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Latest Headlines

Big data's customer conundrum

If you really want to leverage big data to increase your revenues significantly, you have to focus on customer-centric strategies and steer clear of the notion that you are in control of the customer.

Indiana state government uses big data to reduce infant mortality

The state of Indiana has been plagued with a higher than average infant mortality rate--7.7 infant deaths per 1000 births. Republican Governor Mike Pence sees hope in big data to find the causes and address them.

Spotlight: Most popular big data and analytics infographics and presentations of 2014--so far

A collection of this year's most popular infographics and presentations

Face recognition algorithms repurposed to find cancer in X-rays

Enlitic is working on using software very similar to the face recognition programs used by Facebook to detect patterns in medical data such as cancer in an X-ray, reports Elizabeth Dwoskin.

Back-to-school shoppers have little faith in brick-and-mortar retailers

1010data ran the analysis on back-to-school shopper attitudes towards retailers and the results are not good for the school supply peddlers. "If a retailer is out of stock of an item just twice, 40% of parents say they will avoid shopping at that retailer again," says the report. 

MIT's new data visualization tool identifies, removes aberrant results

By combining human ability with computerized capabilities, problems in the analysis can be found faster. MIT's tool allows the human to quickly identify aberrant results and even reconfigure the visualization without them. 

Intel uses big data and wearables to battle Parkinson's disease

Intel has partnered with the Michael J. Fox Foundation to tackle Parkinson's disease. Unlike other efforts, this one uses wearables to collect much of that data.

3 ways big data says you can cut your personal expenses

Just as social media tipped the balance of power away from companies and in favor of consumers, so too can big data. In this latest example of that, we discover that Starbucks isn't where we should be scaling back our purchases. The real savings to be had are in cable and wireless carrier plans. Big data says they're likely over-charging you. 

Spotlight: New book: Data Mining for Dummies

Meta Brown is back with a book all about data mining. 

The shift from wearables to pervasive sensor data

Wearables are sensors dedicated to interpreting you and the world from your perspective. Pervasive sensors, on the other hand, sit in places throughout the environment where they study and respond to you when you're in the vicinity.