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Latest Headlines

Recent LastPass breach had 'little impact,' according to acquirer LogMeIn

LogMeIn announced today it plans to acquire LastPass, the password management service, for more than $110 million, even after LastPass suffered a recent breach. 

Splunk announces new release of app for AWS

At AWS re:Invent, Splunk announced a new release of its app for Amazon Web Services. The enhanced version converts AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow logs into intuitive dashboards for simplified operational and security intelligence. Customers can monitor user activity, resource changes, topology and network traffic flows.

Europe's highest court strikes down Safe Harbor data sharing agreement

Ruling by Europe's highest court means that organizations doing business in Europe will need to find a new way to handle customer data

Hortonworks, Neustar partner on managing IoT data, devices

From the West Coast, at the GE Minds + Machine Conference in San Francisco, comes news that Hortonworks and Neustar have partnered on registering, securing and managing Internet of Things devices, and analyzing IoT data. Specifically, the two companies said their collaboration "relates to device registry, security, policy management and enforcement." They said some of the results will be "shared with the open-source Apache community in order to accelerate mass adoption of IoT devices and technology."

Researcher discovers simple method to sidestep Gatekeeper protection in Mac OS X

A security researcher has discovered a bypass for OS X's Gatekeeper, which checks the digital certificate of downloaded apps to help users defend against malware.

Mozilla tests new private browsing feature, adds IM to Firefox

Firefox 41 for the desktop is now available, and offers a new native messaging capability called Firefox Hello. Since most businesses already have preferred video conferencing and IM tools, it's unlikely to make much headway in the enterprise. 

If you do business in Europe, you'll likely need a new way to handle customer data

If you do business with customers in Europe, you might soon need to figure out new mechanisms for handling their data.

Report: Lenovo collects usage data on laptops, desktops

A new report claims that Lenovo is collecting usage data even on laptops and desktops.

Latest in data privacy: The Snowden Treaty

On Thursday, the global advocacy group Avaaz, with Glenn Greenwald, David Miranda and Laura Poitras, is launching a public campaign around a proposed international treaty on the right to privacy and protection for whistleblowers. The proposed treaty is referred to simply as the Snowden Treaty after Edward Snowden.

Google Drive surpasses 1M paying organizations, adds security features

Google announced today new security features for the enterprise-focused version of its Google Drive service. Those functions will help propel the company in the competitive enterprise file sharing and collaboration space.