Mirantis, HortonWorks, RedHat collaborate on Project Savanna


Project Savanna was originally developed as an OpenStack project by Mirantis, a provider of OpenStack cloud and open source application infrastructure, to provide an integration point for third-party Hadoop provisioning and management frameworks. This week, Mirantis, HortonWorks and RedHat announced their collaborative effort to deliver Apache Hadoop on OpenStack.

Hortonworks--a contributor to Apache Hadoop and Red Hat--which provides open source software solutions for supporting things like cloud and virtualization technologies--said an announcement about the project that they will contribute to Project Savanna by providing open source application interfaces that will make for simpler transitions when moving Hadoop workloads between public and private clouds.

OpenStack helps build and oversee various cloud infrastructures, among other things, and Project Savanna lets OpenStack users manage Hadoop clusters and process large data sets across numerous computer systems.

Bob Page, vice president of products at Hortonworks, the deployment on OpenStack is a "logical fit."

"By committing efforts to simplify the deployment and management of Hadoop on OpenStack through linkage with Ambari, we believe we can meaningfully accelerate the time to production for organizations building out new Hadoop projects," he said. Ambari is an incubation project at the Apache Software Foundation.

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