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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Tech companies unite on 'Open Data Platform'

A new big data alliance has formed around developing products based on a common core of key components in Hadoop that members are calling the Open Data Platform Initiative. 

The future of broadband, net neutrality and data consumption

Lots of attention is paid to the promise of data from the Internet of Things, but we can only get that data if broadband can deliver it all and if Things have access to the Internet no matter where they are placed.

StackIQ's new release ups its game in server automation

This morning StackIQ announced the immediate availability of StackIQ Boss 5, a server automation platform "built specifically for big data and private cloud infrastructures."

Data Transparency Coalition illuminates critical government data transparency issues

The Data Transparency Coalition, an industry organization pushing the federal government towards a complete transformation to open data, has unveiled a new website showcasing issues critical to the industry and Coalition leaders. Its 2015 agenda is aggressive but shows meanigful clarity in securing transparency in government data.

Data Governance Initiative created by Hortonworks, Aetna, Merck, Target and SAS

Hortonworks, Aetna, Merck, Target and SAS announced last week the creation of the Data Governance Initiative (DGI) designed to "ensure a common approach to data governance across all systems and data."

Ford 'retools company around big data'

While naysayers and worrywarts continue to wring their hands over "too few big data implementations," visionaries are already moving beyond big data projects and into reshaping their entire companies around it. The latest to do so is Ford, who is now "retooling the company around big data."

Novetta makes connection between unstructured Hadoop data and critical enterprise data

Novetta says that since 9/11, it has developed, deployed and tested Novetta Entity Analytics (NEA) within the federal government.. Now it has announced it is making NEA available for commercial use. The product's focus is on the variety of data more so than data size.

Logicalis US offers encrypted storage option

Logicalis U.S. is heavily pushing flash storage in their cloud offerings and have now added the option of encrypted storage across its suite of products.

Spotlight: The Internet of Things has 4 big data problems

In his post in O'Reilly Radar, Alistair Croll points out four very large and looming big data problems in the Internet of Things. One of them is "datamandering" or data sprawl.

UPDATE: More details on the 1010data data store launch

I reported earlier this week on the impending 1010data Facts data store launch and I promised in that post that I would report back to you with more details. Yesterday I interviewed Sandy Steier, CEO and Co-founder of 1010data, via email and here is what he revealed about this very interesting product.