LucidWorks successfully betas search app development platform


Disaster planning, deep web intelligence and search and discovery are a few of the applications built by companies using the LucidWorks enterprise-grade search development platform, which the company will make generally available next month.

Virginia Tech's Department of Computer Science was among the companies that put the platform's integration, scalability, usability and application interfaces to the test. The department has an initiative called Computing for Disasters, which it hopes can revolutionize the nation's preparedness and resilience in the face of future disasters, by adopting a computational perspective to fundamental scientific, engineering, and social barriers to disaster management and related research.

Professor Edward Fox said that to collect, manage, and analyze a diverse range of data sources takes a comprehensive big data architecture that offers a powerful search engine at its core. "We made the decision to take advantage of the LucidWorks Big Data platform because it offers key capabilities in a tightly integrated solution," he said.

Bright Planet is a company doing deep web intelligence, which harvests public information that lies beneath the surface of the web. LucidWorks' Big Data platform gave it the ability to gather large amounts of information from a variety of different sources and offer it to its patented deep harvesting search technology. "We believe that the combined capability will offer valued solutions to organizations across both private and public sectors," said Steve Pederson, chairman and CEO of BrightPlanet Corporation.

The platform also was used at OpenSource Connections, which has built its infrastructure around Solr in order to enhance enterprise search capabilities. It gave OpenSource the ability to use any of the LucidWorks Search connectors to ingest data into a cluster, perform analytics on it, and use those results to improve search and data discovery. "I've spent months building that sort of thing from scratch, and in LucidWorks Big Data I can do it in about five service calls," said Scott Stults, founder and solutions architect at OpenSource Connections.

The aim of LucidWorks is to integrate search capabilities into the foundational layer of big data implementations. It is built on a foundation of key Apache open source projects.

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