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Latest Headlines

IBM takes on the devil down in Georgia

Well, not exactly. More like IBM is helping farmers in Georgia tackle all the bedeviling issues Mother Nature is dishing out. But  like the song  "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band, the farmers need some serious big data help and they need it right now "'cos hell broke loose in Georgia and the devil deals it hard." Here's what's up with that showdown in my neck of the woods… 

Too few sources and 'the model organism problem'

One of the great benefits found in the throes of the maturation of any technology is the ability to see problems clearly. That which we can see, we can fix. 

You need a big data disaster recovery plan right now

Yeah, yeah, there always needs to be a disaster recovery plan in place, everyone knows that. Yes, everyone does know that and yet somehow the thing rarely gets done. Time to put it on the front burner because if you ever lose  this  much data, you'll never, ever get it back again if you don't.

A decade working with big data

People still talk about big data as if it is something new that just popped up out of nowhere. That's hardly the case even though the industry is just now beginning to mature. Tendü Yogurtcu, vice president of engineering at Syncsort, says she's been doing big data for ten years now.

Big data's defense against cyber crime

Big data is both a blessing and a curse in terms of security. Cybercriminals can hide within big data and they can use big data to aid their efforts in myriad ways. But, big data tools also present a formidable defense when they're used correctly. A new report from Gartner gives some good advice on how to do that.

Spotlight: Opinions on Medicare's data dump

You'll find plenty of food for thought there on the limitations and opportunities in raw data dumps.

Big data 'revolution' needs to happen, now

Yes, there is a big data revolution afoot and this time around things are getting real! 

Why big data and open data are not the same

While some data will also be proprietary and closely guarded, the vast majority of data will be joined to the open data movement. Why? Because the more data people can access, the more discoveries can be made.

Data is changing how our children's minds work

You might think this post is about how data and edtech are being used to improve our education system. But you would be wrong.

3 ways data visualizations can lie

You've heard me sound this warning before: big data can and does lie. Most often the lies told are not intentional but rather a result of bungling the project.