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Latest Headlines

When big data tools go bad

There are plenty of examples of how big data tools deliver rotten results--not due to a fault in the tool, but rather a shortcoming in the strategy, algorithm and/or data sets behind its use.

Hospitals mining credit card data to predict and control patient behavior

Hospitals are beginning to assign risk scores that predict how your personal spending habits will affect your health--and their profits--by mining credit card purchases and loyalty program transactions. 

IBM, China team on big data energy conservation and renewable energy project

IBM Research just announced it launched a broad 10-year initiative to "support China in delivering on its ambitious energy and environmental goals." Dubbed "Green Horizon" one of its first partners is the Beijing Municipal Government.

Why some government agencies succeed at big data and others fail

There's more to big data than just high availability of technology and data scientists.

US banks are all set for an epic fail

The bottom line from a business perspective is that U.S. banks are impeding growth for many companies by over-culling the pool of potential buyers and users.

Big data used to engineer world's best bra

True&Co is using big data to offer customers the perfect fit while beefing up its revenue. 

Businesses couple intuition with data for better outcomes

Human intuition and big data analytics can--and should--work hand-in-hand to help guide decisions. 

Special Report: Using data visualizations to drive business decisions

When it comes to data, there is no one formula for the perfect visualization. Fortunately, there are techniques and tactics that enterprises in general and analysts in particular can deploy to provide clear, actionable, at-a-glance information to their key decision makers. This Special Report will show you what some of those techniques and tactics are but more importantly it will also reveal the mechanics behind them. 

Time to hit the big data reset button--even if it scares you silly

It may be messy and it may require your CEO to wear the brown pants for much of the trip, but reinvention is necessary if it is true competitive advantage that you seek. 

Vendor announcements roundup

Below is a synopsis of some recent vendor announcements. I present them this way so you can see what's new in a glance. Not every recent product announcement is here of course, but these caught my eye as differentiating, interesting in some way or indicative of general movement in that product category.