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Latest Headlines

'Get away from me with that big data stuff' and other insights from EDW 2015

Between sessions, speeches and trolling the exhibit floor at conferences, I like to spend time talking to attendees--the users of big data tools--and see what they think of the conference and of big data in general. So here I am at EDW, polling attendees on their thoughts.

Saama, Tableau team on advanced analytics

At Gartner's BI and Analytics Summit in Vegas, Saama and Tableau announced they have teamed to deliver advanced analytics to the insurance, high-tech, consumer packaged goods, life sciences and healthcare sectors.

Spotlight: Big data allows computer engineers to find genetic clues in humans

Hold onto your britches and hat because we're speeding into a new era of big medical discoveries. 

Profits from legalized marijuana going up in smoke without big data

The legalization of cannabis in Colorado last year alone resulted in nearly 20 tons and $313 million of cannabis. Industry revenue is projected to hit $1 billion in 2016, but the lack of data on how, when and why customers are ordering is keeping it from reaching its fullest potential, says Invest in Cannabis CTO Boris Tsibelman.

SaffronStreamline helps PLM of embedded software in smart devices

SaffronStreamline sits atop existing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) systems and unifies multi-sourced data with enterprise data into a single layer of intelligence.

HP announces major upgrade to Voice of Customer analytics platform for contact centers

HP announced HP Explore 5.0, a major upgrade for its Voice of Customer analytics platform for contact centers. Highlights include an expanded analytics toolkit, improved speech analytics and integration with indirect content such as social media.  

Mtell, MapR launch big data, IoT platform for oil and gas industry

Mtell and MapR launched Mtell Reservoir for the oil and gas industry, which is designed to manage real-time and historical sensor data in one place. The result is a single repository for real-time and historical sensor data.

National Data Science Bowl winners develop algorithm to automate analysis of plankton populations

Plankton populations are key indicators of ocean health and the team's algorithm, developed in less than 90 days, successfully automates work in real-time that would take humans doing it manually over a century to complete. 

ARS acquires, analyzes entire LPR dataset owned by Oakland Police

Oakland has 33 LPRs spread throughout the city and the data set  Ars Technica  obtained contains more than 4.6 million reads of over 1.1 million unique plates between December 23, 2010 and May 31, 2014--the largest set publically obtained in the U.S.

New council in Illinois aims for a lead in the IoT race

Today the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) launched the ITA Internet of Things Council, a cross-disciplinary effort to drive the growth and use of Internet of things technologies in Chicago and the Midwest.