Wind River, IBM team to cook up new IoT "edge-to-cloud" recipes


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Wind River and IBM announced today that they've teamed up to cook up new IoT "edge-to-cloud" recipes to help developers connect industrial devices running Wind River software to the IBM Watson IoT Cloud Platform. This will allow them to access IBM Bluemix cloud services and IBM IoT Real-Time Insights analytics for IoT device data. The recipes are mix and match and can be used in a variety of combinations so users can build an edge-to-cloud IoT environment and more quickly develop and implement IoT devices.

Specifically, IBM Watson integration recipes are available for Wind River operating systems VxWorks, Wind River Rocket, and Wind River Pulsar Linux and for Wind River Helix Cloud, its family of software as a service products.

While manufacturers have, as an industry, been slow to accelerate IoT usage despite a heavy dependence on automation, it is widely believed that is about to change. Hence the vendors jockeying for early position in the space. They've even cooked up a new acronym for this: Industrial IoT or IIoT.

"As we have seen, the industrial sector is primed to tap into the vast potential of IoT," said Michael Krutz, chief product officer at Wind River in the announcement.

It's inconceivable that manufacturers will hold out on deploying IoT en masse for much longer. As outlined in an earlier FBD post, IoT and big data is the mother of all manufacturing revolutions and orphaned, older processes will quickly die off. With IoT comes vast opportunities for more smart automation that will quickly define a far more aggressively competitive marketplace. That's why Germany has initiated its Industry 4.0 government initiative to spur its industrial sector, and why other countries are following suit.

Integrating tools and forming strategic collaborations as Wind River and IBM have here is the smart way to ensure developers and business leaders have the means to rapidly progress in IIoT.

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- see the IBM recipes webpage

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