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Spotlight: Using big data to understand drivers of upward mobility to improve public policy

Nadarajan "Raj" Chetty, Bloomberg Professor of Economics at  Harvard   University  uses big data to reveal what is driving upward mobility and contributing significantly to the realization of the American dream in various areas of this country and the world.

Big data in market correction predictions, investment models

Vasant Dhar, professor at NYU Stern School of Business, is recommending that investors seriously consider big data based sentiment as an input in investment decision making.

Hortonworks' IPO testing investor tolerance for operating losses

You've likely heard that Hortonworks filed an IPO last week and you've no doubt heard much cheering around it. Indeed, it signals many great things such as the maturation of the big data market in general and Hadoop in particular. But, the IPO filing reveals some $87 million in operating losses and precious few revenues. So, is it the potential gold in the IPO or the glitter in the operating losses that presents the biggest lesson for the big data industry?

Elections are over; Here's what Obamacare faces

The pressing question on many minds since Election Day, no matter their political affiliation, is what will happen to Obamacare--and by extension, how changes wrought by a Republican-held Congress might affect investments healthcare organizations have already made in EMRs, EHRs, and other big data associated systems and tools.

451 Research releases new cloud price index, sets $2.56 as current hourly market price

451 Research just released its first edition Cloud Price Index  wherein it sets the current hourly market price for a typical web application at $2.56. The price is a bit cheaper for the 'hyperscalers' at $2.36.

Data-driven innovation worth JPY7 trillion to Japan's economy

According to a new report (reg. req.) by Analysys Mason and sponsored by Google, "Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) is already worth over JPY7 trillion to Japan's economy, a value that could grow to more than JPY15.1 trillion by 2020." So, if you're still wondering whether big data investment is worth it or not, there's your answer.

'Someone will need to die' before US amps up cybersecurity

Reports of nation state attacks continue to come in at an alarming pace and soon with dire consequences according to the Department of Homeland Security. 

Was the government's big data shopping list written in vain?

There's been a lot of talk about big data use in government, but government purchases of big data tools and services have been slow to flat. This mismatch between enthusiasm and actual purchases by government agencies is bewildering to many in the industry. 

Intel Capital invests $62M in 16 companies, introduces 13-year-old entrepreneur

Intel's global investment organization, Intel Capital, announced at the Intel Capital Global Summit this week that it has invested $62 million and added 16 companies to its portfolio. The company also introduced the world's youngest VC-backed entrepreneur. 

Grant awarded for algorithms that detect fake online reviews

Fake reviews--glowing or devastating--are damaging to businesses, consumers and hosting websites. In an effort to detect and out fake reviews, the University of Kansas has awarded a strategic initiative grant to two researchers to develop interdisciplinary models designed to sort the devious from the devout.