ProximiTel demos more than 7 million data points on customer behaviors, iBeacon tie-in, and other features at CES



ProximiTel, a backend system for hotels and retail businesses that launched last June, is showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) this week. The big data platform provides over 7 million data points of consumers' demographics, hobbies, interests, and non-personally identifiable information, and allows clients to use iBeacon tech and mobile-pushed personalized ads. Its focus is on instant awareness, understanding of and responding to hotel and retail patrons and passersby.

"One of our most cutting edge tools is the consumer sentiment dashboard called ProximiTel Pulse," said Sochule Inc CEO and developer Marc Lewis in the initial announcement.

"Our algorithm factors hundreds of proprietary data points to determine a guest's experience, whether positive or negative. This allows the hotel to be proactive and get in front of problems before they turn into a negative experience or bad review online. It's a way to streamline operations and eliminate bottlenecks while creating memorable guest experiences."

No word yet whether the system also incorporates facility data so it can warn hotel operators of Bedbug Armageddon and other facility nightmare scenarios sure to turn off guests and sour bookings after the inevitable social media tsunami.

If the ultimate goal is to improve and cash in on the definitive customer experience, then inputs must include more – much more—than consumer behavior and transaction data. Data on everything the consumer is exposed to, from the physical conditions to weather, time-lapse-to-service metrics, smells, light levels, parking, walking conditions, etc must be incorporated into the final analysis. Only then will we really know what to do to turn customer experience into gold.

Even so, ProximiTel's approach is a pretty good start. Qualifying hotels can choose from several freemium or a variety of subscription plans. 

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