Cloudera realizes 2-year effort on real-time queries for Hadoop


Strata Conference/Hadoop World. Cloudera used the stage at O'Reilly's Strata Conference and Hadoop World event to introduce a new real-time query engine for Hadoop. The company says it will help the world ask bigger questions.

Calling it a major evolution to the company's Platform for Big Data, Cloudera Enterprise will allow batch and real-time operations to be performed on any type of data, unstructured and structured, within one massively scalable system.

Organizations will be able to process data at the petabyte scale and simultaneously interact with that data in real time to deliver what CEO Mike Olson called "speed-of-thought" insights.

Tony Baer, principal analyst for Ovum, said enterprises will accept no less than on-the-spot analytics with Hadoop and that with the real-time query capability powered by the Impala engine, Cloudera is striving to give them that.

Cloudera Impala goes beyond batch processing and provides an Apache-licensed, real-time query engine for data stored in Hadoop Distributed File System and HBase. Cloudera Enterprise RTQ, or Real-time query, provides the management and support capabilities needed to effectively operate Cloudera Impala in production environments. Cloudera partners, including Capgemini Financial Services, Karmasphere, MicroStrategy, Pentaho, Qlikview, and Tableau, have already validated their solutions with Cloudera Enterprise RTQ powered by Impala.

Jojy Mathew, vice president at Capgemini Financial Services, said the company is currently integrating the product with a wide array of proven big data use cases it has developed for such critical domains as product, customer, risk management and finance.

MicroStrategy Executive Vice President Sanju Bansal, said his company has optimized its queries to take advantage of the analytical and performance benefits associated with Cloudera Impala.  

The advancements in this new engine include query times typically delivered 10 times faster than Hive/MapReduce, cost savings up to 90 percent on the incremental infrastructure costs required to process, explore and analyze big data, and real-time interaction with business data by collapsing return times for queries from minutes in Hive/MapReduce to seconds powered by Apache-licensed Cloudera Impala.

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