HStreaming closes funding round with Atlas Venture


HStreaming announced the close of a round of funding today led by Atlas Venture that will help it to continue bringing its real-time analytics solution to the big data market.

HStreaming uses the term "in-time" analytics rather than real-time to reflect the idea that by analyzing both streaming and batch data, it delivers actionable data when a customer needs it. The Hadoop-based technology enables smart collection, analysis and visualization of massive data continuously as it gets generated.  

The funding round comes after HStreaming's launch in June of real-time video content analysis for big data. This software allows customers to process, analyze, visualize, correlate, and react to thousands of concurrent video streams. HStreaming's platform leverages Hadoop MapReduce for full paralleling of video processing and HStreaming's proprietary engine for real-time delivery.

Also in June, the company announced a partnership with Lexalytics, a provider of text and sentiment analysis software, to deliver a low-latency text analytics solution for big data. HStreaming also is part of the Cloudera Connect Partner Program and partners with the company to analyze structured and unstructured data in real-time on Cloudera's Distribution Including Apache Hadoop (CDH4). 

Christopher Lynch, partner at Atlas Venture and former CEO of Vertica Systems, a big data company now part of HP (NYSE: HPQ), said the HStreaming software platform represents a new category of fully-integrated analytics that will redefine how we interact with big data by turning in-time analytics and in-time translation of analytics into monetizeable action.

"We are committed to giving unprecedented visibility and the tools necessary to take action on data as it comes in fast and furious," said Jana Uhlig, co-founder and CEO of HStreaming. She added that deriving real-time intelligence from big data is a key component in capturing its value.

The company says it is no longer possible to first store and then look for insights later, just as no one can learn about a network outage, forest fire or customer attrition an hour later. It claims to analyze big data in real time, as it is "still in flight," and make it actionable.

HStreaming's platform integrates all equipment with the data center into a single fabric that automatically chooses the optimal location for processing, whether on the edge or in a data center.  

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