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Latest Headlines

More on the latest privacy debate: de-identification vs holding researchers legally responsible

Members of the  FierceBigData  community with substantial experience in addressing privacy issues responded with some outstanding insights and some actionable best practices for individual researchers.

Injunction sought against Aereo would set cloud service precedent

The safe harbor that protects cloud providers and other data centers from liability for copyright violation could get a hole poked in it, if a federal judge rules in broadcasters' favor.

Big data lobbyist says Congress won't pass a law to protect consumer privacy

Tony Hadley was very confident that we won't see Congress pass a law anytime soon--or maybe ever--to protect consumer privacy from overreaching online data collection, as he noted during the Aspen Forum 2014.

On second thought, 1.1 million comments to FCC weren't enough

In a concession that the American public may still have more to say on the net neutrality issue, the FCC decides it can listen to a whole month's worth of more comments.

The latest privacy debate: de-identification vs holding researchers legally responsible

While many researchers and privacy advocates hail the de-identification route to protect privacy, others say that simply won't do because anonymization makes a mess of the data sets. To make the data more open and useful, one group of researchers recommends we stop trying to de-identify private data and hold researchers responsible for protecting privacy instead. 

Google, Amazon, partners to Obama: Don't solve a privacy problem that's not there

A coalition of many of the nation's foremost storage facilities for personal data urge the Dept. of Commerce not to take pre-emptive action against them for privacy violations they're certain they're not causing.

Spotlight: Why make Microsoft pick whether to violate EU or US law?

For  eWeek  over the weekend, Wayne Rash presents exclusive news that the European Commission is considering approaching the U.S. Justice Dept. about its concerns over a U.S. court ruling forcing Microsoft to turn over data on one of its customers--data that had been stored on one of its Ireland-based servers

After history's most public interoperability failure, now US Gov't writes a 'Playbook'

Six years into the administration of the man whose campaign poster read "Change", a document is issued that suggests such a thing could actually happen.

NetScout sues Gartner over Magic Quadrant, 'extortionate' business practices

Networking vendor NetScout has filed a lawsuit against Gartner, alleging that placement in Gartner's Magic Quadrants is based on pay-for-play practices.

Obama: Net should remain open for free expression, monitoring criminal enterprises

Freedom should remain free except when it is not, and then perhaps governments could help decide how to make it free again. Or something to that effect, said the President Tuesday.