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Latest Headlines

Data brokers struggle with branding big data

There's not much of a market for raw data. But if you have output from sophisticated, trustworthy predictive models for sale, then you stand to make some sizable money. The problem data brokers have now is in branding their big data so buyers can know the difference--and the value.

Mega data mayhem: Big data tools have yet to catch up to really big data

While the business world has recently experienced a rapid growth in data and discovered ways to manage and use it, the new tools have yet to fully measure up to handling the mega-data scientists are still trying to get a handle on.

Spotlight: How to explain big data to your grandmother (infographic)

Check out this infographic for tips on explaining big data to people who work anywhere and with anything other than big data.

Microsoft Research's Hyperlapse algorithms smooth first-person video data

Beyond rendering some really great personal experience and action videos, this accomplishment can lead to a much needed means to examine, compare and analyze video data from nearly any camera source, including those in extreme environments.

Using big data to predict a portfolio crash

Former CIA pros use their spy experience with big data to sort out huge investment portfolios and predict their crash. 

Spotlight: Oxford Economics infographic and study on cloud adoption

According to a recent Oxford Economics study, only 31% of the companies surveyed have a data and application migration plan.

How uses big data

At its heart is a big data driven company and is about using big data to tell personalized stories--and to create them, as well. I chatted with Bill Yetman, vice president of engineering at, to learn how they do what they do.

Spotlight: The 4 layers of big data

Bernard Marr has a good post in SmartDataCollective on the four key layers of the big data system.

Thunder tool library helps neuroscientists analyze brain imaging data

Among the list of more challenging data to analyze, human brain data certainly ranks high. Thunder is a library of tools built on the Apache Spark platform specifically for use in analyzing large neural data sets.

Big data, big crashes: State Department's passport and visa database crash

The Consular Consolidated Database, or CCD, at the U.S. State Department has crashed. Significant problems have been occurring since July 19 and, as of this writing, there's no word on when the system will be back up again.