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Latest Headlines

FourthWall Media's new data collection tech captures viewer data from any set-top box, DVR on the market

The FCC is attempting, with  President Obama's backing, to force cable and satellite TV companies to allow subscribers to use any set-top box they want. If that happens, cable and satellite providers  lose their ability to gather viewer data. But now FourthWall Media has a newly patented data collection technique that enables these companies to gather viewer data "from any set-top and DVR on the market."

Financial data carve-out in international trade agreements come under fire

A new report by technology policy think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) pushes back hard on policymakers for making financial data exemptions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The United States pushed for financial data to be carved out of the TPP's prohibition on laws that force data to be stored within a country's geographic borders. The practice is known as "data localization" and the ITIF thinks that carve out will drastically curtail the digital economy and won't provide consumers with any additional protections.

Spotlight: The day big data dies for lack of security and privacy

Big data may come to a screeching halt with escalating security issues and privacy concerns. For a good look at how distrust is quickly eroding big data use in the U.K., check out this post in the...

Plotting big data projects in light of the EU Privacy Shield failure

Much to the surprise and disappointment of companies the world over, but especially those that are U.S.-based, last week the Article 29 Working Party, an advisory body comprised of all of the European Union data protection regulators, ditched the much anticipated Privacy Shield agreement between the European Union and the U.S. While many considered the draft to contain suitable and comprehensive protections of personal data transfers and use, obviously many EU member countries disagree. This leaves many companies operating in a state of uncertainty and unsure how to proceed with big data projects while the European commission tries to resolve the issues.

IBM, Box create Box Zones for localized storage in country of choice

IBM and Box extended their partnership to create Box Zones, which provides users with the choice to store data regionally in Europe and Asia on the IBM Cloud. Yes, that means you can store data in select regions beginning in Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, the U.K., France and Italy. That's handy in regions with strict regulation on data storage and data transfers, but also if you simply want to leverage it in a localized area.

Red Box Recorders automates call recording compliancy

If compliance assurance for audio recordings is a concern, then Red Box Recorders may have a solution. The company, a provider of products for call and data recording for financial compliance, just launched a software tool that does automated verification of call recordings.

EEOC seeks pay data from employers to identify pay disparities

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) held a public hearing last week on its proposed changes to the EEO-1 Form which would include pay and hours worked data. The new data is to be used by the agency in identifying pay disparities and determining the need for investigation and/or assisting employers in achieving equal pay practices. 

TP-Link nixes use of open source firmware on Wi-Fi routers to comply with new FCC regulations

Citing new Federal Communications Commission requirements, networking equipment vendor TP-Link plans to block the use of open source firmware, including DD-WRT and OpenWRT, on its routers.

FTC reports big jump in identity theft; may bring heavy regulation on data security

Much is said about the costs of data breaches in terms of expense to the enterprise. But little is said and measured about the costs to individuals affected by those breaches.  At least the FTC is keeping an eye on some of the costs to consumers. In its  latest report  released last week, the agency reports a 47 percent increase in identity theft complaints. As complaints continue to rise, a new corporate expense for data breaches is likely to rise too: costly regulations.

Cloudera participating in President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative

President Obama's Precision Medicine Initiative is an effort to increase collaboration between precision medicine researchers, academia, government and industry leaders. Now Cloudera has joined that effort.