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Latest Headlines

OpenLabel crowdsources consumer opinions, info on products

Big data can and will be used by consumers increasingly in their buying decisions, much to retailers' chagrin. The latest example of that is OpenLabel, an app that reads product barcodes and converts them into crowdsourced digital labels. 

CrowdFlower releases 'world's largest human-curated data repository'

The newly released repository democratizes access to "thousands of dollars (and growing) worth of rich datasets" that CrowdFlower says "have been fully cleaned, organized and deduped" by its very human community. The datasets are provided by CrowdFlower customers who share data through the Data for Everyone Library.

Waffle House channels its inner-Uber; Sharing economy generates more data

The Collaborative Economy, particularly the sharing economy leg of it, is likely to generate as much or more data as the Internet of Things. And it continues to erode traditional business models. 

New Barbie doll, other toys gather voice data on kids and households

Hello Barbie uses speech recognition to record your kid's conversations and store them in the cloud. As all voice recognition apps are wont to do, the doll records any human speech it detects in an effort to intelligently respond. So, any human conversation within its hearing can be stored in the cloud and analyzed.

The cloud's growing role in innovation and big data

While we all know by now the general benefits of using the cloud for just about any endeavor, it is important to take a moment to realize the central role the cloud plays in innovation and big data use. Take a look at DataHero's infographic for a quick overview. 

Microsoft announces new and enhanced data services for Hadoop, machine learning

Microsoft announced at Strata last week three new and enhanced services for Hadoop and machine learning. All were aimed at bringing big data to mainstream use. Here is the overview of the announcements, all of which center on Azure which is Microsoft's strategic focal point for working with big data.

Tech companies unite on 'Open Data Platform'

A new big data alliance has formed around developing products based on a common core of key components in Hadoop that members are calling the Open Data Platform Initiative. 

FCC to address broadband gaps impeding Internet of Things

Next week, the FCC is expected to render a decision that could close the digital divide and assist the rise of the Internet of Things. But will Congress hogtie the FCC and pass a law that expressly prohibits throttling at the provider level but also protects throttling at the state level? Yes, they just might.

Internet of Things to drive 5G wireless networks

Speaking of the deluge of data and the Internet of Things, wireless networks will soon be overtaxed too under that strain. The New Jersey Institute of Technology made an infographic which outlines the differences between 3G and 4G Lte and predicts the arrival of 5G networks. Trust me, you want to see this! 

GoodData launches insights-as-a-service, IoT ready platform

Yesterday, GoodData, a cloud BI provider, announced major upgrades to its platform and the resulting launch of its "insights-as-a-service" concept that leverages collective learning and, according to them, is suitable as an IoT ready platform.