Blending 3 approaches to big data analytics


There are three major techniques in data analytics: ad-hoc, batch and real-time. While much ado is made by vendors on the advantages of one over the other, the real advantages to be had are most likely found in a blended approach that uses two or more.

Nestor E. Arellano writes a post in ITWorld Canada on Infochimps CEO Jim Kaskade's thoughts on taking the blended approach. However, companies using big data can always design their own blended approach using multiple vendors rather than just one.

In any case, just like a hybrid approach to the cloud benefits many companies, so too can a blended approach to analytics offer more than its individual parts.

Remember always that your strategy and not the tools should dictate your way forward with analytics. Assemble the tools in whatever configuration best serves you.

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- see the ITWorld Canada post

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