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Latest Headlines

Nation's libraries focus on digital preservation of everything

Vint Cerf, "father of the internet" and Google vice president, warns that the world faces the risk of a "Digital Dark Age" when too much data is lost to obsolete hardware and software. Certainly companies need to take steps to ensure this doesn't happen, but considering so much consumer data is now piped in, urging consumers to preserve their digital data is a vital measure too.

Spotlight: Big data and the human condition

Source: Pixabay Some fear an eventual takeover of machines and the worsening of the human condition as a result. But there's another take on what big data can do to improve the human...

ODPi, an open big data ecosystem promoter, picks up new members

ODPi, a nonprofit focused on accelerating an open ecosystem of big data products around Apache Hadoop, picked up three new members: 4C Decision, ArenaData, and AsiaInfo. The initiative is to advance efforts to create a common reference specification called ODPi Core to streamline the development of analytics applications.

GE Power makes $73M digital industrial investment in advanced manufacturing facility

GE Power announced the opening of its advanced manufacturing facility in South Carolina, a $400 million digital industrial investment, on the heels of opening its first additive manufacturing (3D printing) center in Pittsburgh. GE previously declared itself a digital industrial company, essentially indicating its move from traditional industrial equipment supplier to an industrial analytics company. These two new facilities represent a clear advance in that initiative.

Partner threat a serious contributor to data breaches

Although business partner security holes have led to past high profile data breaches such as the Panama Papers incident and the Target breach, a new report finds that the presence of partner threat is still grossly underestimated by IT pros. Further, that most have no plans to address the security risk.

New report: Only 1 in 4 companies able to use big data to boost productivity

According to the findings of an international survey conducted by the certification body DNV GL – Business Assurance and the research institute GFK Eurisko, only one in four companies using big data are able to leverage it to actually boost productivity. But technology isn't the problem. The lack of a clear strategy is.

Corpernicus competition seeks innovators to leverage space data

There are seven topic-specific challenges in this international competition to find commercial uses for Earth observation data gathered in space. And the partners behind this competition are prepared to reward winners well. "Along with cash prizes, the winners will receive access to a leading international network, corresponding data, startup funding, and other support valued at more than EUR 300,000 in total."

Infographic: Federal IT problems

87 million sensitive and private records were exposed in federal breaches so far, according to Iron Bow, which provided the infographic of federal IT headaches below. Take a look and see how your organization's IT problems compare.

IoT-related startups gain $31B in funding, telcos move into IoT space

The next big thing in big data is the Internet of Things. While most of the current IoT lineup have limitations in these early days, the category is off to a big-bang start and gaining momentum. A new Ovum report found over $31 billion has already been invested in IoT-related startups from 2011-2015.

Plotting big data projects in light of the EU Privacy Shield failure

Much to the surprise and disappointment of companies the world over, but especially those that are U.S.-based, last week the Article 29 Working Party, an advisory body comprised of all of the European Union data protection regulators, ditched the much anticipated Privacy Shield agreement between the European Union and the U.S. While many considered the draft to contain suitable and comprehensive protections of personal data transfers and use, obviously many EU member countries disagree. This leaves many companies operating in a state of uncertainty and unsure how to proceed with big data projects while the European commission tries to resolve the issues.