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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

MemSQL releases MemSQL 4, launches community edition

Today MemSQL released MemSQL 4, calling it "the most significant release of MemSQL to date," which includes new capabilities such as real-time, distributed geospatial intelligence and the MemSQL Spark Connector to operationalize Apache Spark. It also includes a newly launched Community Edition. 

Mobile data traffic to reach 197,000 PB by 2019

On the mobile front, industry analysts at Juniper Research say we can expect data traffic to reach 197,000 petabytes by 2019, the equivalent of over 10 billion Blu-ray movies. It also claims 41 percent will travel over cellular networks, and the remainder over Wi-Fi. 

MapR Distribution ships with Apache Drill 1.0, schema-free SQL engine

MapR announced the general availability of Apache Drill 1.0 in the MapR Distribution this week. The MapR and Apache Drill combo play is designed to provide self-service data exploration for IoT analytics.

Spotlight: Hadoop demand falls

It may come as little surprise to many of you that Hadoop is in trouble.

LinkedIn contest aims to help turn site into one-stop-career-shop

Social media site LinkedIn has its sights set on becoming a one-stop-shop for all things work and career related. That means turning the website into a gigantic database of potential job openings, networking opportunities, training and education resources for every individual and company member.

Teradata takes big data mobile

Teradata announced the addition of a REST interface to connect mobile devices to a Teradata Database. REST uses a direct webpage connection to make the data available to and usable on any device actually, from desktop to handhelds. 

HP launches compute platforms, programs for data-intensive workloads

Businesses are still far behind the technologies' capabilities in their understanding of what can be done, but they're finally beginning to race and catch up. Expect vendors to get more aggressive with their innovations and to increasingly trend towards ever faster, smarter and more business-user-friendly products and services.

The Internet is 3 billion users and 4 Terabit/s strong

The scary thing is that there's so much more real-time traffic to come on every Internet exchange since the majority of humans have yet to come online and neither has the billions of devices in the IoT.  

Yahoo's Ceph implementation for Flickr, mail apps--Object storage at Exabyte scale

Yahoo uses the community version of Ceph software for its Flickr and Mail applications on its Cloud Object Store (COS). For a deep dive on that implementation, see the Yahoo! Engineering blog post. But for the purposes of this post, it is the increasing interest in, and use of, software-defined storage (SDS) that is of importance.

Talend adds new Apache Spark scenario to its big data sandbox

Talend released an update to its Big Data Sandbox, a  pre-configured virtual environment that provides step-by-step guides, ready-to-run scenarios and a single-node Hadoop distribution based on Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR. The update includes a new real-time Apache Spark scenario.