IBM contributes Quarks to open source community - streaming analytics at the edge for IoT


IBM is contributing Quarks, streaming analytics for massive amounts of IoT data streaming from sensors, smart meters, mobile, telematics, and other connected devices, to the open-source community.

"Quarks can be deployed directly on our boats to perform analytics locally. The result is faster insights, which will ultimately help us win the race," said Nigel Hook, co-founder and CEO of SilverHook Powerboats, in a statement to the press.  

"Another benefit is we remove dependence on communications networks, which can be unreliable on the water. Quarks offers analytics at the edge so we can pursue a common streaming analytic model across our boats and our central streaming application."

Certainly racing boats are a good example of the extraordinary stressors on IoT devices and analytics functionalities. Saltwater, pounding vibrations, and weather elements can all negatively impact on-board sensors. Detrimental and harsh environments are a norm for IoT sensors as are connectivity problems. Having analytics at the edge means real-time information and analysis is readily available no matter how remote the sensors are and therefore users get immediate benefit. In the case of the boat racers, the information can lead to safety decisions that can be life or death choices.

The open source code is already on Github and IBM has submitted a proposal to Apache Software Foundation for incubation as well.

At least in theory, Quarks brings continuous streaming analytics to any device. It will be interesting to watch and see how far the open-source community takes it.

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- see the press release

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