GE begins big data recruitment push in UK


The job market in the United Kingdom is beginning to improve for software engineers and data scientists as General Electric looks to recruit hundreds from that market as part of a global push to add approximately 8,000 software engineering jobs, according to an article in this week.

The news was part of a story which reported on GE's three-year, $1.5 billion strategy to build out projects for what it calls the "Industrial Internet."

Without getting specific, William Ruh, software research vice president at GE, said U.K.-area jobs are expected to be in the hundreds. The company is specifically looking for data scientists and people who understand advanced technology, as well as those who can build advanced applications, cloud-based applications, Internet-based systems, and people who really get big data.

In addition to recruiting workers, GE also is looking to acquire UK-based start-up companies or to invest in them. Ruh has had discussions with U.K. oil and gas companies, as well as with government entities.

GE has already used big data analytics for pattern analysis and to predict maintenance needs on things it manufacturers such as jet engines, turbines and medical scanners, according to ComputerWeekly in Europe. The company expects to minimize downtime caused by parts failures.  

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