State of the IoT survey: IT runs the show, talent hard to find, initiatives stuck in the wings


TEKsystems, an IT staffing firm and subsidiary of Allegis Group, will officially publish its survey results tomorrow, but it gave FBD an early look. Among the more interesting findings: IoT initiatives still mostly reside within IT, with two-thirds expecting to handle IoT projects with internal staff; IoT information security experts are the most difficult skill set to find; and only 22 percent of IoT initiatives have made it as far as the implementation stage.

Lots of excitement around IoT, but little traction, in other words. So, IT has its work cut out for it to get IoT projects off the ground.

The company said it polled more than 200 IT and business leaders last November "On project ownership, implementation status, risks, required skill sets and organizational preparedness."

A whopping 55 percent of respondents said they fully expect IoT initiatives to have a transformational or significant impact on their organizations, but just 22 percent of IoT initiatives have actually made it to the implementation stage. What's the hold up? Information security and ROI are cited as the biggest hurdles to overcome, and information security experts were in too short supply.

Not that IT feels secure with other necessary talent either. While two-thirds said they plan to handle IoT in-house, most questioned their preparedness to do so.

There's quite a few other things worrying them too, not the least of which is the data exposure and the liabilities IoT projects will likely bring. And they're right to be alarmed. Take a look at today's Editor's Corner for some hair-raising enlightenment on IoT security flaws and the whole new criminal activity growing around it.

But here's the breakdown of worries according to this survey:

Source: TEKsystems

The survey found IT in charge at the moment, according to 64 percent of the respondents. For 32 percent, business development is taking the IoT lead, while 29 percent said operations is running the IoT show.

How is your company managing, or preparing to manage IoT devices and their data? Got any tips to share? Please do so in the comment section below.

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