...

Uncle Sam moves to a new school district, seeks big data teachers

The Pentagon has learned a valuable lesson: It needs to learn a lot more about handling big data. While an admirable admission and pursuit, it's how the Pentagon is going about the pursuing that's raising a few eyebrows – and more than a little hope for government eventually getting up to speed.

SAS launches automated analytics model builder Factory Miner

Data scientists rejoice, SAS just launched Factory Miner, an automated analytics model builder capable of spitting out thousands of models in a blink of an eye using machine learning techniques. Data scientists can also see which models are best for production use before pointing and clicking on the models they want to use.

Cyber espionage: Cardinals hack Astros

The big underlying story in big data for 2015: No data is safe. It's been a hacking free-for-all for years now, but given the speed, scale and overall chutzpah in recent attacks – from the OPM hack to this week's Cardinals hack of the Astros – this year is THE year for data transparency in all the wrong ways.

LinkedIn's Pinot Analytics goes open source

Last fall, LinkedIn introduced Pinot and hopes to make it open source, which FierceBigData reported on at that time. Last week, the Pinot as open source became a reality. LinkedIn also open sourced Burrow, a "new method for monitoring Kafka consumers."

Telling a data story for an unconventional audience

Meta Brown answers a critical question: How do you present data to people who never think about data, and make them want to act on it?

EMC identifies why legendary motorcycle racer, John McGuiness, wins so often

Is talent a refined instinct? Is it a native integration with a circumstance, medium or environment? Is it a unique set of analytics in the person's wetware? No one really knows the answer. 

New query language ties popular SQL query language to NoSQL databases

Couchbase announced Couchbase Server 4.0 beta and its breakthrough query language N1QL: SQL for JSON. N1QL (pronounced "nickel," according to the company) is a comprehensive declarative query language that combines SQL with JSON.

Spotlight: Uber aims for autonomous cars to replace drivers – poaches AI, robotics pros from partner Carnegie Mellon

Uber is looking to soon ditch its drivers for a fleet of autonomous cars. But rather than collaborate with partner Carnegie Mellon University to pull that off as promised, Uber poached at least 40 of its researchers and scientists.