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Latest Headlines

Mobile data traffic to reach 197,000 PB by 2019

On the mobile front, industry analysts at Juniper Research say we can expect data traffic to reach 197,000 petabytes by 2019, the equivalent of over 10 billion Blu-ray movies. It also claims 41 percent will travel over cellular networks, and the remainder over Wi-Fi. 

Spotlight: Hadoop demand falls

It may come as little surprise to many of you that Hadoop is in trouble.

QLogic, Cavium team on big data infrastructure

QLogic and Cavium teamed on a joint big data infrastructure product that combines QLogic 25GbE RDMA NICs and Fibre Channel Adapters with Cavium's 48 Core Workload Optimized ThunderX ARMv8-A Processors. Has ability to independently scale compute and storage resources to petabyte-class databases and beyond.

Hadoop hits a speed bump

Despite booming interest in big data and a cluster of companies popping up to support it, Hadoop "is failing to live up to its promise," according to a Gartner analyst. 

Informatica continues its work toward making data accessible to non-technical users

Informatica is introducing a couple of new products at its conference this week, including the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake and Secure@Source version 2. The products continue the company's work toward making data analysis easier for more people in an organization. 

Big funding rounds for database tech, like MarkLogic, portend good and bad

A $102 million funding round for MarkLogic is the latest influx of money into the growing market for database solutions. The investments suggest demand for new products but also signals that there's a booming market that may face some growing pains in the future. 

HP launches compute platforms, programs for data-intensive workloads

Businesses are still far behind the technologies' capabilities in their understanding of what can be done, but they're finally beginning to race and catch up. Expect vendors to get more aggressive with their innovations and to increasingly trend towards ever faster, smarter and more business-user-friendly products and services.

The Internet is 3 billion users and 4 Terabit/s strong

The scary thing is that there's so much more real-time traffic to come on every Internet exchange since the majority of humans have yet to come online and neither has the billions of devices in the IoT.  

Talend adds new Apache Spark scenario to its big data sandbox

Talend released an update to its Big Data Sandbox, a  pre-configured virtual environment that provides step-by-step guides, ready-to-run scenarios and a single-node Hadoop distribution based on Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR. The update includes a new real-time Apache Spark scenario. 

Taking a lesson in autonomics from the Nordics

The region ranks high in its interest and successes in IT transformation and as such provides lessons to companies in other parts of the world, including in the U.S.