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Latest Headlines

Kafka announces new features, improves use at LinkedIn, Yahoo, Netflix and more

LinkedIn engineer Todd Palino called Kafka its "circulatory system for data," and now the company is working to improve the flow of its lifeblood. New key features to Kafka, just announced will not only improve it for use at LinkedIn but also for other big users such as Yahoo, Twitter, Netflix, Uber and Goldman Sachs. If you're into Kafka, you'll probably want to know about these enhancements too.

Birst connects and virtualizes BI ecosystem with new Networked BI product

Birst unveiled its Networked BI product this week, which combines global governance with local execution and enables collaboration between centralized and decentralized teams. In short, Networked BI connects and virtualizes the entire BI ecosystem.

Big data takes root in the cannabis industry with New Frontier

If there remained any doubt that big data is thriving and driving every industry, its use in the budding cannabis industry should go far in eradicating it. Recently several states have legalized the use of marijuana to some degree, and everywhere that happened, a cannabis industry took root. Specialized big data tools soon followed. Case in point: New Frontier's launch of Equio this week.

Law firm launches big data analytics service to benchmark, analyze HR and litigation strategies

Littler – one of, if not the world's largest employment and labor law practice representing management – has hired its first national director of data analytics and launched its Littler Data Center. Both developments are part of its strategic initiative to provide clients with "big data strategies and analytics resources designed to benchmark and analyze HR and litigation strategies," Littler explained in a press release.

Spotlight: Netflix moves everything to the cloud

Netflix began the process of moving to an Amazon Web Services cloud in 2008, and will soon be shutting down its last data center.

SoftNAS introduces Object Filer, a software-defined Files-as-a-Service NAS

SoftNAS announced its Object Filer last Thursday, a software-defined, Files-as-a-Service network-attached storage, which works to ensure that object storage fits and performs well with existing applications that are file-based.

Recommind launches analytics for instant messaging data

Recommind announced Axcelerate 5.5 last Thursday, the latest version of its cloud-based eDiscovery platform, which enables sophisticated analysis of instant messaging data across a wide range of platforms, including Instant Bloomberg, Skype and Google Chat.

Analytics apps for insights on political, legal and regulatory data

One of the most noteworthy trends in analytics today is the rise of apps designed to deliver fast insights into the details that bedevil all industries. Take for example, FiscalNote apps designed to deliver insights on political, legal and regulatory data. The ability to instantly see what existing regulations affect a company or its works is extremely helpful, as is the ability to see and predict outcomes of pending regulations.

Spotlight: Building a big data back end? Here are 3 tips

If you're looking at building a big data back end for your mobile app, you'll really want to read Ashish Thusoo's post in Datanami. 

Artificial intelligence for advanced robotics, big data help drive ICT uptick

Cloud and M2M implementations are about to shift into high gear in manufacturing environments as the sector moves from sporadic, data-driven applications to far more sophisticated and integrated deployments, according to a new Frost & Sullivan report. For example, the implementation of artificial intelligence for advanced robotics.