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Latest Headlines

Companies using big data, cloud, mobile growing up to 53% faster than laggards

Today Dell released a study which found that companies actively engaged in big data, cloud, mobile and security deployments are reporting up to 53 percent higher revenue growth rates than companies lagging in such investments and use. Here's why...

Figshare announces next-gen data management platform for researchers

Figshare, an online digital repository for academic researchers, announced its next-generation data management platform for researchers. The targeted market includes individual researchers, teams in any-sized organization, funders and publishers. Its capabilities offer better control and data discoverability plus enhanced data collection, data sharing and researcher collaboration and alerts.

Alteryx teams with Microsoft on data blending, advanced analytics in Power BI

Alteryx teamed with Microsoft to create analytic workflows that output datasets directly to Microsoft Power BI for business analysts, the company  announced  Thursday. The partnership also enables deeper integration between Alteryx Analytics and Microsoft SQL Server (2008, 2012, 2014). 

Clusterpoint aims to disrupt cloud database market

Latvian-based NoSQL cloud database vendor Clusterpoint launched Clusterpoint 4 Thursday, a computing engine that combines an instantly scalable document-oriented database with a computing model. In other words, the company is seeking to disrupt the cloud database market by unifying computational power and data as well as changing the pricing model. 

Accelerite launches IoT Platform

Accelerite, a provider of infrastructure software for cloud, mobility and endpoints and a Persistent brand, announced today its entry into the Internet of Things via a new platform called Aepona IoT. The product is designed to encompass the whole of IoT service enablement from creation to execution and from supporting developer APIs and monetization to onboarding, connectivity and analytics.

Splunk announces new release of app for AWS

At AWS re:Invent, Splunk announced a new release of its app for Amazon Web Services. The enhanced version converts AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow logs into intuitive dashboards for simplified operational and security intelligence. Customers can monitor user activity, resource changes, topology and network traffic flows.

Teradata adds database for production workloads on AWS

Teradata announced today that it's making its data warehousing and analytics product, Teradata Database, available for cloud deployment on AWS early next year. Initially, Teradata Database on AWS will be offered on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute – or EC2 – instances in supported AWS regions. You'll find those on a listing in the AWS Marketplace in 2016.

IBM acquires Cleversafe

IBM announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Cleversafe, an object-based storage in the cloud company distinguished by its unique cloud storage algorithms designed to efficiently compress massive amounts of data.

Hortonworks, Neustar partner on managing IoT data, devices

From the West Coast, at the GE Minds + Machine Conference in San Francisco, comes news that Hortonworks and Neustar have partnered on registering, securing and managing Internet of Things devices, and analyzing IoT data. Specifically, the two companies said their collaboration "relates to device registry, security, policy management and enforcement." They said some of the results will be "shared with the open-source Apache community in order to accelerate mass adoption of IoT devices and technology."

Spotlight: Intel's TAP draws healthcare, cloud partners

Intel's TAP, an open-source project designed to aid data scientists in deploying big data analytics easier and faster, has been around awhile now and a healthy ecosystem is forming around it. But...