Oracle adds big data to utility play with DataRaker buy


Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) announced today that it is acquiring DataRaker, which provides a cloud-based analytics platform that allows utilities to leverage large amounts of data.

DataRaker focuses on electric, gas and water utilities, and analyzes data for these companies to help improve their customer satisfaction, as well as their operational efficiency. The move will help Oracle's utilities arm beef up it's big data analysis.

As utilities advance their data collection capabilities, they are requiring technologies to analyze and understand the insights provided by this data.

"DataRaker can transform meter, customer and network data into insights that can impact a utility's organizational performance," the announcement said. The combined companies hope to provide utilities with a complete solution to harness big data. 

Rick Brakken, CEO and co-founder of DataRaker, said Oracle's proposed acquisition of DataRaker represents a "strong endorsement of its platform."

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