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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Verizon cyber incident report finds the criminals more effective communicators than IT

According to Verizon's annual cyber incident report, phishing is a huge security issue. Even worse? The criminals are better communicators than IT teams are.

Financial data carve-out in international trade agreements come under fire

A new report by technology policy think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) pushes back hard on policymakers for making financial data exemptions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The United States pushed for financial data to be carved out of the TPP's prohibition on laws that force data to be stored within a country's geographic borders. The practice is known as "data localization" and the ITIF thinks that carve out will drastically curtail the digital economy and won't provide consumers with any additional protections.

National-security-level traveler threat intelligence platform goes commercial

Prescient, a risk management firm co-founded by former naval intelligence officers and best known for federal counterintelligence and national security programs, launched its commercial spinoff.  Prescient Traveler, a sophisticated traveler risk management system, analyzes petabytes of data from over 38,000 sources in real-time. Further, prescriptive analytics advise travelers on how to mitigate those risks or "react smartly" to the dangers.

Big data worries weigh down IoT initiatives

The Internet of Things is proceeding full steam ahead but big data worries are piling up in their wake. So finds Argus Insights which recently analyzed over 2.3M tweets to get a read on the market's take on IoT. Two fears stood prominent in the analysis: what will happen to the pool of data from IoT and will it be secured.

Partner threat a serious contributor to data breaches

Although business partner security holes have led to past high profile data breaches such as the Panama Papers incident and the Target breach, a new report finds that the presence of partner threat is still grossly underestimated by IT pros. Further, that most have no plans to address the security risk.

Dropbox follows Chrome, ends support for Windows XP in August

Dropbox is joining the likes of Chrome and ending its support for Windows XP. The Dropbox desktop app will no longer be supported on Windows XP after August 29 of this year.

Spotlight: Smart mattress detects, alerts you to acts of infidelity

Three to four years ago, I predicted smart mattresses and smart linens would be used to analyze body sweat, blood, urine, semen and other fluids for medical uses. I also predicted that smart beds...

Global trust steadily declining, push for privacy regulations on the upswing

The independent, non-partisan think tank Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) commissioned global research company Ipsos to discover what citizens around the world think of data privacy. The results were released at the United Nations Conference on Trade & Development E-Commerce Week in Geneva yesterday. One staggering insight from that study: 83 percent of citizens across 24 countries want formal protections to ensure personal data privacy.

Infographic: Federal IT problems

87 million sensitive and private records were exposed in federal breaches so far, according to Iron Bow, which provided the infographic of federal IT headaches below. Take a look and see how your organization's IT problems compare.

BlackBerry CEO stands by decision to help Canadian government access data

BlackBerry CEO John Chen published a blog post Monday defending the company's presumed cooperation with Canadian officials who sought access to messages sent through the company's servers during a 2010 murder investigation.