Euro biodiversity project taps big data


15 European countries along with Brazil, Israel, the Philippines and more than 30 associated partners, have started a research project called EU BON, or "Building the European Biodiversity Observation Network." The project started earlier this month.

First outlined this spring in Rome at the sixth GEO European Projects' Workshop, the project now has almost $12 million in funding to help it advance biodiversity knowledge by building a European gateway for biodiversity information.

This gateway will integrate a wide range of biodiversity data from on-ground observations to remote sensing datasets, and will make it accessible for scientists, policy makers, and the public, noted.

The official kick-off meeting for EU BON will be in mid-February in Berlin, according to

Dr. Christoph Hauser from the Museum fur Naturkunde in Berlin, whose presentation from the workshop can be seen here, said on that global problems arising from rapidly changing environmental conditions and biodiversity loss require internationally coordinated solutions.

"Current biodiversity observation systems and environmental data are unbalanced in coverage and not integrated, which limits data analyses and implementation of environmental policies. A solution seems impossible without real integration of biodiversity data across different spatial, temporal, and societal scales," Hauser said.

EU BON will be built on the GEO principles of open data sharing.

For more:
- see Christoph Hauser's presentation

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