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Latest Headlines

Ford 'retools company around big data'

While naysayers and worrywarts continue to wring their hands over "too few big data implementations," visionaries are already moving beyond big data projects and into reshaping their entire companies around it. The latest to do so is Ford, who is now "retooling the company around big data."

Microsoft to acquire Revolution Analytics

Microsoft announced that it has entered an agreement to acquire Revolution Analytics. Given big data analytics are really hot right now, the purchase makes sense. But also given that Revolution Analytics is an open source company, some eyebrows are likely raised at this news. 

Datapipe acquires GoGrid to grow multi-cloud efforts

Consolidation in the industry is picking up, both through M&As and increasing alliances. For example, GoGrid is the third acquisition for Datapipe which is forever on the mission of ruling the global multi-cloud managed services market.

Big data benchmark test results for 1, 3 and 10 terabyte scale factors released

Raghunath Nambiar, chairman of the Transaction Processing Performance Council (TPC) big data benchmark committee and a Cisco Systems distinguished engineer, announced in a blog post last week the release of big data benchmark test results for 1, 3 and 10 terabyte scale factors. 

Spotlight: Big data apps make money, have little to do with Hadoop

Matt Asay penned an interesting post in  ReadWrite  on big data apps making big money but having little to do with Hadoop or big data processing

Spotlight: Hortonworks issues IPO

According to a post in  Wired, Hortonworks has confirmed that it "hopes to raise $100 million from 6,250,000 shares offered at $16 per share under the NASDAQ symbol HDP."

CenturyLink buys Cognilytics

CenturyLink, the third largest telecommunications company in the U.S., announced that is has acquired Cognilytics, a big data and predictive analytics company based in San Jose. 

BSA survey: data analytics catalysts for innovation, growth for two-thirds of US, European companies

According to a survey commissioned by the BSA Software Alliance and conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, data analytics are having or expected to have a significant impact on company innovation and growth in both the U.S. and Europe. The survey also found that analytics are creating jobs and being used to fill job openings.

Spotlight: A Twitter Analytics how-to guide

You'll find a good post in B2B on how to use Twitter Analytics in case you're looking to do that.

IU gets $6.6 million from NSF for Jetstream, a cloud for science and engineering research

The Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University received $6.6 million of an $11 million grant from the National Science Foundation to create the NSF's first science and engineering research cloud called Jetstream.