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Latest Headlines

Dark data poised to change the future of work

Despite a years-long data mining frenzy, there's still data that's invisible to the all-seeing analytics eye. It's called dark data, and the term refers to any data that exists but has yet to surface. But never fear, data pros are digging that up and bringing it into analytics' sights now. One thing dark data is likely to change is the future of work. Yes, employers can soon see everything you are – and aren't – doing at work. And I mean everything.

Microsoft adds Power BI publish to Web capability

Microsoft added a new publish to the web capability for Power BI which is now available in preview. The new capability enables users to add interactive visualizations to their websites in much the same way YouTube videos are embedded.

When IoT sensors go mobile: Hotel delivery robots

While vendors struggle to find a data-driven reason to sell IoT anything and everything, one value they typically overlook is the value-added asset of secondary data functions. That is, the gathering and analysis of data outside the device or app's primary line of function.

Hitachi Data Systems releases HSP appliance with native Pentaho integration

Today, Hitachi Data Systems released a hyper scale-out platform (HSP) appliance with native integration with the Pentaho analytics and data integration platform. It's designed to merge information technology (IT), operational technology (OT), the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-generated data to relieve problems with data silos in these areas and reduce complexity.

New AI algorithm for monitoring complex machine systems listens for vibrations

Researchers at the University of Alabama Huntsville have developed a new artificial intelligence algorithm designed to improve the accuracy of health reads on complex mechanical systems through vibration analysis. Yes, this algorithm can tell the condition of equipment based on an analysis of its vibration while operating. The researchers say testing has revealed a 90% accuracy rate. 

Kentik launches SaaS BGP peering analytics

Kentik has expanded its flagship product for network operators called Kentik Detect to include Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering analytics. What this means is a deeper understanding of network traffic which enables better control of packet transit costs for network operators and content providers too.

Sickweather opens cognitive API for disease tracking to developers

Sickweather, a company that developed a real-time map of illness, opened its  cognitive API  to outside developers to use for disease surveillance. Those who are members of the Techstars community can use it free but even for those who have to pay the fee, the payoff could possibly be substantial.

IoT to the rescue: Demand for electricity to drop below 1% growth, too low to keep electric system going

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) projects less than 1 percent demand growth through 2040 for electricity in the U.S. Before anyone gets slap-happy about a conservation achievement here, consider that the growth is too low to cover maintaining the current electric system, much less make any upgrades. And this is one very old, decrepit electric system already. Raise electric rates? Yeah, well, that's hard to do given the success of energy alternatives. But no one wants to be without electricity, so what's to be done here? Enter IoT and its data to save the day and keep the lights on.

Dun & Bradstreet launches new credit and risk analytics platform

The company, best known for its commercial credit ratings and reports, leverages its global database of 250 million plus business records, which it says it updates five million times a day, to create more comprehensive credit assessments and a platform that finance professionals can use at will to mitigate risks in trade decision-making.

State of the IoT survey: IT runs the show, talent hard to find, initiatives stuck in the wings

TEKsystems, an IT staffing firm and subsidiary of Allegis Group, will officially publish its survey results tomorrow, but it gave FBD an early look. Among the more interesting findings: IoT initiatives still mostly reside within IT, with two-thirds expecting to handle IoT projects with internal staff; IoT information security experts are the most difficult skill set to find; and only 22 percent of IoT initiatives have made it as far as the implementation stage.