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Latest Headlines

Rosslyn Analytics offers Detroit's mayor free spend analytics in press release

Rosslyn Analytics feels that private companies should step up to aid Detroit with its recovery effort. To that end, Rosslyn is offering its spend analytics to the mayor for free for two years.

Reality check: Where IoT, M2M, and telcos meet

Telcos find themselves at a crossroads, wondering whether to take the M2M highway or the scenic route to the Internet of Things station. Their destination is the future and it's a one way trip. 

Lockheed Martin's defense of tradecraft and keeping humans in the big data loop

Big data analytics, for all their spectacular achievements, are still in their infancy and nowhere near sophisticated enough to replace human analysts on an appreciable scale. That's a fact that Lockheed Martin, a major defense contractor, keeps dead center in its sights despite their naming their marquee product "LM Wisdom."

Scientists lured by freedom to experiment beyond the hallowed venues

More than a few scientists in every discipline are running for corporate jobs in data science where they can experiment on millions of people almost at a whim.

Here's what you should know about APAC data center energy use

It behooves you to keep an eye on energy use and energy availability in areas where you may be affected.

Buying trends in business intelligence

A new report by research firm TechnologyAdvice finds that the top three industries currently researching business intelligence, or BI, options--technology, advertising/media, and automotive--make up just 26 percent of the market. A majority of potential buyers reported that they have an expected user base of anywhere from 50 to less than 10 for their BI software and a budget of less than $20,000. 

eBay and Redbox on their predictive analytics play

eBay and Redbox shared their uses and plans for predictive analytics at the Predictive Analytics World Conference in Chicago recently.

When big data tools go bad

There are plenty of examples of how big data tools deliver rotten results--not due to a fault in the tool, but rather a shortcoming in the strategy, algorithm and/or data sets behind its use.

Hospitals mining credit card data to predict and control patient behavior

Hospitals are beginning to assign risk scores that predict how your personal spending habits will affect your health--and their profits--by mining credit card purchases and loyalty program transactions. 

IBM, China team on big data energy conservation and renewable energy project

IBM Research just announced it launched a broad 10-year initiative to "support China in delivering on its ambitious energy and environmental goals." Dubbed "Green Horizon" one of its first partners is the Beijing Municipal Government.