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Latest Headlines

Amazon Machine Learning takes on IBM's Watson, Google's Prediction API and Microsoft's Azure Learning

As expected, machine learning is making its way to the masses. But first it's coming to developers free of any need to master statistics first. And, boy, is the field getting crowded with giants. 

Spotlight: Amazon Dash first useful step towards Internet of Things

Amazon Dash may be the IoT addition we've all been waiting for. 

Security pros worry more about where their sensitive data is than about hackers

Research by The Ponemon Institute found that 1,600 security professionals surveyed worldwide are more afraid of not knowing where sensitive data is actually located at the moment than they are of a hacker or malicious employee. But wait, there's more. 

Freckle IoT, Blue Bite aim to create North America's largest proximity network

Beacons pick up on information from the phones of passers-by and sends them offers and coupons from retailers in the vicinity. There are a number of beacon companies offering such services to retailers but Freckle IoT and Blue Bite are one-upping the game by creating what they claim is the largest proximity network in North America.

5 executives take on the 5th annual IoT Day

Thursday, April 9, is IoT Day. Since it is the fifth year the day has been observed, it seemed appropriate to share thoughts from five enterprise company executives on topics ranging from M2M, interoperability, security and the smart home for the occasion. 

Infographic: Clearing the air on cloud confusion

Hardly any company can afford to stay out of the cloud completely these days. So, what's actually happening in the cloud that you might want to know about first? 

Spotlight: Cloud vendor Nebula collapses without notice

There is an excellent post in CSC blogs by my friend and colleague, Steven Vaughan-Nichols, on the sudden collapse of Nebula, an OpenStack cloud vendor.

Delphix bridges data center-to-cloud gap with new cloud-ready features

Delphix, a data as a service (DaaS) company, has updated its DaaS platform with new cloud-ready features in support of Amazon GovCloud, OpenStack, and KVM hypervisor environments for simpler migration to both private and public clouds. 

CA Technologies announces general release of CA ERwin r9.6 Modeling

CA Technologies announced at EDW 2015 the general release of CA ERwin r9.6 Modeling which consists of its flagship product, CA ERwin Data Modeler and its CA ERwin Web Portal products.

SaffronStreamline helps PLM of embedded software in smart devices

SaffronStreamline sits atop existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems and unifies multi-sourced data with enterprise data into a single layer of intelligence.