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Latest Headlines

New council in Illinois aims for a lead in the IoT race

Today the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) launched the ITA Internet of Things Council, a cross-disciplinary effort to drive the growth and use of Internet of things technologies in Chicago and the Midwest. 

Stitch Labs launches predictive analytics for SMB sales forecasting, inventory controls

The Stitch Labs' in-house data science team has added a sales forecasting feature to its inventory management product to aid SMB retailers in making better inventory purchasing and storage decisions. 

New big data alliance seeks to reinvent healthcare

Pittsburgh is going all out on disruptive healthcare.

73% of startups moving to big data, 35% falling behind

While all businesses face challenges, startups have to be especially vigilant to keep costs in line and innovations speeding along. And, venture capitalists like to see startups running lean and mean, and on top of the market. That should mean that big data analytics are a given for startups of all types, not just the tech darlings. But that unfortunately isn't the case for 35 percent of startups, according to Bluenose.

AWS announces new public Landsat data set

AWS made data from over 85,000 Landsat 8 scenes publicly available last week. Landsat is globally considered the "gold standard of natural resource satellite imagery." In short, it is the climate change deniers' worst nightmare because the data is what it is and completely impervious to political whim and industries' wishful thinking. 

Top 8 influencing technologies in innovation management

A new Frost & Sullivan report says that emerging IT technologies are essential to the fast development of frugal innovative models necessary to remaining competitive in the current market. 

New analysis finds less than 25% of brands use Instagram, despite its high consumer engagement

Analysis of Yesmail Market Intelligence's data finds that just 23 percent of brands actively use Instagram as part of their social media marketing despite its high growth and high consumer engagement levels. This could be a sign that marketers are still struggling with visual data and need better tools to facilitate this type of analysis.

Transportation mobile app companies: Social good and ties to the President

Competition is fierce between mobile transportation app companies Uber and Lyft. It's no longer sufficient to just wield big data successfully in matching riders and drivers. That part is a given. Now the competitive edge goes to the company that delivers a little extra in a very big way. 

Businesses are underutilizing location data, report finds

According to a new report by  Forbes Insights  and Pitney Bowes, 80 percent of all data has a spatial component, yet few BI systems incorporate it in reports. Location intelligence is far too often tied to one business aspect--such as marketing to consumers--rather than used to get extra insights on other company efforts across the business.

Report: Big data driving revenues, restructuring 43% of companies

According to a new report by Capgemini and EMC, 61 percent of those surveyed say big data is now a driver of revenues and 43 percent say they have or are restructuring their businesses around big data. A majority (65 percent) fear irrelevance if they don't embrace it.