Sure there’s a talent shortage, but what are the talents?


In the U.K., people aren't coming to their new big data jobs with certifications and qualifications. Three quarters of them are learning on the job, according to Techworld.

It says the reports of job opportunity don't answer the questions about what is required to fill them or where people can go to get the training. The publication cited a survey of 131 members of the "Big Data London" group, which said there is a knowledge gap between big data workers and the decision makers commissioning big data projects. Nearly 25 percent of respondents don't believe business leaders are even leveraging big data and two-thirds think they have unrealistic expectations for big data.

But it isn't as if the rest of the world is replete with skilled data scientists.

So what skills are companies looking for? Some of it is specific, such as familiarity with Hadoop databases, but other skills are personal, such as curiosity and creativity.

InformationWeek reported this week that some organizations still do not fully understand the required skill sets of a data scientist.

However, here are some of the skills needed: a thorough understanding about the framework of a big data platform like DFS and MapReduce; proficiency in several programming languages supported by a big data platform like Java, Python, C++, or ECL; an understanding of NoSQL databases like HBase, CouchDB, MongDB; and expertise in math, statistics, machine learning and data mining fields.

It also helps, the article said, to be good at Natural Language Processing (NLP) software and to be skillful with visualization tools.

Beyond those specific technical skills, companies may be looking for people with an innate sense of curiosity and appreciation for innovation, as well as those with business skills or those who have a knack for storytelling, as they may have to weave narratives about how technology can improve situations in the real world.

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