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Latest Headlines

Google's using big data, machine-learning muscle to discover new meds

Google Research teamed with Stanford's Pande Lab and produced a paper on using large-scale machine learning for drug discovery. The results they found in testing the use of data from multiple diseases on multitask neural networks to find new cures and treatments is very encouraging. 

OpenLabel crowdsources consumer opinions, info on products

Big data can and will be used by consumers increasingly in their buying decisions, much to retailers' chagrin. The latest example of that is OpenLabel, an app that reads product barcodes and converts them into crowdsourced digital labels. 

CrowdFlower releases 'world's largest human-curated data repository'

The newly released repository democratizes access to "thousands of dollars (and growing) worth of rich datasets" that CrowdFlower says "have been fully cleaned, organized and deduped" by its very human community. The datasets are provided by CrowdFlower customers who share data through the Data for Everyone Library.

Graylog unveils lower cost Splunk alternative

Open source log analysis platform provider Graylog recently announced the release of v1.0 of its Open Source Graylog product as a "lower cost alternative" to Splunk.  Expect tool and platform prices, which are already generally low, to continue to drop over time.  

Qlik, JethroData partner on Interactive Data Discovery on Hadoop

Expect to see more companies partner up and sell fused products and platforms in an effort to overcome big data stumbling blocks for customers. But also expect a wider range of convergence activity as data, mobile, the Internet of Things, and other emerging trends move from standalone entities to seamlessly connected systems.

Business is now done differently, analytics may be to blame

One of the surprising benefits from using big data tools is in how it changes how business is done.  Indeed, as I reported in a FBD eBrief, big data even changes how business leaders think and operate.  But Arnab Gupta, Founder and Chairman of Opera Solutions, says that analytics are changing business even more this year. Here's how.

How to sell your big data products and services to US government agencies

To help vendors, app developers, and other interested parties sell big data products, services, and ideas to the government, I asked a panel of federal government agency leaders to share what government agencies are interested in buying and to reveal how best to sell to them.

Patricia Arquette addresses income disparity, Rhiza brings us the data behind it

After Patricia Arquette gave an acceptance speech at the Oscars addressing income disparity, Rhiza decided to focus its Rhiza Ratio project on income disparity between genders nationwide for those making less than $25,000 a year. Here's what their analysis revealed. 

Databricks, Intel partner in optimizing Apache Spark-Based Analytics for Intel Architecture

While the companies acknowledge in a press release that the Internet of Things helped spur the formation of this collaboration, it's important to note that it will also spur similar collaborations and partnerships as the industry hunkers down in preparation for the data onslaught. 

Cybercriminals target trading algorithms, patents, trade secrets, manufacturing yields

Cybercriminals are targeting far more than bank card information and identity data these days. Now they're after everything from corporate secrets to stealing trading algorithms. Indeed, innovation is arguably highest in cybercrime as they search and find more ways to monetize stolen data.