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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Big data big crashes: State Department's passport and visa database crash

The Consular Consolidated Database, or CCD, at the U.S. State Department has crashed. Significant problems have been occurring since July 19 and, as of this writing, there's no word on when the system will be back up again.

Overconfidence most common mistake in big data projects

 "The creators of big data resources like to believe that they have collected all the data relevant to their domain, that all of the data is accurate, and that the data is organized in a manner that supports meaningful data searches," Jules J. Berman, former President of the Association for Pathology Informatics, says in an interview.

Top 100 eTailers use more marketing tech but their data quality is poor

Proving once again that simply owning the tech is not enough to hone a competitive edge, new research found that the top 100 online retailers still lag behind lesser ranked eTailers in data quality, despite owning more marketing technology. 

Spotlight: GitHub's 'Awesome Big Data' list

GitHub offers an awesome list of big data frameworks and resources. 

A new big data tool built for biology labs

Researchers in the life sciences spend a quarter of their time managing data, according to an online survey of 70 people working in biology laboratories conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT in Sankt Augustin. Many reported that they have no centralized or structured approach to data collection in their workplace.

Sageworks opens its data on privately held companies to journalists for free

Data on the most closely held companies is open to media for mining--and it comes free of charge.

When big data tools go bad

There are plenty of examples of how big data tools deliver rotten results--not due to a fault in the tool, but rather a shortcoming in the strategy, algorithm and/or data sets behind its use.

IBM, China team on big data energy conservation and renewable energy project

IBM Research just announced it launched a broad 10-year initiative to "support China in delivering on its ambitious energy and environmental goals." Dubbed "Green Horizon" one of its first partners is the Beijing Municipal Government.

Who knew?! There are efforts out there to monetize and secure personal data!

There are several efforts underway that aim to allow consumers to charge for their data.

Spotlight: FTC report on the data broker

The entire FTC data broker report is good to review and reference.