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Latest Headlines

Big data changing car insurance pricing, just before it becomes obsolete

Occasionally a news story will come out hawking the advantages of driver tracking in reducing car insurance premiums and warning of the danger to individual privacy in the process. While such reports are generally correct in their observations and musings, most overlook developing trends that will make car insurance and the in-vehicle driver trackers obsolete in the not-so-distant future.

Intel uses big data and wearables to battle Parkinson's disease

Intel has partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to tackle Parkinson's disease. Unlike other efforts, this one uses wearables to collect much of that data.

Microsoft Research's Hyperlapse algorithms smooth first-person video data

Beyond rendering some really great personal experience and action videos, this accomplishment can lead to a much needed means to examine, compare and analyze video data from nearly any camera source, including those in extreme environments.

Vibrations on potato-chip bags aid in recording

If an algorithm that can read soundless vibrations of a potato chip bag or a glass of water and turn that into an audio recording of your words reminds you of Hal in the movie "2001: A Space Odyssey," you're not alone.

Spotlight: Oxford Economics infographic and study on cloud adoption

According to a recent Oxford Economics study, only 31% of the companies surveyed have a data and application migration plan.

5 big data mobile apps with interesting use cases

Here are five big data mobile apps designed to facilitate working with big data on a mobile device.

Thunder tool library helps neuroscientists analyze brain imaging data

Among the list of more challenging data to analyze, human brain data certainly ranks high. Thunder is a library of tools built on the Apache Spark platform specifically for use in analyzing large neural data sets.

Turing Test reversal: 12 out of 13 human judges guessed wrong

On this, the 100th anniversary of Turing's birth, researchers put a test before human judges to see if they could tell whether they were conversing with another human or a machine.

At the corner where statisticians and data scientists meet

If statisticians learn to do more than write code in the way of computing skills and data scientists begin to perfect their skills in statistical analysis--might the two professions merge into one? And if so, what title will be etched upon their office door?  

Sageworks opens its data on privately held companies to journalists for free

Data on the most closely held companies is open to media for mining--and it comes free of charge.