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The technical challenges LinkedIn encountered with Slideshare acquisition

LinkedIn acquired Slideshare in 2012, but as many companies have already learned the hard way, acquiring a company is the easy part. Integration of data, technologies and cultures always present daunting challenges, and LinkedIn found this acquisition to be no exception.

Codilime earmarks $4M for investment in

Part of's appeal is its focus on solving the dormant untapped dark data problem that is common in many organizations. Gartner defines dark data as "information assets that organizations collect, process and store in the course of their regular business activity, but generally fail to use for other purposes."

Chief data officers to gain power in 2016, but may soon lose it

According to research firm Forrester's latest report, big data strategies will shift significantly next year. Among its predictions is that customer-obsessed leaders will shift their firms' strategies to move beyond big data as it is largely practiced now. Further, chief data officers will gain power next year, but they may not be able to hold on to it for long.

R-Hub awarded first R Consortium grant

R-Hub, a developing, building, testing and R packages validation service, is the recipient of the first ever R Consortium grant. The R Consortium is a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project and open source foundation that supports the R user community. It's newly formed grant program is designed to support the broader R community in everything from software development to research in ways to advance the R language.

Independent insurance agents at war with predictive analytics

In a new Vertafore survey, 58 percent of independent insurance agents reported that they are "seriously threatened by predictive analytics used by insurance carriers" as they "displace the agent value proposition." That's a fancy way of saying the analytics are making agents obsolete. But these agents are not huddled behind a desk waiting on the inevitable – they're scrambling to find a way to compete with a machine. Here's your glimpse into the future of work.

New Frontier partners with private equity Phyto Partners on cannabis big data

Frontier Financial Group, dba New Frontier and self-proclaimed as the "cannabis big data firm," announced its partnership with Florida-based Phyto Partners last week to increase big data available to the cannabis industry and investors.

Spotlight: What industry leaders are saying about the Dell-EMC deal

By now you've heard about the biggest tech acquisition in history: The Dell-EMC merger. Tongues are wagging from Wall Street to Silicon Valley. Who knew a private company could outdo...

Companies using big data, cloud, mobile growing up to 53% faster than laggards

Today Dell released a study which found that companies actively engaged in big data, cloud, mobile and security deployments are reporting up to 53 percent higher revenue growth rates than companies lagging in such investments and use. Here's why...

Avoiding the 'Hollywood remake effect' in big data projects

Hollywood is notorious for remaking films that made big money in the past rather than taking a risk on producing too many new movie scripts. Sure, the remakes are juiced up and refreshed in a myriad of ways to make an old story more palatable to modern audiences, but face it, they're still serving leftovers. Unfortunately, too many companies in other industries are doing the same thing with big data.

Spotlight: Data visualizations on factors that influence startup success

So you're running a startup or you're looking to soon? Here's some information you might find useful. Designhill produced these engaging and interesting visualizations on this microsite...