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URX analyzes Wikipedia to train machine learning models

Using the Wikipedia website for this exercise was a perfect demonstration, as there is useful information there but it can easily be lost in the noise. According to URX, while the English Wikipedia corpus consists of 15 million pages, "only about one in three pages are considered informative enough for learning."

The sharing economy moves into commercial retail content

The sharing economy is no longer just a consumer affair, it's spreading into the commercial world. Case in point: Shotfarm, an e-commerce platform company, launched Switches Marketplace last week, a platform for complex product information exchange between manufacturers and retailers.

Spotlight: powers Marathon24 international hackathon, a pure Apache Spark company providing code-free data manipulation and predictive analytics, announced Tuesday that it will help organize the activities in the 3rd annual Marathon24....

Chief data officers to gain power in 2016, but may soon lose it

According to research firm Forrester's latest report, big data strategies will shift significantly next year. Among its predictions is that customer-obsessed leaders will shift their firms' strategies to move beyond big data as it is largely practiced now. Further, chief data officers will gain power next year, but they may not be able to hold on to it for long.

Numenta releases new anomaly detection benchmark for IoT algorithms

Numenta, a provider of machine intelligence, launched the Numenta Anomaly Benchmark Tuesday. It's an open source benchmark tool designed to gauge algorithms' effectiveness in detecting anomalies within streaming, real-time IoT applications.

Spotlight: The troubles we brew in big data metaphors

Irina Raicu, director of the Internet Ethics Program at Santa Clara University, penned an interesting piece in Re/code on the troubles with the metaphors and similes used in big data discussions and...

How big data can derail long-term profits

In an age when shareholders can't see past this quarter's returns, perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that big data analytics are, by and large, focused only as far in the future as the end of our companies' metaphorical noses.

Most market research clients say they won't be using passive data 2 years from now

GfK, one of the world's leading research companies, and The Institute for International Research (IIR) have released results from a new study on the future of market research. One of the more interesting findings is that most market research clients say they won't be using passive data two years from now. 

Spotlight: Healthcare by the big data numbers

You'll find an interesting NPR post on how medical students are training on and already using big data to spot health trends and help treat patients. Data skills are so important in medicine...

Analytics 'indispensable' for legal profession, finds new study

The Coalition of Technology Resources for Lawyers, an industry education and research group, and the Information Governance Initiative, a cross-disciplinary consortium and think tank, jointly released results of their new Data Analytics in the Legal Community: 2015-2016 Trends survey last week. The big conclusion: Data analytics will be "indispensable" in the next decade for the legal profession. Here's what else they found.