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Latest Headlines

Talend releases free desktop data prep app

Talend released an open source, free desktop tool for use by business users and analysts for data prep. The desktop application helps users pull, combine and clean data from a variety of sources through intuitive, drag-and-drop tools, smart guides and automated processing functions. 

Hitachi Data Systems releases HSP appliance with native Pentaho integration

Today, Hitachi Data Systems released a hyper scale-out platform (HSP) appliance with native integration with the Pentaho analytics and data integration platform. It's designed to merge information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-generated data to relieve problems with data silos in these areas and reduce complexity.

Syncfusion launches Hadoop distribution for Windows

Syncfusion, a provider of developer products, launched its standalone big data product for Windows. Yep, it's a Hadoop distribution designed specifically to run on Windows. It provides a production environment that can run Hadoop on a full cluster and includes a Cluster Manager application to manage multiple-node Hadoop clusters on Windows.

Kentik launches SaaS BGP peering analytics

Kentik has expanded its flagship product for network operators called Kentik Detect to include Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering analytics. What this means is a deeper understanding of network traffic which enables better control of packet transit costs for network operators and content providers too.

Spotlight: Tips on multimodal data fusion from IEEE

It's common these days for data collection to occur through many different types of acquisition techniques and experimental conditions and for that to be fused for single analysis –...

IoT to the rescue: Demand for electricity to drop below 1% growth, too low to keep electric system going

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects less than 1 percent demand growth through 2040 for electricity in the U.S. Before anyone gets slap-happy about a conservation achievement here, consider that the growth is too low to cover maintaining the current electric system, much less make any upgrades. And this is one very old, decrepit electric system already. Raise electric rates? Yeah, well, that's hard to do given the success of energy alternatives. But no one wants to be without electricity, so what's to be done here? Enter IoT and its data to save the day and keep the lights on.

Blazent report finds lack of confidence in data quality still plaguing enterprises

A  new report  commissioned by Blazent, an IT data intelligence company, takes a look at on the state of enterprise data quality. The results are dismal, showing a reality of a depressing and ongoing state of poor data quality from which actionable results are still drawn.

FamilySearch Family Tree now has data on 1.1B people

When it comes to genealogy search engine and data collectors, most people think of and while that is a notable organization it isn't the only game in town., is a free website hosted by FamilySearch International that grants users access to historical records, expanded partnerships, online search, a physical library and family centers around the world, and free localized events held worldwide – all in the name of finding one's roots through genealogy and connecting with long lost family members. 

Spotlight: TPC releases big data benchmark

The Transaction Processing Performance Council released new big data and virtualization benchmarks last week: TPC-DS 2.0 and TPCx-V, respectfully. TPC-DS 2.0 is the first standard benchmark for...

Microsoft acquires Metanautix

Microsoft announced it has acquired Metanautix, a company that connects all data, regardless of source, into a data supply chain without moving the data to a centralized system. Metanautix makes a wide variety of data "data query-able by SQL," hence Microsoft's interest in it.