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Spotlight: 'Data science: Where are we going?'

In case you missed DJ Patil's speech at Strata earlier this year, here's a YouTube video of it, complete with remarks from President Obama. Patil, in case you didn't already know, is the...

CERN LHC collaboration improves global access to data for thousands of researchers

A new collaboration between Comtrade, a provider of IT infrastructure management and monitoring products, and the European Organization for Nuclear Research – or CERN – plans to improve global access to more than 140 petabytes of data for thousands of researchers conducting experiments on the Large Hadron Collider.

Splice Machine 2.0 RDBMS adds Spark to speed SQL on Hadoop

Splice Machine announced Tuesday that the 2.0 version of its relational database management system – a hybrid in-memory RDBMS using the scalability of Hadoop coupled with the in-memory processing of Spark – is now available in public beta. The company is currently looking for testers.

Mainframe becoming big muscle in big data?

According to a new survey, mainframes are still in heavy use and are poised to become the big muscle in big data too.

Eneco using big data, IoT to deploy a software-defined power plant

Dutch utility Eneco is using big data and the Internet of Things to deploy a software-defined power plant that will integrate more renewable energy into the Dutch electric grid. It just may well be the first deployed in the industry. Integrating renewable energy into the power grid and being able to analyze the new data flow through a software-defined power plant is no small feat.

SIOS announces new release of iQ machine learning analytics

The latest release of SIOS iQ machine learning analytics software has new features for performance root cause analysis in VMware environments. Dashboard enhancements include a graphical topological impact view for faster issue identification.

IBM enhances its software-defined storage

Today IBM announced enhancements to its line of software-defined storage products known as IBM Spectrum Storage. The enhancements are designed to provide better management and security in storing large volumes of data, and to support both traditional and next generation applications such as cognitive computing across hybrid cloud environments.

Intel unveils new IoT Platform reference architecture

Intel is on a mission to build out one of the most comprehensive offerings for the Internet of Things marketplace. Its latest milestone on this mission path is  the addition  of a second Intel IoT Platform reference architecture and a bevy of new products for the IoT Platform including Intel Quark processors, free cloud-connected operating systems and cloud suite from Wind River.

Jeff Klaus on Intel's DCIM report

It's interesting to see what vendors glean from surveys they've done or sponsored, as that is a hint at what IT and other business pros might expect to come next in product upgrades, technical support and customer service. Here's what Jeff Klaus, GM at data center solutions of Intel DCM, learned from Intel's State of the Data Center report.

DeepSQL Community Edition free to companies with less than $1M in annual revenue

Deep Information Sciences announced Thursday morning its free Community Edition of DeepSQL. Companies with less than with $1 million in annual revenue can use it free. The company is specifically aiming at helping startups and collaborative economy ventures.