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Latest Headlines

GoodData launches insights-as-a-service, IoT ready platform

Yesterday, GoodData, a cloud BI provider, announced major upgrades to its platform and the resulting launch of its "insights-as-a-service" concept that leverages collective learning and, according to them, is suitable as an IoT ready platform. 

Teradata study finds many organizations don't benefit from customer-data analysis

Teradata just released the results of its fall quarter 2014 survey of 1506 marketing and communications executives in all major industries worldwide. Among other things, it found only 39 percent of organizations are benefitting from customer data analysis.

Spotlight: Robotic bridge and tunnel data used for inspections

You'll find an interesting post by Martha Bushong in the George Mason University blog on how researchers there are using bridge and tunnel data gathered by robots and drones and converting it into virtual worlds for inspectors to inspect.

Facebook open-sources its machine learning

Even a hard-nosed proprietary software maker like Facebook understands and embraces the value of scientists sharing tools and methods, even while protecting specific uses and projects. Facebook's most recent sharing foray is in open sourcing its deep-learning modules for Torch.

Logicalis US offers encrypted storage option

Logicalis U.S. is heavily pushing flash storage in their cloud offerings and have now added the option of encrypted storage across its suite of products.

Datapipe acquires GoGrid to grow multi-cloud efforts

Consolidation in the industry is picking up, both through M&As and increasing alliances. For example, GoGrid is the third acquisition for Datapipe which is forever on the mission of ruling the global multi-cloud managed services market.

Spotlight: The Internet of Things has 4 big data problems

In his post in O'Reilly Radar, Alistair Croll points out four very large and looming big data problems in the Internet of Things. One of them is "datamandering" or data sprawl.

Speech analytics aim to improve sales, real-time fraud detection

Speech analytics is picking up momentum in several lines of business and industries these days. One example is within CRM products to increase sales. Another example is in monitoring banker phone conversations to guard against fraud in derivative and swap trading rooms. 

UPDATE: More details on the 1010data data store launch

I reported earlier this week on the impending 1010data Facts data store launch and I promised in that post that I would report back to you with more details. Yesterday I interviewed Sandy Steier, CEO and Co-founder of 1010data, via email and here is what he revealed about this very interesting product. 

1010data launches data store with public, third-party, disruptive data sets

1010data is launching a cloud-based data store this week. It's not the first company to do so and indeed such is emerging as a trend. Look for more data offerings to emerge in rapid order. Further, look for enterprises to provide internal data stores much like they offer internal app stores now and for much the same reasons.