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Latest Headlines

Momentum of big data overwhelms experts' expectations

Even the most accomplished experts in the big data field have been taken aback and completely overwhelmed by how fast and drastically big data is changing our lives. While change has always been the only constant, change this constant and on this scale is a completely new experience.

Big data prepares to go mainstream

Once a quiet and often misunderstood esoteric node in the IT realm, big data has now thundered past its keepers and it's running for the mainstream. But it is not escaping only with the aid of startups and disruptors; data is moving ahead under its own steam.

Parallel universes: parallel data warehouses for analytics only

There is a newly forming parallel universe in which analytic teams have their own data warehouses, separate but parallel to IT's. Should IT step up its game to provide better tools for business analysts, democratize data for all, and protect their own turf in the process? Or, should IT welcome the opportunity to offload the expense from their budgets and reduce the headaches to their already overworked staff?

5 big data trends will transform how it's done, 3 won't

The hot topics today are driving the changes we'll see in big data within the next five years. So what should you expect to reshape big data? Here's the list…

NSA explains policy on 'zero-day' exploits found in commercial software, hardware

The question now is whether exploiting vulnerabilities in order to achieve its mission is fair game or not? And, does the government have any role in commercial quality control?

Artificial intelligence breakthroughs unveiled at CeBIT

Efforts in artificial intelligence are ongoing and making unprecedented headway. Several breakthroughs were demonstrated at CeBIT and most were breath-taking, made more so by the knowledge that these are not far-future fantasies but near-future possibilities. Take a look at some of the things presented at CeBIT and coming down the pipeline now…

IBM launches Watson Mobile 'Big Data' Developer Challenge

Meanwhile, if you're still holding on to the notion that big data is a trend, this is your cue to rethink the situation.

Spotlight: Who's hitching their wagons to which big data frameworks?

The report includes videos of various BigDataSV 2014 interviews with folks on the frontline.  

DARPA, Pentagon wants 'big code' for big data

"'We're looking for needles within haystacks while trying to define what the needle is, in an era of declining resources and increasing threats,' said David Shedd, deputy director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, at a conference last month as reported in an article in  USA Today. That's a sentiment almost all private companies currently using big data can relate to.

IT mega-vendors suffer from cloud, big data

It's the ultimate irony: it's tough to make a living in a world where everything is cheap or free.