Boomers driving data just in time


Yes, another baby boomer story. The most analyzed and self-absorbed demographic in the history of demographics got another special designation recently as the real generation driving the data-driven world.

VentureBeat cited a study from this fall that showed that 81 percent of boomers own desktop computers, 61 percent use laptops, and another 30 percent have smartphones. It also noted that 20 percent use tablets to conduct online transactions.

Boomers also are a growing force in social media, growing in use by 81 percent, the study found.

Trip Hunter, vice president of corporate marketing for Fusion-io, said in the guest post that this is fortuitous for boomers, as health care agencies and marketing groups can start to better serve them.

"As the demographic ages, our healthcare system must find innovative ways to scale services with boomers' needs. Throughout the country, integrated patient care systems are emerging that allow doctors and nurses to speed the collection of patient data and make it available to everyone instantaneously."

He cited another survey of 600 baby boomers, which said that only five percent of them would download an app recommended by a family member, but that 60 percent would do so if recommended by a doctor.

Trust and the fear of death are good for business, and good for big data.

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