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Latest Headlines

When big data tools go bad

There are plenty of examples of how big data tools deliver rotten results--not due to a fault in the tool, but rather a shortcoming in the strategy, algorithm and/or data sets behind its use.

'Internet of Things' goes postal--as in a U.S. Post Office project

The United States Postal Service is seeking proposals from suppliers that can rocket its "Internet of Postal Things Project" into reality. 

United Nations Global Pulse ups its humanitarian game; partners with DataSift

UN Global Pulse relies on social media data analysis to alert them to emerging crises such as food shortages, conflict, and disease outbreaks. Now they've partnered with DataSift to help on the big data end of things.

Chicago: City of big data?

Chicago has been all aboard the big data train since it pulled up to the station. But Chicago isn't just along for the ride. The city is striving to create an embedded sensor network dubbed the "Array of Things" to lay the track to its future as the reigning "City of Big Data."

Spotlight: Revolution Analytics offers new support package for R

$795 per user per year--that's the sticker price for Revolution Analytics' new support service for the open-source statistical programming language R.

Oracle v Google Appeals Court decision could curtail data availability (and worse)

As we've noted--many times--before, you don't have to grow all your own data. Public data sources and business partners can be excellent sources for gathering raw information to feed analytics efforts.

Not elementary: IBM launches software defined storage tied to Watson technology

New "hardware-agnostic" storage software from IBM aims to allow organizations more automation and also greater flexibility in wrangling ever-growing datasets.

Spotlight: EMC says Internet of Things awaits big data infrastructure

EMC's point is that you'll need storage, virtualization, security and data visualization infrastructure to find value in IoT--of course EMC sells storage, virtualization, security and data visualization, but so do lots of other people.

How to create a more agile analytics program

The rate of change in the business world is increasing. This is not news. A corollary is that it won't be enough to "do big data". You're going to have to do it quickly, and agility needs to be a defining characteristic of your overall analytics program.

MongoDB and Cloudera cozy up; Oracle and IBM in crosshairs?

MongoDB and Cloudera found potential customers regarded the two vendors as competitors. So now they've teamed up to argue that's not the case. At the end of April the companies announced they've aligned their sales and marketing messaging and now co-sell each others' solutions.