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Latest Headlines

New Alpine Data product adds collaboration, governance to machine learning projects

Alpine Data announced Chorus 6, an upgrade of its integrated analytics platform which adds collaboration and governance capabilities to machine learning projects for both business users and data scientists. It's designed to reduce the friction between humans regarding big data projects and to focus the work beyond the never-ending quest for the perfect algorithm. 

Cray launches new product combining supercomputing with big data analytics

Cray, a supercomputing giant, launched its Cray Urika-GX system, a platform that combines supercomputing with an open, enterprise-ready software framework for big data analytics. Think of it as the speed and scale of supercomputers with the handiness of an appliance and the flexibility and reliability of open-source. The product is aimed at conquering cluster and application sprawl in large enterprises.

Confluent launches real-time Kafka Streams

Confluent launched Kafka Streams, a lightweight product for stream processing development. It's part of the now generally released open source Confluent Platform 3.0 which also features Confluent's first commercial product, the Confluent Control Center, for managing Kafka Clusters.

Competition seeks innovative applications using big data from space

If you have an entrepreneurial streak, big data skills, and a startup dream, here's your chance to make it all happen. Go ahead, look at the sky and the stars and dream a big dream. Just be sure to also get your entry in by the deadline! 

Advera Health Analytics launches MS drugs analyses, real world evidence

Advera Health Analytics added coverage of multiple sclerosis drugs in its Evidex drug data and analytics platform. The new coverage of MS drugs renders on-demand, pooled analyses of MS drugs' clinical outcome measures, predictive identification of serious unknown risks, direct downstream medical cost calculations, and drug safety scorecards.

New Logi Analytics, 1010data connector released

Logi Analytics and 1010data announced the release of a connector which enables Logi Analytics' self-service analytics to run on 1010data's ready-to-use massive data sets. 

Connectivity, protocols, data analysis are top technical challenges in IoT projects

PLAT.ONE, a provider of Enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform, announced the results of their European IoT Industry Survey taken at the M2M Forum in Milan. They found the top three issues plaguing IoT projects to be connectivity, protocols, and data analysis. Here's what else they found.

Data from GPS mapping apps and smart city IoT needs re-purposing

At the moment, the world is focused on collecting data on just about everything and presenting it in useful visualizations. That's a good start, but it's only that, a basic beginning, the first lurching steps in the eventual march beyond a data-driven existence to a fully empowered human experience. It's time now for the big data industry to remember that the machines and data are not an end in themselves, and repurpose their uses to better reflect and improve the human condition.

Compromised Identity Exchange opens; breached entities share compromised records for fraud detection

XOR Data Exchange launched a new platform called the Compromised Identity Exchange which enables breached entities to share compromised data and ongoing analysis on that data for increased fraud and identity theft detection across several entities. Credit bureau giant TransUnion is already onboard.

HHS launches health data API challenge to enable patients to share their own data

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC), an U.S. Department of Health & Human Services agency, has launched its Move Health Data Forward Challenge for developers and IT experts. The contest is to create an API to the implementation specifications developed by the HEART Workgroup to allow individuals to share their health data anywhere they choose, such as with clinicians, clinical researchers, hospitals, or family members.