The big list of global government data portals


Gregory Piatetsky, known on Twitter as @KDnuggets and editor and co-founder of KDD & SIGKDD, community forums for "the advancement and adoption of the science of knowledge discovery and data mining," tweeted this week a link to KDnuggets' recently updated directory of global government data portals.  

It is a comprehensive list that will without doubt be of great use to big data practitioners, journalists, pundits and those in academia alike. You can search the list by portal type or country, or get the whole shebang for most of the globe. Portal listings are given at federal, state, city, local and agency levels.

Combined, these portals deliver a massive amount of information about our world. Indeed, you might just want to click through various entries to get an understanding of how much data is publicly available today.

It's mind-boggling, informative and a bit overwhelming.   

I'll just give you a moment to digest that and play around with the directory.

But then I would like to hear your thoughts on this and on big data in general. Please share them in the comment section below. Or send me a thought-provoking email at

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