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Latest Headlines

Teradata, Knowledgent Team on predictive analytics product for healthcare

Two analytics providers, Teradata and Knowledgent, have teamed to produce a product for healthcare providers and payers that combines predictive analytic models and behavior-based analytics. Specifically, the product is designed to reduce hospitalizations and improve preventive care for patients.

EY launches global analytics as a service platform

EY, formerly known as Ernst and Young, launched its global Analytics-as-a-Service (AaaS) platform called EY Synapse. The platform contains specialized analytics for several verticals. It's also designed to work across multiple locations and geographies. They've also included a new and much needed twist.

Dark data poised to change the future of work

Despite a years-long data mining frenzy, there's still data that's invisible to the all-seeing analytics eye. It's called dark data, and the term refers to any data that exists but has yet to surface. But never fear, data pros are digging that up and bringing it into analytics' sights now. One thing dark data is likely to change is the future of work. Yes, employers can soon see everything you are – and aren't – doing at work. And I mean everything.

Microsoft adds Power BI publish to Web capability

Microsoft added a new publish to the web capability for Power BI which is now available in preview. The new capability enables users to add interactive visualizations to their websites in much the same way YouTube videos are embedded.

When IoT sensors go mobile: Hotel delivery robots

While vendors struggle to find a data-driven reason to sell IoT anything and everything, one value they typically overlook is the value-added asset of secondary data functions. That is, the gathering and analysis of data outside the device or app's primary line of function.

Sentient Energy releases new version of grid analytics platform

Sentient Energy, a provider of advanced grid monitoring and analytics solutions for electric utilities, announced the release of a new version of its grid analytics platform. The Ample 3.0 Analytics platform analyzes high-resolution oscillography waveforms to identify and analyze electrical grid events.

New AI algorithm for monitoring complex machine systems listens for vibrations

Researchers at the University of Alabama Huntsville have developed a new artificial intelligence algorithm designed to improve the accuracy of health reads on complex mechanical systems through vibration analysis. Yes, this algorithm can tell the condition of equipment based on an analysis of its vibration while operating. The researchers say testing has revealed a 90% accuracy rate. 

Redfin opens up data to anyone, using Tableau visualizations

Redfin is opening up much of the data it collects to the public, via a new website where anyone can create visualizations with the data using Tableau.   

Beware of health insurers' data grabs, wearables and biometric goals

Like many self-employed freelancers, I spent last week hunting for a health insurance policy before the open enrollment period ended. Failure to buy a policy by January 31 would not only leave one with an extreme health risk, but could also result in penalties of $695 or more per person in the household when it comes time to file 2016 tax returns. A double whammy, as it were. But a funny thing happened on my way to secure a policy. But funny only in a peculiar and danger-laden sense. Here's what happened…

Kentik launches SaaS BGP peering analytics

Kentik has expanded its flagship product for network operators called Kentik Detect to include Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) peering analytics. What this means is a deeper understanding of network traffic which enables better control of packet transit costs for network operators and content providers too.