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Latest Headlines

IT decision makers think the cloud is risky, but many still use it for sensitive data

Despite raging security concerns--rightly or wrongly--with keeping sensitive data in the cloud, the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report (ITR) finds 60 percent of U.S. IT decision makers store it there anyway. 46 percent say that behavior is a top risk for data breaches. 

AWS announces new public Landsat data set

AWS made data from over 85,000 Landsat 8 scenes publicly available last week. Landsat is globally considered the "gold standard of natural resource satellite imagery." In short, it is the climate change deniers' worst nightmare because the data is what it is and completely impervious to political whim and industries' wishful thinking. 

Top 8 influencing technologies in innovation management

A new Frost & Sullivan report says that emerging IT technologies are essential to the fast development of frugal innovative models necessary to remaining competitive in the current market. 

Artificial Intelligence steps into the real world to teach children to draw

Much is said (and written) about how AI is used to analyze human behavior. Its role in producing data and teaching human behavior is often lost in the shadows. Today we'll look at one example of how AI is teaching behaviors rather than simply analyzing them and as a result stands poised to produce data on humans too.

Splunk launches Splunk Light for SMBs and individuals

Splunk hopes to make log search and analysis--in other words machine data--more accessible and more affordable for SBMs and individuals. Pricing starts at $75 a month but you have to pay it in a lump annual sum. You can try it out on the free version though.

Apple Watch more novelty than data-driven gadget

Apple Watch looks cool--anything Apple makes always does. But its introduction yesterday failed to clearly define its use in personal or business terms. Without a clearly defined purpose unique to the Apple Watch and separate but complementary to other devices, it's hard to imagine a reason to buy it--or to track data from it.

Oculus VR to go 'full consumer' this year; Consumers interested in virtual reality shopping

Oculus CTO John Carmack said at the Game Developers Conference last week that the Samsung Gear VR headset will go "full consumer" by the end of this year. And he pointed out that it will have more applications than just gaming. 

OpenLabel crowdsources consumer opinions, info on products

Big data can and will be used by consumers increasingly in their buying decisions, much to retailers' chagrin. The latest example of that is OpenLabel, an app that reads product barcodes and converts them into crowdsourced digital labels. 

CrowdFlower releases 'world's largest human-curated data repository'

The newly released repository democratizes access to "thousands of dollars (and growing) worth of rich datasets" that CrowdFlower says "have been fully cleaned, organized and deduped" by its very human community. The datasets are provided by CrowdFlower customers who share data through the Data for Everyone Library.

Waffle House channels its inner-Uber; Sharing economy generates more data

The Collaborative Economy, particularly the sharing economy leg of it, is likely to generate as much or more data as the Internet of Things. And it continues to erode traditional business models.