On the money trail: Data scientist skills in hottest demand this year


By this point, you've heard it all. Data scientists are sexy and in hot demand! Data scientists are no longer needed! Yada, yada. Truth is, "data scientist" may just be the only secure job out there, given the fast onset of AI and automation slated to replace most human jobs soon. Yes, I know there are algorithms to monitor and improve algorithms now (see top story on that in this issue) but even so, data scientists trump machines on creativity and innovation. So, take that you pesky AI! OK then. What data science skills are hot now? Where's your path to the gold?

According to CrowdFlower, a data enrichment platform for data scientists, "the top five skills in-demand for data scientists are SLQ, Hadoop, Python, Java, and R. SLQ and Hadoop were cited in almost half of all job listings. And, Python appeared more frequently than R, indicating a growth in demand."

How did they come to that conclusion? By analyzing roughly 3,500 active LinkedIn data science related job postings.

CrowdFlower even made this handy dandy visualization on their findings for me to share with you.

This job was run by scraping LinkedIn for a variety of data science/analyst jobs. Our contributors visited each job listing and noted which jobs were present on each page. The graph shows the percentage of jobs that contained a particular skill, ranging from SQL to Strata, in terms of prominence. Any skills not listed in the graph were not asked about. Click to enlarge. | Source: CrowdFlower

There you have it! The definitive list of skills that brings top employment dollars this year. Now go forth and prosper!

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