Guess which major sport dominates the big data and mobile game


If you guessed football, either college or NFL, nope, that isn't it--although football fans will be glad to know there are lots of big data plays for them to score with too (see this week's spotlight on Fantasy Football for an example). The real winner in the big data and mobile game is Major League Baseball.

A GeekWire post sums up MLB's winning play like this: 

"The MLB focused on providing live game-action and instant replays to devices more than a decade ago, and the league also invested in mobile eight years ago. Both decisions are paying off big gets 12 million visits per day, and the MLB At Bat app is the top-grossing app on iOS," writes Taylor Soper in that article.

There's an excellent video in that post, too, that explains how MLB became the sports king in big data. The ultimate lesson to other industries is that being first matters if your intent is to win.

"We bet on video in 2002 before most folks were even looking at video, and then we bet on mobile in 2005 three years before the iPhone," said MLB Advanced Media CEO Bill Bowman in the video on the GeekWire post.

But MLB isn't resting on its laurels.

"Speaking of big data at the ballpark, there's an interesting app built in Seattle called IdealSeat that uses crowd-sourced data to help baseball fans increase their chances of catching a foul ball," writes Soper.

So if you're trying to figure out how best to use big data, keep your eye on the ball--on baseball, to be precise!

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