MLB's got nothing on the NBA when it comes to big data


SAP's big data HANA platform is driving a new interactive statistics and analysis offering announced this week by the National Basketball Association.

Last week, big data company Automated Insights launched a demo app based on its artificial intelligence platform for real-time data. It's called "Real-time Insights for MLB."

Baseball stats may have a longer history and be more of a sentimental part of sport, but basketball has its triple-double and its rebound records, and a Wilt Chamberlain to match Babe Ruth. So not to be outdone, the new application provides interactive access to unlimited amounts of official NBA statistics and analysis, including the league's entire official statistics history, previously only available to league and NBA team personnel.

In addition to every box score dating back to 1946, users can mash up statistics to determine the best lineup combinations over the last six seasons and compare players based on clutch performance, take aways, blocked shots and more.

Politics may have its Nate Silver, but the NBA has deputy commissioner Adam Silver, who said that by working together with SAP, the league was able to bring big data to the NBA, allowing fans, broadcasters and the media to run unlimited statistical breakdowns of NBA players and teams, past or present. 

Steve Peck, senior vice president of Global Strategic Initiatives at SAP, said goes beyond the numbers by offering a dynamic, comprehensive and statistical experience. "As a proven business platform, SAP HANA will help the NBA provide an experience that allows millions of fans to find insights in the numbers that had previously only been available to NBA teams and selected members of the media," he said.

Along with SAP HANA, the NBA will utilize SAP BusinessObjects business intelligence (BI) solutions for advanced analysis with SAP BusinessObjects Explorer and SAP Landscape Transformation software to power official NBA statistics on the site.

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