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Latest Headlines

Tor Project scrambles to fix weakness that threatens to unmask users

A Black Hat talk on how flaws in the Tor Project could allow users to be unmasked was abruptly pulled.

Spotlight: Smarter big data security for financial services

Financial services companies should be interested in smarter computing for better and faster fraud detection, according to IBM Distinguished Engineer Jeff Calusinski.

Big data, big crashes: State Department's passport and visa database crash

The Consular Consolidated Database, or CCD, at the U.S. State Department has crashed. Significant problems have been occurring since July 19 and, as of this writing, there's no word on when the system will be back up again.

Data follies: When quality data lacks context, things go bad fast

Without context, data tells you worse than nothing--it derails your efforts entirely. Such is the case in using consumer payment card and loyalty card data by healthcare providers. 

CISOs obsess over malware outbreaks, data breaches

Worries over malware outbreaks and data breaches continue to keep CISOs up at night, which isn't surprising considering that most organizations report they can't find an acceptable security solution.

Thousands of websites compromised by buggy WordPress plugin

At the heart of the problem is a recently patched security flaw in MailPoet, a plugin with over a million downloads.

New Intel SSD Pro 2500 SSD drives offer enterprise-class reliability, security

Intel's new solid state drives offer onboard hardware-based encryption and greater reliability than ever. 

Wearables in the workplace: How to write an effective BYOx policy

As wearables make their way into the workplace, IT departments must develop new BYOx policies that protect the company and its assets. Joe Siegrist offers advice on what such policies should include.

Some reasons why going completely paperless won't work

Here are some reasons why embracing both paper and digital may be a better idea than going completely paperless.

Spotlight: Chinese military members caught hacking US companies

A grand jury in the Western District of Pennsylvania indicted five members of the Chinese military on charges of hacking and economic espionage.