Spotlight: 120 years of stats offer real-time predictions for MLB


Pitchers and catchers have reported, spring is in the air and it's time for baseball, which means it's time for statistics … and big data. Big data company Automated Insights is launching a demo app this week at the On Deck Sports and Tech conference based on its 'artificial intelligence platform' for real-time data. It's called "Real-time Insights for MLB," or Major League Baseball. The demo presents games from the 2012 season in an interactive format that allows you to keep track as it generates automatic natural language 'insights' that mirror the kinds of facts you might hear an announcer give you during a game. The app will be used for live, real-time feeds of insights during every MLB game this year. It will use play-by-play data and a database of stats going back 120 years to generate the real-time predictions and facts that you see attached to each game.