EDB Postgres launches on Google Cloud Launcher


EnterpriseDB, commonly known simply as EDB, an enterprise Postgres database company, announced its release of EDB Postgres Enterprise in Google Cloud Launcher, an online marketplace created and operated by Google Cloud Platform.

Google Cloud Launcher is designed for developers and is aimed at removing operational deployment and configuration tasks from the development process. EDB Postgres Enterprise on Google Cloud Launcher enables developers to use Postgres with just a few clicks and at enterprise performance and security levels.

It also enables database portability so DBAs can move data between the cloud and on-premises deployments.

"The addition of EDB Postgres Enterprise to Google Cloud Launcher expands the options available to cloud computing customers who want to use Postgres for their applications, but require enterprise-class features and capabilities," said Lenley Hensarling, senior vice president, strategy and product management, EDB, in the announcement.

"Combining the EDB Postgres solution with Google's innovative infrastructure and advanced technology ensures that end users have a state-of-the-art data platform in the cloud for building, testing and deploying their applications."

If you've noticed a trend in vendor focus on reducing work to the users' core competencies and automating the rest, you're right. While there's much hand-wringing over AI and automation taking away all the jobs, for now, at least, automation is focused primarily on letting talent use their talent. Repetitive and time-consuming duties are increasingly stripped out of the way.

If you've also noticed a rise in integration, collaborations and partnerships between vendors, you're also right on the money.

Expect complete flexibility and versatility in product mixes for users soon. Yes, the day is coming when you'll be able to mix and match products as easily as a toddler does with clothes. We're not there yet, and many vendors feel faint at the mere thought of it, but that is nonetheless where we're all headed. Enterprises are fast losing interest in anything that remotely smells like vendor lock-in. These days when organizations have to turn on a dime to remain competitive, the will to accept being forced to stay with one vendor is dissipating fast.

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