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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Yahoo's Ceph implementation for Flickr, mail apps--Object storage at Exabyte scale

Yahoo uses the community version of Ceph software for its Flickr and Mail applications on its Cloud Object Store (COS). For a deep dive on that implementation, see the Yahoo! Engineering blog post. But for the purposes of this post, it is the increasing interest in, and use of, software-defined storage (SDS) that is of importance.

Talend adds new Apache Spark scenario to its big data sandbox

Talend released an update to its Big Data Sandbox, a  pre-configured virtual environment that provides step-by-step guides, ready-to-run scenarios and a single-node Hadoop distribution based on Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR. The update includes a new real-time Apache Spark scenario. 

Location data shapes community hospitals

Community hospitals are gearing up to become more community aware through the analysis of location data on healthcare issues. This data can reveal the need for specific prevention measures and education, emerging healthcare issues, and specific needs for specialists and specialized medical equipment, among other things. 

Archiving on Hadoop: What does it actually cost?

We hear a lot of talk about how much cheaper it is to archive data on the cloud with the help of Hadoop but just how much cheaper is it in actual dollars?

ZL launches real-time analytics for combined people data, business data, and machine data analysis

ZL EA allows merging and cross-analysis of three major but previously-segregated data categories: People data (unstructured human communications), business data (ERP, CRM, SaaS apps, etc) and machine data (log events, sensor data, etc).

Metadata, master/reference data prevailing themes at EDW 2015

As you can probably already tell from this stack of announcements, metadata and MDM/RDM--i.e. the organization of data--was a prevailing theme at Enterprise Data World 2015. Which makes sense because while the wheels of business go round and round, it is the grit in such details that provides the traction.

TopQuadrant launches reference data manager

The latest product announcement is TopQuadrant's launch of its TopBraid Reference Data Manager, which provides consistency in data organization via a simplified point-and-click, forms-based interface.

ASG Software expands data governance suite, increases RDM efficiencies

ASG Software Solutions announced the launch   of its reference data management solution, ASG-metaRDM, at Enterprise Data World 2015. It is fully integrated with ASG's Rochade metadata repository and metaGlossary applications, and provides a simple user interface showing the relationship and context of data throughout the organization.

New council in Illinois aims for a lead in the IoT race

Today the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) launched the ITA Internet of Things Council, a cross-disciplinary effort to drive the growth and use of Internet of things technologies in Chicago and the Midwest. 

Spotlight: Big data doesn't matter if it isn't accurate

As we've discussed here before, if the data is wrong, so is the analysis. Here lies a cautionary tale everyone should take note of.