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Latest Headlines

2015: The year the cookie dies, online tracking moves on

J. Walter Thompson--or rather their JWT Intelligence arm that focuses on identifying shifts in the global zeitgeist--has released its annual trends report. Among their interesting predictions: next year we'll see the end of tracking cookies, bitcoin going mainstream, and smart fabrics leading the way in wearables "super-humanizing us." 

Retailers use facial recognition, head pose algorithms to merchandise products in store

In-store data mining and analyses are being refined everyday in increasingly sophisticated ways. One example:  Hyperlayer launched its Retail Acceleration Engine (RAE) this week. 

Group intelligence key to market advantage

Many organizations are focused on measuring productivity and efficiency and view the hiring and retaining of intelligent employees with specific skill sets to be essential for both. However, group intelligence may be of more importance than individual intelligence to achieving market advantage.

Post-marketing data analysis of pharmaceuticals discovers side effects not previously known

Big data is delivering many breakthroughs in medicine at a breathtaking pace. One of the latest examples is in post-marketing data analysis of prescription drugs. 

Uber knows a lot more than you want it to

What if more people than "journalists Uber loves to hate" are on Uber's watch list for potential blackmail-worthy dirt? People such as politicians, business executives, law enforcement officers, and judges? Even if Uber restrains itself, spies and potential blackmailers could possibly tap into Uber's data to blackmail people or worse. 

Pratt and Whitney uses predictive analytics to expand business model

Pratt & Whitney is using predictive analytics to expand its business model, specifically through new and enhanced services initiated through its many-sensored products. The move to predictive analytics "is really a paradigm shift in the way the business has to operate," CIO Larry Volz says in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

BSA survey: data analytics catalysts for innovation, growth for two-thirds of US, European companies

According to a survey commissioned by the BSA Software Alliance and conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, data analytics are having or expected to have a significant impact on company innovation and growth in both the U.S. and Europe. The survey also found that analytics are creating jobs and being used to fill job openings.

Spotlight: Understand your online audience with big data

You'll find an interesting and informative post in Marketing Profs on using big data to understand online audiences. 

Sentiment analysis is harming brands, says Networked Insights

Networked Insights, a social intelligence analytics firm, released a report saying sentiment analysis leads to incorrect conclusions, which when acted upon are actually harming rather than helping brands. The report urges the use of emotions instead.

How to correct common big data marketing fails

When it comes to the math, there just doesn't seem to be any call for the messy, touchy, feely side of humans in the equation. This is a mistake. Why? Because no matter how well you analyze the hard facts, the chaotic, nonsensical, and sometimes totally illogical decisions your customers will make will totally trash your outcomes somewhere along the way.