Zettaset the latest to raise millions for its big data play

Differentiation is going to be key to the many new companies flocking to big data.

Specializing in big data management and security, Mountain View, Calif.-based Zettaset announced this week $10 million in Series B funding in a round led by HighBar Partners. It is getting hard to keep track of the money flowing into big data startups, but not impossible.

Zettaset offers a software-only solution for cluster management that can be deployed across a variety of operating systems, Hadoop distributions and file systems, in order to integrate big data solutions into existing environments. The Zettaset Orchestrator is a distribution-agnostic management platform that uses software to automate, secure, and accelerate Hadoop deployments. Its main differentiation is its ability to create a workable hybrid environment of Hadoop and non-Hadoop technologies.

Differentiation is going to be key to the many new companies flocking to big data. Some companies are offering direct big data solutions, others are offering solutions that either support big data through storage and other technologies or leverage big data to offer real-time marketing, analytics or other business intelligence solutions.

For instance, just today, OnApp, a software provider that powers enterprise cloud, CDN and storage services, raised $20 million in Series B funding led by LDC; 360incentives.com, an Ontario–based provider of on-demand incentives solutions, raised $7.65 million and Symform, a Seattle-based provider of a cloud storage network, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Second Century Ventures.

To get a sense of the investment flowing into independent companies serving this market, check out the 58 companies listed on Wikibon, along with the amount each has raised and who their investors are. And even this is not an exhaustive list. The list is of private, pure-play big data companies delivering products and services in one of the following markets: Hadoop, NoSQL, Next Generation (MPP) Data Warehousing, predictive analytics and/or advanced data visualization. It doesn't include peripheral companies such as those listed above (except for Ayasdi, which is not peripheral).

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