GoCatch uses big data analytics to predict taxi arrival times

While this removes some uncertainty for customers, taxi companies are not sold on idea

A lot of big data activity is taking place Down Under, and from Australia comes another use case. A company has launched an application called GoCatch, which uses big data solutions supported by SAP HANA to accurately predict available taxicab arrivals.

SAP HANA's in-memory computing technology will track and correlate customer locations, the number of nearby taxis and the current demand for taxis to determine when a taxi will be available and arrive at the customer's location.

While this removes some of the guesswork and uncertainty for customers, taxi companies are not sold on the idea, as it creates a conflict between them and GoCatch. The taxi industry there went so far as to place an ad advising customers not to use the app. So it must be good.

Computerworld Australia reported on the app and the tension it is causing in the industry, especially since the NSW Taxi Council and Crime Stoppers launched their ad last year. The Council believes the app is not safe because there are no controls built into the system.

Andrew Campbell, CEO of GoCatch, said his company's application is safer than the traditional way of booking taxis because it provides the driver's name and mobile number when a ride is booked. He said decades of legislation haven't made the industry better, but that technology can.

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