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Latest Headlines

Why big data and open data are not the same

While some data will also be proprietary and closely guarded, the vast majority of data will be joined to the open data movement. Why? Because the more data people can access, the more discoveries can be made.

Data is changing how our children's minds work

You might think this post is about how data and edtech are being used to improve our education system. But you would be wrong.

3 ways data visualizations can lie

You've heard me sound this warning before: big data can and does lie. Most often the lies told are not intentional but rather a result of bungling the project.

Spotlight: Legacy data management companies face hard challenges

There's a good post in The NY Times by Steve Lohr on the effects new technologies have on legacy companies like Teradata. It's well worth the read. "The challenge to old-line data...

Farm machines produce privacy concerns, guidelines underway

Last week the American Farm Bureau Federation, a national independent farmers' group, met with John Deere, Monsanto and DuPont Pioneer to hammer out guidelines to protect farmer privacy and prevent potential market manipulations.

Beijing government looking to build big data platform

Rest assured that all governments are or will be using big data. The latest to stake claim to its benefits is Beijing.

Transforming elections in India using big data

U.S. politics is not the only place you'll find big data at work. It's increasingly used in countries around the world with mixed results. Indeed, it is at the core of elections now underway in India.

Big data is not about petabytes, but complex computing

You've heard me and several others repeatedly say that the term big data is unfortunate because it's really not about the size of the data, but about the complexity of the computing. In other words, big data tools are not contained to usage where there are petabytes of data. Those tools are useful with just about any sized data if you're doing complex computing with it.

Spotlight: The big data question for marketers

There's an interesting post in  ClickZ  on a roundtable discussion held at ClickZ Live New York last week. The question of whether or not big data, or any data analytics at all, are working for marketers was addressed.

Big data used to catch bulk cash smugglers

Bulk cash is exactly what it sounds like: oodles of money bound, hidden and smuggled from one country to another as one of the three top preferred international money laundering schemes used by criminals. We're talking about seriously big time criminals here with really big bags of cash. This is not a small time players' game. Somehow it seems fitting that big data would be the tool most likely to find bulk cash, doesn't it? Here's how that works…