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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: Opinions on Medicare's data dump

You'll find plenty of food for thought there on the limitations and opportunities in raw data dumps.

Twitter buys Gnip, quietly builds $100 million big data business

Make no mistake, Twitter is a big data company and it's looking to get even bigger. Hence yesterday's acquisition of Gnip, added to about four or so other similar acquisitions earlier.  The end goal: Make Twitter a $100 million big data business. 

Why big data and open data are not the same

While some data will also be proprietary and closely guarded, the vast majority of data will be joined to the open data movement. Why? Because the more data people can access, the more discoveries can be made.

Data is changing how our children's minds work

You might think this post is about how data and edtech are being used to improve our education system. But you would be wrong.

Beijing government looking to build big data platform

Rest assured that all governments are or will be using big data. The latest to stake claim to its benefits is Beijing.

Bluetooth wants in on big data, Internet of Things game

Bluetooth backers are pitting the technology's data gathering and sharing capabilities against Near Field Communications (NFC), particularly for the top spot in connecting retailers with shoppers in the store or walking nearby. Here's what's up with that…

Spotlight: Volker Markl on next-gen analytics

Here's an interesting paper by Prof.-Dr. Volker Markl, professor and chair of the Database Systems and Information Management group at the Technische Universität Berlin, on next-gen analytics.

Microsoft Excel now on big data steroids

Face it, business users love their spreadsheet. They do! Now they can do big data on Excel too! Bottom line: Microsoft just hit the sweet spot in corporate data democratization and BI adoption at the user level.

Next evolutionary step for BI: process intelligence

BI is a lot like that old adage about three scientists taking turns peering through a peephole in a fence and seeing three different parts of an elephant? One sees a bit of trunk, another sees a wrinkled huge mass, and the third catches a quick glimpse of a swinging rope-like tail. They interpret and argue their visions separately and come up with interpretations that do not reveal to them that they are seeing parts of the same thing. Evolving process intelligence is working to solve that problem. 

Spotlight: How big data reveals international relationships--these relationships may surprise you

You'll find interesting word clouds showing relationships associated with Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Barack Obama here...