DARPA takes on big data as 'national security threat,' solicits proposals


While average Americans have been eyeing the NSA's use of big data as a national security threat of sorts, the folks over at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) have been viewing the threat from the opposite angle: big data in the hands of America's enemies.

What if--ask the DARPA people--what if China or Iran or the Taliban got hold of all this free flowing data and used it against us?

They lay awake at night worrying about that and frankly, I'm glad someone is, as I don't think this a possible scenario but a probable one. And I said as much in my earlier post "What the NSA got right."

Anyway, DARPA is hiring researchers to "investigate the national security threat posed by public data available either for purchase or through open sources." You'll find a good writeup about what they're up to in an article in Silicon Angle.

If you want to submit a research proposal to help them study this threatening side of big data, read the official solicitation for details on how to do that. They will begin to accept proposals on August 26 but be advised that if you want to discuss the topics with the contacts at DARPA you only have until August 25 to do so. Once they start accepting proposals, chatting them up is a no-no. But you can submit written questions after that if you wish.

So have you got what it takes to win a battle in a big data-fueled cyberwar--or maybe you have a sharp strategic mind that can pinpoint a big data built vulnerability before it is attacked? Step up then and let them see what you've got!

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