How big data is changing the world, how it isn't


People eager to consume information about big data seem to be clamoring for real-world examples of it in action, and warnings about governmental or other abuses of big data.

This week in Entrepreneur magazine, Taylor Hatmaker writes about the "5 ways 'Big Data' is Changing the World." He explains how big data can be used as a deadly weapon, or to save the earth. Big data can also, according to Hatmaker's article, watch you shop or kick scientific research into overdrive. It also can instigate a big privacy brouhaha.

On the government side, Brand Niemann's article, "Big Data Reaches The Hill: A Guide To Making It More Actionable,"  discusses how big data has also received a good deal of attention on Capitol Hill in recent weeks.

Niemann suggests things Congress should do to help big data, such as allowing access to confidential data--like Census data--allow sharing between statistical agencies, have a chief data officer that promotes a federal data science community of data scientists and statisticians, and more.

He cites places big data has fallen short of expectations, such as Hadoop projects costing 50 times more than expected. Also, he cites how the Department of Homeland Security is failing fast with a big data in the cloud project and realizing greater value from big data.

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