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Latest Headlines

GE Power makes $73M digital industrial investment in advanced manufacturing facility

GE Power announced the opening of its advanced manufacturing facility in South Carolina, a $400 million digital industrial investment, on the heels of opening its first additive manufacturing (3D printing) center in Pittsburgh. GE previously declared itself a digital industrial company, essentially indicating its move from traditional industrial equipment supplier to an industrial analytics company. These two new facilities represent a clear advance in that initiative.

CartoDB acquires Nutiteq to enhance geo-analytics capabilities

Mapping, geolocation data, and geo-analytics are used extensively in the consumer space, but not so much in the business sector. CartoDB, a provider of location intelligence, data analysis and visualization, is seeking to change that. Its acquisition of Nutiteq, a mobile mapping software development company with 15 million and counting unique installations of their SDK, is a strong step in that direction.

Zoomdata closes $25M Series C round

Goldman Sachs' Principal Strategic Investments Group led the $25 million investment in Zoomdata and was joined by previous investors Accel, Columbus Nova Technology Partners and NEA plus a new high-roller, Comcast Ventures. The investors are banking on Zoomdata's visualizations speed to keep pace with one of big data's biggest trends: streaming data and analytics.

Big data's very bad day in the stock market

Investor trends are not the same as predictive analytics because far too much stock market movement is merely knee-jerk reactions with precious little data to aim the kick. But there are those that think big data's very bad day in the stock market is a strong indicator of a slowdown in overall business spending. After all, the thinking goes, if the biggest, baddest, hottest tech – big data – isn't hitting earnings forecasts, then businesses must be seriously curtailing tech purchasing.

UNICEF Innovation Fund to invest in big data, AI, IoT startups

UNICEF, the nonprofit charged with helping children worldwide, is actively seeking ways to accomplish that mission through new technologies including real-time analytics, artificial intelligence, and IoT sensors. The agency is partly achieving this by investing in startups using these technologies through its UNICEF Innovation Fund.

Qubole raises $30M in Series C funding round

Qubole, a "big data as a service" company, raised $30 million in a Series C funding round to expand its Qubole Data Service, a self-service platform for big data analytics, and integrate new data engines.

IT spending growth forecast at 2%; but chaos is brewing underneath

"While still positive, the growth rate is slowing from the rate of improvement over the previous four years," say the researchers. "Yet our outlook study also finds that IT capital spending appears ready to stage a comeback from its recessionary doldrums." Yes, but the dynamics at work behind that comeback staging is a little peculiar. 

Consumerized data: P2P business loans to reach $8.49B for 2015

According to Statista's new digital market outlook report on FinTech, transactions volume for peer-to-peer business loans in the U.S. will reach a total of 8.489 billion USD for 2015. The growth in volume illustrates both the innovative power of disruptors and the increase in use of consumerized data – i.e. data made available to consumers for their own decision-making purposes.

Microsoft acquires Metanautix

Microsoft announced it has acquired Metanautix, a company that connects all data, regardless of source, into a data supply chain without moving the data to a centralized system. Metanautix makes a wide variety of data "data query-able by SQL," hence Microsoft's interest in it.

Spotlight: Michael Dell says big data 'next trillion-dollar tech industry'

Big data is getting bigger both in size and in spend. Michael Dell said it's the "next trillion-dollar tech industry." He believes that enough to jump eyeball-deep in debt to pull off...