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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

MapR Distribution ships with Apache Drill 1.0, schema-free SQL engine

MapR announced the general availability of Apache Drill 1.0 in the MapR Distribution this week. The MapR and Apache Drill combo play is designed to provide self-service data exploration for IoT analytics.

Rosslyn Analytics launches Analytics-as-a-Service on Microsoft Azure

As-a-Service offerings cover the gamut of technical offerings so it's really no surprise that Analytics-as-a-Service would join the lineup. Rosslyn Analytics happens to be one of the first companies to offer it and they did so just this week. 

Spotlight: Drug dealer busted by a USPS algorithm

Look for algorithms to play an increasing role in detecting criminal activity on nearly every front and for all types of crimes. 

Qlik, Recommind team to visualize legal data, combine eDiscovery data with organization data

Legal strategists struggle with big data as much as anyone. And comprehensive legal data analytics are a relative rarity, making their job that much harder and still too vulnerable to instinct or gut calls. Qlik and Recommind seek to rectify that with an integrated product designed to combine eDiscovery data and organization data and visualize all or parts of it as needed to aid and speed legal decisions.

Switchfly ranks airlines by reward seats availability

"The meaningful improvements we are seeing in 2015 are promising signs that the voice of the airline customer is stronger than ever," said Switchfly CEO Daniel Farrar in the report.

Accenture launches democratized advanced analytics applications platform

Accenture launched an advanced analytics applications platform consisting of industry- and function-specific advanced analytics applications aimed at fully democratized use. This means that business users, C-Suite decision-makers and data scientists can use the applications with equal ease albeit at different skill levels.

Informatica continues its work toward making data accessible to non-technical users

Informatica is introducing a couple of new products at its conference this week, including the Informatica Intelligent Data Lake and Secure@Source version 2. The products continue the company's work toward making data analysis easier for more people in an organization. 

Spotlight: Cuba adopts analytics, big data for new US tourism

Cuba has adopted analytics and big data to improve its allure to tourists from everywhere.

Over 80 new algorithms for app devs released in new NAG Library

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG), provider of numerical and HPC services and solutions, unveiled its newest library which includes over 80 new mathematical and statistical algorithms. This brings the total number of available functions to over 1,800.

Metamarkets unveils native programmatic analytics tool

Metamarkets, a leading supplier of analytics for programmatic marketing, announced its analytics platform now has support for native advertising. The tool is designed to assist the company's customers with native advertising in programmatic marketplaces such as Avocarrot, Bidtellect, Millennial Media, MoPub, OpenX, Sharethrough and Vdopia.