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Latest Headlines

DOE's high-speed network to boost big data transfers

The Department of Energy's Energy Sciences Network, or ESnet, is deploying four new high-speed transatlantic links to deliver a total capacity of 340 gigabits-per-second.   

NIH invests almost $32 million to increase utility of biomedical research data

U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) made multi-institute awards totaling nearly $32 million for 2014 under the NIH's Big Data to Knowledge, known as the BD2K initiative. One of the awards went to the University of Pittsburgh with Carnegie Mellon University, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Yale as partners, to the tune of $11 million.

Spotlight: New Jersey readies to cash in on big data bill

Gov. Christie of New Jersey "officially recognizes the New Jersey Big Data Alliance as the state's advanced cyberinfrastructure consortium," writes Cheryl Makin in the  Courier-Post.

GE morphs from industrial company to analytics company

If there is one thing that anyone can count on big data to do, it is to disrupt everything. Big data can reveal probabilities and possibilities in eerie exactness. From these revelations, savvy CEOs can turn a company fluid, that is move it from its historical identity and boundaries into a shape-shifting, money making machine. And that appears to be precisely what GE CEO Jeff Immelt is up to.

Machine-learning algorithm recognizes genes in microorganisms on our bodies that can be turned into antibiotics

Researchers are using a machine-learning algorithm to answer that question and to identify genes within the whole suite of germs living on human bodies that can be turned into highly effective antibiotics. 

Spotlight: Recommendation engines power big data

Lutz Finger takes a look at recommendation engines in an article in  Forbes. 

Next big big-data thing: Niche analytics, data wrangling, smart storage?

New startups are springing up with interesting solutions to problems in big data as we know it. They're cooking up an interesting list of the potential next big things in big data.  

Gartner says IoT trumps big data in hype cycle

Research giant Gartner said last year that big data topped its most overhyped technology list but this year the Internet of Things (IoT) reigns supreme. 

4Q predictions by co-author of Big Data for Dummies

In the time since Nugent wrote Big Data for Dummies (Wiley, 2013), there has been an explosion in the interest around big data, big analytics and big workflow. Here, Nugent reflects on the state of big data and offers some predictions for its evolution.

Using big data to predict a portfolio crash

Former CIA pros use their spy experience with big data to sort out huge investment portfolios and predict their crash.