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Spotlight: How to identify fake big data products

How to identify fake big data products

Strata NY 2014 news roundup

Here are a few of the product announcements made at Strata to give you an overview of the direction products and partnerships are now trending, or at least leaning.

How to get the most from descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

Put all three types of analytics together and you get an entire picture of the situation and possible solutions. 

HR's big data challenges for 2015 aren't what you think

By now, you've heard all about big data being used by HR for hiring. In all likelihood, you wondered just how much value big data could be in hiring people. It might be useful in finding and identifying good candidates in highly specialized fields, maybe, but for general HR purposes?

Dentist data points to economic slowdown, says new Sikka report

Based on correlations between American dentist performance and U.S. economic performance between 2008 and 2014, Sikka Software is actually predicting an economic slowdown in the U.S. in the short term.

IoT, big data and the mother of all manufacturing revolutions

It's not that manufacturing hasn't changed over the years, for indeed it has. Improvements from just-in-time everything to robotics and Six Sigma have made processes better, faster, less wasteful and cheaper. Even so, manufacturing still looked like the same animal throughout those changes. But this animal is changing now and not only its stripes but its shape and nature too.

GE morphs from industrial company to analytics company

If there is one thing that anyone can count on big data to do, it is to disrupt everything. Big data can reveal probabilities and possibilities in eerie exactness. From these revelations, savvy CEOs can turn a company fluid, that is move it from its historical identity and boundaries into a shape-shifting, money making machine. And that appears to be precisely what GE CEO Jeff Immelt is up to.

Hackathons and app competitions can fail because of one omission

Hackathons are all the rage now, bringing together coders, designers and other data-savvy folks to find answers hidden in data, usually in one pizza-fueled weekend. When hackathons don't work, app competitions ensue. Sorry, guys and girls, but you can't hack your way to big data success. 

Rosslyn Analytics offers Detroit's mayor free spend analytics in press release

Rosslyn Analytics feels that private companies should step up to aid Detroit with its recovery effort. To that end, Rosslyn is offering its spend analytics to the mayor for free for two years.

Reality check: Where IoT, M2M, and telcos meet

Telcos find themselves at a crossroads, wondering whether to take the M2M highway or the scenic route to the Internet of Things station. Their destination is the future and it's a one way trip.