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Latest Headlines

Big data's center-of-gravity is shifting to the business analyst

Underscoring yet again that business users are essential to driving both the data-driven business and the big bucks to big data vendors, Platfora's Ben Werther said in his keynote that big data's "center of gravity is shifting to the business analyst and that's a really healthy thing because the person who's analyzing the data should be much more in control of the data. But that's leading to multi-structured questions and new stack requirements are emerging." 

Microsoft's big idea: an algorithm and model store

Microsoft's idea of creating a data science marketplace takes best of show. It is the best idea in a sea of great ideas at Strata NY this year. 

Spotlight: Project Cybersyn birthed the big data nation in the '70s

There is a fascinating piece in The New Yorker on Project Cybersyn as the foreshadower of big data use by governments. This was a Chilean government project and, as envisioned, remarkably foretold...

Credit-scoring, consumer lending disruptors gain ground

"Commercial banks, credit card companies and credit bureaus have dived into big data, too, mainly for marketing and fraud protection," writes John Lippert in the Washington Post. "They've mostly left advances in the field of credit scoring to upstarts." That, it turns out, is a huge mistake for banks and the consumer credit industries.

How movie animators solve big data archiving, backup problems

Big data is at the core of the movie and gaming animation business. Animators have to create, analyze, work with and store terabytes of data as a matter of routine. And that creates more than a few problems. But leave it to imaginative creators to create solutions, too.

Adobe charged with collecting excessive data on ebook users

Word is out that Adobe Digital Editions (DE) is tracking excessive user data, not just within its own app, but on other ebooks users have on their hard disk too. And it's transmitting that data in an unsecure manner, putting readers' privacy and security at risk.

Semantic search of NIH Medline database reveals new discovery in cancer treatment

We are on the cusp of the greatest number of medical breakthroughs mankind has ever seen.  And for that we can all be thankful, for not a single life will go untouched by this.

Indiana U.'s new supercomputer opens availability to more users, aims to attract more federal grants for researchers

"IU takes a fundamentally different approach to IT and research than most other universities because our supercomputers and large clusters are available to everyone, student or faculty, without usage fees," said David Hancock, manager of IU's high performance systems 

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation event promotes 'data4good'

On Tuesday, October 7, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation will release an exclusive report "featuring the insights of some of the brightest practitioners and innovators in the data field." The report release will be part of a broader "The Future of Data-Driven Innovation" event.

Big data cynicism runs amok, winners win anyway

Do your due diligence before buying big data tools and storage, by all means. But understand that whatever profits are to be had will be delivered by virtue of your mastery of them and not their mere presence in your organization.