Where would Bubble Witch be without Hadoop?


Sweden's King.com is a social gaming site--one of the biggest in the world they claim--with more than 60 million registered users. It's partnership with Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) has driven its requirements for data management to the point that it needed to redraw its data architecture, or the world might never find closure with the Bubble Witch Saga.

The Bubble Witch Saga is one of its 150 games, all of which depend on revenue from in-game products such as boosters and extra lives, as well as from advertising, according to Computer Weekly.

Mats-Olov Eriksson, director of data warehousing at the company, told the publication that the increased data volumes that came with games on Facebook were too much for his MySQL database to handle, and required a big data solution. He and his team decided to build their own Hadoop data warehouse.

Last year, the team implemented Cloudera's distribution of Hadoop and said it provides insights on game usage patterns and preferences, along with gaming behaviors, such as when consumers advance or get stuck in certain game stages.

They also used it to evaluate the difficulty of various levels of the game based on failed attempts to reach or complete them. The King.com team also uses QlikView for reporting and Apache Hive to query the data, as well as statistics software from SAS and IBM (NYSE: IBM)

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