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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Keep your eye on these data center companies

There's a major shakeup coming to data center products and everyone is busy trying to figure out which companies and products will fold and which will fly. 

DHL, Cisco trend report looks at Internet of Things in logistics

The report estimates that the number of devices connected to the Internet will be up from 15 billion today to 50 billion by 2020 and that the new connections will generate around $8 trillion. What we're facing now is extreme data with little useful filtering. Harnessing the IoT will require much more than just connecting everything and bracing for the deluge.

Spotlight: Big data finds ideal river locations for hydro-power generation

Successful efforts abound showing us new ways to leverage large data sets to answer complex problems. 

Antuit acquires Prognos to strengthen its big data offerings to retail/CPG market

Antuit, a global big data analytics provider, announced yesterday its acquisition of Prognos, a Chicago-based analytics company specializing in the retail and consumer package goods (CPG) sector. This is Antuit's first acquisition since the company announced a $56 million investment infusion which mostly came from investment bank powerhouse, Goldman Sachs. 

Microsoft completes acquisition of Revolution Analytics

The acquisition is significant as both a confirmation of Microsoft's continued change towards adopting open source and as a signal that big data analytics is becoming increasingly mainstream. 

Archiving on Hadoop: What does it actually cost?

We hear a lot of talk about how much cheaper it is to archive data on the cloud with the help of Hadoop but just how much cheaper is it in actual dollars?

Spotlight: Small advanced research businesses offered funding in SBA initiative

If you're a small business doing anything in the way of big data or other advanced R&D work, you may find funding through the Small Business Innovation Research Road Tour.

New big data alliance seeks to reinvent healthcare

Pittsburgh is going all out on disruptive healthcare.

73% of startups moving to big data, 35% falling behind

While all businesses face challenges, startups have to be especially vigilant to keep costs in line and innovations speeding along. And, venture capitalists like to see startups running lean and mean, and on top of the market. That should mean that big data analytics are a given for startups of all types, not just the tech darlings. But that unfortunately isn't the case for 35 percent of startups, according to Bluenose.

Qlik, JethroData partner on Interactive Data Discovery on Hadoop

Expect to see more companies partner up and sell fused products and platforms in an effort to overcome big data stumbling blocks for customers. But also expect a wider range of convergence activity as data, mobile, the Internet of Things, and other emerging trends move from standalone entities to seamlessly connected systems.