Survey shows how IT decision makers use Hadoop


Syncsort, a big data software provider, released its second annual Hadoop Market Adoption Survey. Among several interesting findings is that more than half of the respondents, 59 percent, say they see Hadoop as an innovation engine while 40 percent use it as a storage and processing alternative. Here's what else the survey revealed.

Granted, the survey was small, with only 267 IT decision-makers polled. Even so, the results are insightful and fairly closely match my own observations in the field.

As to those respondents that see Hadoop as a means to innovate, they typically use data from social media and the IoT, according to the survey report, and heavily use predictive analytics and visualization.

Sixty-three percent say they are seeing benefits from using Hadoop, chief among them being increased business/IT agility.

Of the compute frameworks offered – Tez, Spark, MapReduce and other – 70 percent said they are most interested in Spark. Here's a chart from the survey report showing the breakdown of interest in each of those frameworks.

Source: Syncsort

Respondents indicated the top challenges to using Hadoop to be skill and staff shortages, connectivity and integration issues, and hidden costs. No surprises there, eh?

While most of these findings are in line with what I am observing and what FBD readers are sharing with me, it is interesting to see validation that Hadoop is increasingly becoming central to innovation. That is the highest ROI potential for big data use, in my opinion.

What do you think of these survey results? Do they match what you're seeing and experiencing?

Are you using big data to innovate? If not, you're already behind the curve. Time to break out the predictive and competitor analytics and get to work!

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