Job offers find job-hunting attendees at CeBIT via Apple's Beacon


Deutsche Messe tested Apple's new Beacon technology in conjunction with Berlin-based startup Sensorberg at CeBIT this week. Visitors who installed the CeBIT app on their smartphone and activated their Bluetooth connection received targeted job offerings on their phone as part of the Tec2You special display and the "job and career" offerings at the event. The technology used in this field test ran on both iOS and Android devices. Beacon uses Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is in nearly every smartphone that has hit the market since 2012. While job-seekers received customized job offerings at CeBIT, the technology has far broader uses.

"We see great potential in the use of this technology, particularly in an exhibition environment," commented Marius Felzmann, Senior Vice President for CeBIT at Deutsche Messe in a statement to the press.

But uses exceed even that real-world application.

"Retailers, brand manufacturers, agencies or other users can employ Beacon technology to send any kind of information--for example, news, special offers, product descriptions and recommendations--to any smartphone in the vicinity of a beacon," explains the companies' joint press statement.

While this technology focuses on communicating with customized messages to individuals in the near vicinity, big data will be used in this and similar technologies to quickly identify who is in the vicinity and what their specific interests likely are. It's just one more example of how important data's role is in business today. Not the least of which to job-seekers.

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