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Latest Headlines

New big data management platform aims to stop energy theft

Delta just announced its new Intelligent Distribution Analytics Platform designed to warn electric, gas, and water utilities of critical issues in real-time.

'Realtors are in the business of big data whether they know it yet or not' says nation's top real estate broker

Real estate brokers are no longer solely focused on what data buyers want to have, but on data that can place a broker directly in front of a seller at exactly the right moment too.

Big data in market correction predictions, investment models

Vasant Dhar, professor at NYU Stern School of Business, is recommending that investors seriously consider big data based sentiment as an input in investment decision making.

Moving from big data to smart data

Data hoarders are no longer trendy, but rather seen as in need of a good data warehouse cleaning. So now the new trend is to move to "smart data"--which is to say relevant data.

Formula 1 amps up terabytes used in the race

You may recall a post from last year on how big data was being used by Formula One race teams wherein it was reported that "approximately 240 sensors generate 25 megabytes of data per lap with which engine and chassis performance is analyzed." But, oh my, the speed with which that data is growing rivals the Formula One cars themselves. 

Retailer websites outpace Amazon, eBay on Black Friday, Cyber Monday

Stitch Labs has done the analysis on more than 300,000 orders from the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to the Tuesday after Cyber Monday in 2013 and found a few shockers in the results. 

Google Flu Trends gets a data makeover

There was much ado last year when Google Flu Trends overshot the mark. Google is making changes in Flu Trends for this season, including incorporating the CDC's traditional data, for a more comprehensive analysis. 

Data-driven innovation worth JPY7 trillion to Japan's economy

According to a new report (reg. req.) by Analysys Mason and sponsored by Google, "Data-Driven Innovation (DDI) is already worth over JPY7 trillion to Japan's economy, a value that could grow to more than JPY15.1 trillion by 2020." So, if you're still wondering whether big data investment is worth it or not, there's your answer.

Data scientists use Twitter, CrowdFlower to understand love

Some data scientists wanted to study the stages of romantic relationships from first date to break-up on Twitter. They took a serious and calculated look at 661 conversations and asked CrowdFlower to help them parse the data.

Spotlight: Forum on the Internet of Postal Things tomorrow

Participants will explore definitions of the Internet of Postal Things and discuss issues regarding data sharing and privacy implications.