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Latest Headlines

State of IoT security: Free data and infrastructure control for the taking!

When it comes to hacks, we have yet to see anything like what's waiting in the wings for IoT. Not only will data be stolen from things, but things will be used to attack the data center and hackers will control and destroy the things too. And all of it will happen at a grand and frightening scale. At least it will if nothing changes.

ZL unveils ZL NoSQL DB

ZL unveiled today its ZL NoSQL DB, an analytics persistence engine. It's designed to simultaneously handle billions of rows and thousands of columns of disparate data. The company says that out-of-box support includes multi-valued columns (string Array and Map) as well as standard String, Integer, Long, Boolean, Float, Double, and Date data types. To improve storage efficiency, two additional data types are also supported: Dictionary String and Dictionary.

PostgreSQL growing in popularity across new applications

The survey found "PostgreSQL adoption continuing to rise, with 55 percent of users – up from 40 percent two years ago – deploying it for mission-critical applications and 77 percent of users are dedicating all new application deployments to PostgreSQL," according to the press release. 

A look at the state of big data infrastructure management

According to the report, 55 percent of responding organizations have already implemented big data projects and another 29 percent are looking at doing so in the next 12 months. However, most such projects are aimed at customers. Sixty percent of the companies say their using big data to improve customer service while over half (54 percent) are using it to acquire new customers.

Maana is the first big data search engine powered by Spark

Maana announced it successfully built its industry agnostic, end-to-end search and discovery platform on Apache Spark. Maana runs natively on Spark and uses its in-memory caching to reduce the need for database queries to retrieve the same data over again. 

Tamr gets $25.2M to advance scalable data unification platform

While many company heads claim to be big data thought leaders, Stonebraker is the real deal. Watch the man and his businesses for important clues on where big data is going next.

Hot or not: Data edition

As Spark Summit West wraps up today in San Francisco, MemSQL's team of data engineers and developers leaves us with their final word on what's hot and what's not in working with data these days. 

MapR launches auto-provisioning templates

At the Hadoop Summit last week, MapR announced a new software module for provisioning and deployment of Hadoop clusters with "appliance-like convenience" and the flexibility necessary for enterprise-level platforms.

More than half of all life sciences companies are now 'data-driven'

According to a recently released study by Reltio, 55 percent of all types of life sciences companies report that they are "very data-driven." A whopping 70 percent of biotech and pharma companies say they've harnessed data but only 30 percent of medical device companies have picked up the reins.

StackIQ launches bare metal installer to speed big data deployments

StackIQ's Stacki is a parallel, package-based installer for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and its derivatives such as CentOS, Oracle Linux and Scientific Linux.