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Latest Headlines

Data analysis techniques in fraud detection

The good news is that data analysis can go a long way in detecting fraud and curtailing loses. Here's an infographic on data analysis techniques produced by Stetson University that will help explain how. 

Ello, the anti-Facebook, says you aren't the product but really you are

While still in beta and open by invitation only, Vox reports that last Thursday Ello was acquiring 31,000 new users an hour. The main draw is user privacy: no need to use your real name and no threat of your data being sold. You won't be the product like you are on Facebook, in other words. But is that really so?

What exactly is Bash and why should you be so concerned?

On Friday, we  reported  on a major new security vulnerability that has been discovered "which threatens to affect a vast swathe of computing systems, including Web hosts, cloud services and even Internet-connected devices." The threat goes by the names Bash or Shellshock, and is already being described as the most dangerous threat to Internet security.

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Newly discovered Bash bug touted as 'bigger than Heartbleed'

A major new security vulnerability that affects the Bash shell has been touted as being the most dangerous threat to Internet security ever.

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Steps for keeping your organization secure as CIO

It's not enough to keep your IT organization running smoothly anymore. More than ever, CIOs and IT leaders have to make sure their organizations, and the businesses they support, are also running securely.

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Will the privacy pin pop the big data bubble?

Protecting privacy now takes center-stage in most big data discussions, as it should. Various professional organizations are working on or have developed a list of ethical rules to guide data collection and use.

Data and analysis sources on the Ebola outbreak

Fear has run rampant on the heels of the recent and growing outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus. Media reports run the gamut from "Run for Your Lives!" to "Nah, Nothing to Worry About." Social media isn't often helpful either since people there tend to travel that same range of thoughts and emotions. So, which of all that information is actual knowledge? Hard data, of course, is where we should turn for that.