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While everyone in the tech end of big data has their favorite language, and their own guess as to which language is the prevailing language in the community, few actual studies have been conducted to see how they actually line up in terms of popularity. Thus, KDNuggets' poll is most welcomed--even if the results are limited to its own readers. At least it is a study that sheds some much needed light on who's on first

A post in Data Science Central by Vincent Granville recaps and analyzes the KDNuggets poll quite nicely, and I recommend you give it a read after looking at the KDNuggets poll chart.

My personal observations concur with the poll findings: R is the most popular language and if you would like to explore R a little further, take a look at my previous post "Big data sets you can use with Open Source R."

Meanwhile, here is a summary of the poll highlights as written by Granville in his post:

"The most popular languages continue to be R (used by 61 percent of KDnuggets readers), Python (39 percent), and SQL (37 percent). SAS is stable at around 20 percent. The highest growth was for Pig/Hive/Hadoop-based languages, R, and SQL, while Perl, C/C++, and Unix tools declined. We also find a small affinity between R and Python users."

Not much in that surprises me other than I would have thought SQL would have been second rather than third, based only on my own observations but also given "the highest growth was for Pig/Hive/Hadoop-based languages, R, and SQL" findings in the poll.

So what are you using or seeing in the field? Are you surprised Perl is down by 50 percent, Ruby down by 41 percent and Java down by 22 percent? Are you also seeing R as the clear favorite? Share your thoughts on languages, and your preferences and why below please.

For more information:
- see the Data Science Central post
- see the KDNuggets poll

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