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Latest Headlines

77% of chemical companies moving to cloud, big data analytics

According to a study by Accenture, 77 percent of the C-level executives in chemical companies surveyed think cloud computing and big data analytics are necessary to remain competitive. 87 percent said that failing to use them may lead to a company's extinction.

Researchers in affective computing find new way to recognize emotion in text

Along comes a group of researchers who are proposing a new and interesting way to recognize emotion in written communications. Here's what they came up with... 

Spotlight: How to identify fake big data products

How to identify fake big data products

Strata NY 2014 news roundup

Here are a few of the product announcements made at Strata to give you an overview of the direction products and partnerships are now trending, or at least leaning.

Microsoft's big idea: an algorithm and model store

Microsoft's idea of creating a data science marketplace takes best of show. It is the best idea in a sea of great ideas at Strata NY this year. 

Future workplace: AI bosses and an Algorithm Director?

IPSoft's Amelia, a "learning cognitive agent," is already gaining high-level work skills that its creators say will put it, or others like it, at the top C-level position one day. And a Hong Kong-based venture capital company has already appointed an algorithm to its board of directors. Will we all work for machines soon--if we can find work at all?

Credit-scoring, consumer lending disruptors gain ground

"Commercial banks, credit card companies and credit bureaus have dived into big data, too, mainly for marketing and fraud protection," writes John Lippert in the Washington Post. "They've mostly left advances in the field of credit scoring to upstarts." That, it turns out, is a huge mistake for banks and the consumer credit industries.

NIH invests almost $32 million to increase utility of biomedical research data

U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) made multi-institute awards totaling nearly $32 million for 2014 under the NIH's Big Data to Knowledge, known as the BD2K initiative. One of the awards went to the University of Pittsburgh with Carnegie Mellon University, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Yale as partners, to the tune of $11 million.

GE announces revenue from its IoT software business to hit $1.1 billion this year

It's not all that unusual for a General Electric (GE) business to hit the billion dollar mark, but as Quentin Hardy put it, GE's Internet of Things, or IoT, software business is "probably the fastest a GE business has hit the $1 billion mark." You can expect GE to pull in even more from this business arm because it has one heck of a great IoT strategy.

Apache Spark beats world record for fastest big data processing

Yahoo!'s previous world record was 70 minutes using a large, open-source Hadoop cluster of 2100 machines for data processing. DataBricks, founded by the creators of Apache Spark, completed the Daytona GraySort, which is a distributed sort of 100 TB of on-disk data, in 23 minutes with 206 machines with 6,592 cores during this year's Sort Benchmark competition.