OneOcean: Big data makes a splash


Although we refer to them as five distinct oceans, there is really only one ocean. Well, now there's two. OneOcean is a startup that attracted $6 million in funding this week to make its Ocean Data Exchange a commercial reality.

Geekwire reports that OneOcean, a startup whose board includes MySpace founder Aber Whitcomb, raised the money from private investors who think the cloud-based Ocean Data Exchange will be an essential tool for scientists to bring together in an easily searchable format the massive, multi-format data stores already being stored in different places around the world.  

OneOcean, which is based in Seattle, Wash., is led by CEO Don Pickering. Pickering has also founded, and Cosmix. GLE Capital led the round of funding.

"Ocean files, surveys and data are extremely large files … and the industry standard has been to FedEx hard drives around to move data," Pickering said in Geekwire. "We've assembled a team of cloud, geospatial and GIS experts to solve a problem and build a platform where we can easily catalog and aid in the transferability of these files."

Pickering added that the Ocean Data Exchange technology has multiple applications and can be used by oil and gas companies, renewable energy companies, the military and university scientists more easily transport data.

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