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Latest Headlines

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Top news stories for Wednesday, Nov. 26.

New legislation seeks to limit FDA oversight of e-health records

Senators Michael Bennett and Orrin Hatch are strategizing over a bill that would exempt some electronic health records from the reaches of the FDA.

Google to pull plug on old-style plug-ins for Chrome

Google is moving ahead with plans to gradually phase out support for plug-ins that hook into the Chrome browser using a decade-old mechanism called NPAPI, or Netscape Plugin Application Programming Interface.

Spotlight: Who benefits from big data in healthcare?

You'll find an interesting piece on how healthcare data may be used against patients as much as for them in a post in  TechRepublic. 

A bridge too far: Big data ethics

The latest to stand up and speak for both was none other that Doug Cutting, founder of Hadoop, at the Strata Conference in Barcelona. But the rules are few, penalties nonexistent and the temptation far too great for talk to make much of a difference.

Argyle Data partners with Hortonworks on machine learning-based Hadoop native fraud analytics

Argyle Data announced that it has joined the Hortonworks'partner program to provide Hadoop native fraud analytics to Argyle clients. It's a great move to bake fraud detection so deep in Hadoop rather than pasting it on later in the process. 

Latest underground big data project: Regin

While there is much hand-wringing over privacy invasions by governments and corporations involved in big data projects, it's prudent to remember that not all privacy threats come from friendly fire. Quite a bit of data collection is actually underground and decidedly malicious.

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The top news stories for Nov. 24, 2014.

California attempting to lead on data privacy rights--again

Voters overwhelmingly approved a California constitutional amendment aimed explicitly at granting the right to data privacy--in 1972. Now the state of California appears to be stepping up again to take on privacy more stringently even as legislators at the federal level cave to lobbyists. 

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