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Latest Headlines

Oracle's Business Intelligence 12c now generally available

Oracle announced last week the general availability of Oracle Business Intelligence 12c, essentially an integrated platform for self-service data discovery.

Software AG's Apama beefed up with predictive analytics, IoT standards

Monday, Software AG announced the 9.9 release of its Apama Streaming Analytics platform. The new release comes packed with predictive analytics and new support for Internet of Things industry standards added.

IBM launches Spark-as-a-Service, tackles unstructured data head-on

IBM launched Spark-as-a-Service Monday, unveiled a slew a new APIs and announced it has added cognitive computing capabilities to tackle unstructured data head-on. IBM is stepping up its big data game, and its game wasn't shabby to start with.

Machine learning demystified

Even researchers skilled in statistical modeling and other research techniques are sometimes a bit confused over how exactly a machine can learn and what that means to them and their work. More than a few IT professionals are confused over it too and struggle to understand products that offer it. To the uninitiated, the sea of algorithms and their many uses can appear unfathomable and indistinguishable.

CrowdFlower unveils new AI product

CrowdFlower unveiled its new AI product – a module for its platform for data science teams – at the Rich Data Summit last week. The capability is in private beta and referenced as simply AI for now. The company said it combines machine learning and human-labeled training data sets to create predictive models that can be applied against new data.

Booz Allen Hamilton, Splunk team on predictive security analytics

Booz Allen Hamilton and Splunk have teamed on cybersecurity, the firms announced last week. They are currently developing joint products that integrate Splunk's technology products with Booz Allen's technical and operational expertise. The companies said that the first of many joint offerings is "an incident response flyaway kit that will enable teams to rapidly conduct post-cyber-breach analyses to pinpoint weaknesses."

Spotlight: And the winner of the race between an NPR reporter and a machine to write a news story is…

Many jobs, from janitor to the C-suite, are being replaced by automation, or soon will be. An algorithm sits on a company board already! So, when a seasoned human NPR reporter raced a machine in...

Microsoft, DataStax team on IoT, Web and mobile apps in the cloud

DataStax, provider of Apache Cassandra enterprise, announced today at Cassandra Summit 2015 that it is collaborating with Microsoft on Internet of Things, Web and mobile apps in cloud environments. DataStax Enterprise – or DSE – is now available on Azure to aid in fast, scalable enterprise app development, deployment and monitoring.

The problem with mobile BI – and how to fix it

The few mobile BI apps released so far have been met with mixed success, and for good reason. As a result, many enterprises are steering clear of mobile BI apps for the moment, representing a huge lost opportunity for businesses. So what needs to happen to spur the creation and adoption of more robust mobile BI apps?

Brisk tool integrates third-party Salesforce apps to combine data for analysis

At the Dreamforce conference this week in San Francisco, Brisk launched a new tool which integrates all third-party Salesforce apps to extract and analyze all that data for sales teams. The tool then delivers predictive next steps to aid salespeople in reaching their sales goals via an auto-generated "to-do" list.