A decade working with big data


Phftt. People still talk about big data as if it is something new that just popped up out of nowhere. That's hardly the case even though the industry is just now beginning to mature. Tendü Yogurtcu, vice president of engineering at Syncsort, says she's been doing big data for ten years now. She also says she likes open source (don't we all?!) and rates imagination over knowledge. Now let's see, where have you heard that before? Yes, right here at FierceBigData! TechWeek Europe interviewed Yogurtcu and her revelations make for a very interesting read. Here is her story about IT Life in big data…

As already mentioned, Yogurtcu's words come from a post in TechWeek Europe; you might want to read that entire post. I'll share a couple of her comments here meanwhile to give you a taste.

"Ten years ago I worked on development of a lean data integration product with high performance native connectors to pretty much all relational databases," she said in that post. "The next ten years will be an era of unprecedented connectivity, with more sensor data and increased usage of digital health devices. I expect a completely different data management paradigm to be in place for storing, processing and analysing Big Data as a result of disruptive new technologies that are being introduced now. Hadoop is part of the current data management revolution that is shaping the modern data architecture."

And in all that time, what is her favorite big data project so far?

"My favorite project has been our recent delivery of Hadoop products and our participation as a contributor to the Apache Hadoop project," she said. "This was challenging not only from a technology perspective but also from an overall cultural transition. Syncsort has been a proprietary software vendor with a culture of protecting intellectual property. Developing a relationship with the open source ecosystem and contributing to an open source project was a great experience for the entire team--it was very exciting and rewarding. We are continuing with our open source contributions--you'll be hearing more about that soon."

So, what has been your favorite project so far? And what kinds of projects would you love to work on? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below.

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