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Latest Headlines

KPMG: Widespread adoption of data analytics is yielding little results

According to a new global report from KPMG International, "97 percent of organizations around the world use data and analytics (D&A) across the enterprise but only 19 percent are satisfied with the insights their D&A tools provide." Companies are still struggling with getting reliable outputs and applying those strategically and to good effect.

Making content analytics work for you

We  reported recently that organizations are increasingly finding value in content analytics. Seventy-three percent of businesses polled by AIIM for a recent study said there's "real business insight to be gained" from assessing the business intelligence and analytics of digital content but figuring out how to free that data confounds many companies. Ben Rossi, group editor at Information Age, had some suggestions that may help.

'OLAP on Hadoop' Kyvos launches with a spin

Hadoop has been losing its shine for a while now, but Kyvos Insights hopes to help restore its sheen, at least a little. The company just launched Kyvos, billed as "OLAP for Hadoop." OLAP stands for online analytical processing. It's not by any means the only vendor offering OLAP on Hadoop, but it does have some notable features.

Platfora aims to make big data analytics a 'team sport' in the enterprise

Platfora announced mid-year updates in Platfora 4.5 including a dozen new features with collaborative functionality to enable several members of an organization to work in tandem with data scientists. 

US Patent Office data: Over 1 million pages per month automatically moved to searchable, minable content

Already, more than 1 million pages per month of patent documents are automatically moved to searchable, minable content, and there's more to come.

Deloitte, Recommind launch data analysis tool for OTC contracts

Like most industries, banks are turning to big data analytics to keep them in compliance, but they're quickly finding that analytics alone aren't enough. This industry quandary leads to the development of some unique partnerships such as the Deloitte/Recommind deal aimed at transforming the way Over-the-Counter (OTC) International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) agreements are managed.

Report: Organizations increasingly find value in content analytics

The concept of content analytics, viewing digital content through the dual lenses of business intelligence and business analytics, has been around awhile. Lately, however, it's becoming less of a "nice thing to delve into when you have the chance" and quickly becoming a business necessity.

Hot or not: Data edition

As Spark Summit West wraps up today in San Francisco, MemSQL's team of data engineers and developers leaves us with their final word on what's hot and what's not in working with data these days. 

LinkedIn's Pinot Analytics goes open source

Last fall, LinkedIn introduced Pinot and hopes to make it open source, which FierceBigData reported on at that time. Last week, the Pinot as open source became a reality. LinkedIn also open sourced Burrow, a "new method for monitoring Kafka consumers."

Pivotal acquires Quickstep, ups its game in query execution

The Quickstep tech, called BitWeaving, delivers a completely new query execution framework for Pivotal Greenplum Database and Pivotal HAWQ. In essence, it improves SQL query execution across the Pivotal suite.