Revolution R Enterprise 7 brings enhanced R Analytics to Alteryx, Cloudera, Hortonworks, Teradata


Open source R is the language most preferred by data scientists today. Revolution R is the only commercial provider of open source R software. The new release, Revolution R Enterprise 7, cozies up to data scientists a little closer.

"For the first time data scientists can work directly in Hadoop or Teradata databases," David Smith--vice president of marketing at Revolution R and a data scientist himself--told me. "It saves a lot of time leaving the data where it lives and not having to move it at all."

Smith claims there are more substantial time savings in this release as well. "It's 20 to 50 times faster and scales to big data too," he said.   

Indeed, David Rich, CEO of Revolution Analytics, went so far as to call its seemingly endless scalability "future proof."

Company officials say in a statement to the press that with this release, R-powered analytics "can now be invoked inside the Hadoop distributions of both Cloudera's CDH3/CDH4 and Hortonworks Data Platform 1.2. By eliminating the need to move data out of the Hadoop environment and into the conventional storage that R-based analysis would otherwise require, RRE 7 will allow predictive analytics functionality implemented in R to execute more immediately and quickly."

"This provides more options as it pushes data analytics beyond simple summaries, queries, ETL and data visualization to produce game-changing insights from data managed within a Hadoop environment," said Smith.

But data scientists are not the only professionals Revolution R is courting with this release.

"Revolution Analytics and Alteryx have collaborated to open up the world of predictive analytics to data analysts through a combination of the Alteryx workflow environment with simple drag-and-drop R-based predictive tools and Revolution Analytics' scalable R platform," said George Mathew, president and COO at Alteryx. "Revolution R Enterprise 7 delivers on that combination and provides the scalability that modern analysts using Big Data require, broadening the use of predictive analytics and delivering real business value."

Enterprise 7 is available for limited release as of today's announcement. "It will be generally available on most platforms in December," Smith told me. "The Alteryx integration will be available early next year."

Smith says the desktop based price is $4500 and the server based price is calculated by the core. It will be available free of charge to the entire academic community.

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