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Latest Headlines

USPTO Global Dossier Initiative launches first service

The U.S. Department of Commerce's Patent and Trademark Office launched its first service for Global Dossier Monday. The goal of the new service is to make it easier for patent applicants to "view, monitor and manage intellectual property protection around the world by providing access to the dossiers of related applications filed at participating offices," the USPTO explained in a press release.

Spotlight: 'Data science: Where are we going?'

In case you missed DJ Patil's speech at Strata earlier this year, here's a YouTube video of it, complete with remarks from President Obama. Patil, in case you didn't already know, is the...

CERN LHC collaboration improves global access to data for thousands of researchers

A new collaboration between Comtrade, a provider of IT infrastructure management and monitoring products, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research – or CERN – plans to improve global access to more than 140 petabytes of data for thousands of researchers conducting experiments on the Large Hadron Collider.

The sharing economy moves into commercial retail content

The sharing economy is no longer just a consumer affair, it's spreading into the commercial world. Case in point: Shotfarm, an e-commerce platform company, launched Switches Marketplace last week, a platform for complex product information exchange between manufacturers and retailers.

Splice Machine 2.0 RDBMS adds Spark to speed SQL on Hadoop

Splice Machine announced Tuesday that the 2.0 version of its relational database management system – a hybrid in-memory RDBMS using the scalability of Hadoop coupled with the in-memory processing of Spark – is now available in public beta. The company is currently looking for testers.

Procera launches virtual experience probe for real-time analytics

Procera released its virtual experience probe called eVolution Tuesday. It's an all-virtual data product designed to deliver broader subscriber intelligence to real-time analytics for broadband operator use, i.e. fixed, cable, mobile and Wi-Fi operators.

Eneco using big data, IoT to deploy a software-defined power plant

Dutch utility Eneco is using big data and the Internet of Things to deploy a software-defined power plant that will integrate more renewable energy into the Dutch electric grid. It just may well be the first deployed in the industry. Integrating renewable energy into the power grid and being able to analyze the new data flow through a software-defined power plant is no small feat.

The Linux Foundation to form OpenHPC Project, develop open source framework

The Linux Foundation announced its intent to form the OpenHPC Collaborative Project, which will provide a new, open source framework to support "the world's most sophisticated" High Performance Computing environments. The effort has the support of more than 30 companies and HPC centers.

Informatica launches all-in-one, big data management platform

Informatica announced its Big Data Management platform Tuesday, which combines big data integration, quality and governance, and security in a single integrated product, effectively making it an all-in-one product. This release provides the capabilities needed for Informatica's Big Data Management framework that the company introduced last September.

ExtraHop unveils search appliance for turnkey big data analytics

ExtraHop, a provider of real-time wire data analytics for IT and business intelligence, unveiled the fifth generation of its platform Tuesday. The ExtraHop Explore appliance enables historical search and multi-dimensional analysis of all wire data while the Extended Open Data Stream capabilities include support for Kafka and REST.