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Latest Headlines

Microsoft takes on unwanted enterprise apps with new app blocking feature

Microsoft has released a new opt-in feature for the enterprise that will help cut down on so-called Potential Unwanted Applications.

Spotlight: How marketing data collection is creating vulnerabilities for other companies

In part three of a three part, comprehensive series in InformationWeek on cyberwar and its effects on the private sector is a discussion on how marketers, particularly in retail, are creating new...

NSA ended bulk call data collection yesterday. Here's what that means

Whether you see Edward Snowden as hero or traitor, he got his wish. The NSA ended its bulk call data collection yesterday, for better or worse. It's better in that the appearance of individual privacy is restored. Worse in that security efforts, especially on the heels of the Paris attacks, is considerably diminished. How all this shakes out in the end, only time will tell. For now, here's where we stand.

Big data minority report: Predicting crime before it happens

Where to place police patrols and dedicate law enforcement resources will soon be a decision for a machine rather than police experience. But now, big data is also predicting crime within police departments – for example, by revealing which officers are likely to use excessive force or commit misconduct sometime in the future.

Additional problems found in pre-installed Dell software

Dell PCs are shipping with more than one self-signed root certificate that comes complete with their corresponding private key, according to a new report on Computerworld.

Walmart accused of turning big data on workers supporting rise in minimum pay

Commercial companies most commonly use big data to understand customers and to parse and predict their actions, but Walmart has been accused of using it to spy on workers taking part in the employee action group OUR Walmart, short for the Organization United for Respect at Walmart. Publicly, the giant retailer called the group's actions "just another union publicity stunt," but privately it considers the group enough of a threat to solicit surveillance aid from the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and Lockheed Martin.

Spotlight: Europe's largest public research institution calls for proposals to solve terrorism-related issues

The French National Center for Scientific Research, a public-funded institution that covers all scientific disciplines, has issued a call for research proposals "on all issues potentially...

StealthINTERCEPT new release doubles down on attack analytics

The new release of StealthINTERCEPT security software Tuesday added built-in analytics for pre-authentication failures, breached passwords, concurrent log-ins, impersonation log-ins and golden ticket attack vectors to the existing attack analytics for account hacking, brute force attacks and horizontal account movement detection.

Dell PCs shipped with rogue out certificate that attackers could use for spying

Dell is shipping PCs with a self-signed digital certificate that makes it easy for attackers to impersonate any other HTTPS-protected website in order to spy on users, the company confirmed on Monday.

New AWS public data sets and the rise of a data singularity

Among the latest efforts on the path to life-saving cures is AWS's recent announcement of two new public data sets: The Cancer Genome Atlas and The International Cancer Genome Consortium PanCancer dataset. These are two of the world's largest collections of cancer genome data and they're both now available at no cost on AWS as part of the AWS Public Data Sets program.