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Latest Headlines

Spotlight: IEEE Computer Society predicts the future of the Web

Experts from IEEE Computer Society released their key predictions about what the future of the Web holds for individuals, business, government and society. They explore key issues such as the...

Deloitte, Recommind launch data analysis tool for OTC contracts

Like most industries, banks are turning to big data analytics to keep them in compliance, but they're quickly finding that analytics alone aren't enough. This industry quandary leads to the development of some unique partnerships such as the Deloitte/Recommind deal aimed at transforming the way Over-the-Counter (OTC) International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) agreements are managed.

Fix in progress: APIs, iPaaS and new disparate data pipelines

SnapLogic and 3scale announced their partnership and the coupling of 3scales' API management with Snaplogic's Integration Platform as a Service. Their customers can now write multi-point integration pipelines that connect cloud and on-premises applications and can expose disparate enterprise data sources for big data analytics as RESTful APIs. 

Snowflake data warehouse cloud service opens for business

Snowflake, the company led by former Microsoft and Juniper executive Bob Muglia, is making its data warehouse cloud service available to anyone. The service competes with Amazon Web Services' Redshift.

SAS launches automated analytics model builder Factory Miner

Data scientists rejoice, SAS just launched Factory Miner, an automated analytics model builder capable of spitting out thousands of models in a blink of an eye using machine learning techniques. Data scientists can also see which models are best for production use before pointing and clicking on the models they want to use.

Station X accelerates genome data analysis

Station X is now using Presto on Qubole, a big data- as- a- service platform, to accelerate genome data analysis. Specifically, Station X has integrated Qubole with its GenePool platform for real-time "cohort-scale genomic analysis" using Presto and Hadoop. 

Spotlight: Big data takes on ebola

The biggest advantage of big data being used this way is to find disease threats before they emerge as epidemics. 

How Microsoft developed routing engine, algorithms for Bing Maps

Microsoft researchers dished on how they developed the first routing engine with "a large number of algorithmic requirements" to help drivers take the shortest, most sensible routes in multi-stage trips such as coast-to-coast drives. They explained it in a new study recently published in the journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences.

Machine data: You have it, now use it

With the rise of mobile computing and the rising Internet of Things, every enterprise, from the small business to the multinational corporation, is building an army of devices.

EMC identifies why legendary motorcycle racer, John McGuiness, wins so often

Is talent a refined instinct? Is it a native integration with a circumstance, medium or environment? Is it a unique set of analytics in the person's wetware? No one really knows the answer.