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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

NCDMM, AMT extend deadline for MTConnect Student Challenge

MTConnect is an open, HTTP- and XML-based communications standard used to enhance interoperability and information sharing between manufacturing equipment, devices and software applications. The MTConnect Student Challenge intended to find creative uses of the standard in manufacturing and it's open to all U.S. college students. The deadline for ideation submissions has been extended to December 15, 2015. Cash prizes total $33,000.

Leading themes at Strata

Every year, common themes emerge at Strata. This year those themes are self-service/data democratization, fast data, streaming architectures and analytics at the edge. In a nutshell, big data has evolved into something far more powerful.

MapR intros in-Hadoop document database

MapR announced at Strata today the addition of native JSON support to MapR-DB, the top-ranked NoSQL database. It's being billed as the industry's first in-Hadoop document database and it's built to leverage continuous analytics on real-time data.

Microsoft selects Ubuntu for first Linux-based Azure offering

Microsoft selected Ubuntu for its first Linux-based Azure offering and announced today that its Hadoop-based big data service offering, HDInsight, will run on Ubuntu and Hortonworks.

Hadoop maturity survey reveals accelerating adoption

A Hadoop maturity survey released Thursday and created through a partnership including AtScale, Cloudera, MapR and Tableau indicated that Hadoop adoption is accelerating but with a shift in use.

New patient care model set to use cross-EMR integration, multi-care team collaboration

Virtual Health, a population health management platform provider, announced it has partnered with Altus Accountable Care Entity, a physician owned and operated accountable care organization based in Texas, to create and implement a "pioneering model" of patient care supported by cross-EMR integration and real-time collaboration among interdisciplinary care teams.

Kafka announces new features, improves use at LinkedIn, Yahoo, Netflix and more

LinkedIn engineer Todd Palino called Kafka its "circulatory system for data," and now the company is working to improve the flow of its lifeblood. New key features to Kafka, just announced will not only improve it for use at LinkedIn but also for other big users such as Yahoo, Twitter, Netflix, Uber and Goldman Sachs. If you're into Kafka, you'll probably want to know about these enhancements too.

Birst connects and virtualizes BI ecosystem with new Networked BI product

Birst unveiled its Networked BI product this week, which combines global governance with local execution and enables collaboration between centralized and decentralized teams. In short, Networked BI connects and virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem.

Datapipe, DataStax team on Enterprise-as-a-Managed-Service

Datapipe, a provider and manager of hybrid cloud products, and Apache Cassandra provider DataStax announced Tuesday that they have teamed up to produce a joint product designed to be a fully managed database service for enterprise-grade Apache Cassandra.

How much data is created on the Internet every minute?

Every minute of every day and every night, millions of people the world over are spewing data onto the Internet. How much data is that exactly? Domo did the measurements and analysis and provided this jaw dropping infographic on the results.