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Latest Headlines

SIM card manufacturer Gemalto hacked by American and British governments

American and British governments hacked the largest SIM card manufacturer, Gemalto, in order to steal encryption keys and spy on private mobile phone conversations and communications. The details of this hack were provided by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden.

Campaign contributions tied to net neutrality and other issues

MapLight data shows ISP contributions to congressmen supporting a bill that would kneecap the FCC's efforts to ensure fair competition in broadband providers and to provide ubiquitous Internet access and speeds needed for the success of the Internet of Things.

FCC to address broadband gaps impeding Internet of Things

Next week, the FCC is expected to render a decision that could close the digital divide and assist the rise of the Internet of Things. But will Congress hogtie the FCC and pass a law that expressly prohibits throttling at the provider level but also protects throttling at the state level? Yes, they just might.

Spotlight: 'Magna Carta' for data

While most of the world is focused on improving data privacy for individuals there are forces arguing for the opposite in order to remove obstacles to progress. You'll find a scathing report in  The Register  on one such group who is promoting the idea of a Magna Carta for data.

Anthem is the poster child for massive consumer lawsuits after huge breach

While many industry watchers, myself included, have long sounded the warning on the dangers of taking data security too lightly, it appears that good advice is less effective than massive lawsuits in potentially rectifying the situation. Health insurance giant Anthem may end up the poster child in mega-lawsuits for data security negligence. Suits were filed in Alabama and California just one day after the breach.

White House releases interim report on big data and privacy, civil rights coalition approves

Last week, the White House released its interim progress report on its efforts to protect privacy in the big data era. Within that report is a list of key policy recommendations, some of which closely resemble the goals that civil rights organizations seek.

White House addresses price discrimination, differential pricing in report

The White House released its "Big Data and Differential Pricing" report and it's chockfull of interesting information and food for thought. Price discrimination, differential pricing and more are addressed in the report. 

Data Transparency Coalition illuminates critical government data transparency issues

The Data Transparency Coalition, an industry organization pushing the federal government towards a complete transformation to open data, has unveiled a new website showcasing issues critical to the industry and Coalition leaders. Its 2015 agenda is aggressive but shows meanigful clarity in securing transparency in government data.

The ugly face of big data in politics

It isn't just presidential campaigns that are using big data to see their candidate win an election. Political players at every level are using it to spy on the other camp, track their movements and support their own spin. Politics is getting uglier, in other words, and potentially more dangerous. 

President Obama proposes consumer data privacy protections--but will they pass through Congress?

In a move that many big data practitioners have long feared, President Obama has proposed serious restrictions on consumer data use in order to protect consumer privacy. This is, of course, good news for consumers if the proposals actually become laws--but that's a mighty big "if."