Big data over-hype can't slow it down, Ovum says


Many critics of both the terminology and the technology of big data won't like to hear this, but their negativity campaign has not slowed the big data train, according to Ovum. Market perception remains strong.

The buzzword tag was everywhere in 2012, far beyond the IT industry.

But people obviously dug deeper, as specific technologies and vendors ranked high on DataSift's list of Internet and social media mentions. DataSift ranked terms associated with big data in the Twitterverse and found that, unsurprisingly, Hadoop was mentioned most, but more surprising, 10gen, a developer of MongoDB solutions, came in second to Apache Hadoop. DataSift conducted the Twitter survey for Ovum.

Tony Baer, principal analyst at Ovum, said he was surprised that the sentiment expressed about big data vendors still remained so positive in 2012, given the build-up and hype. It likely helped that the phenomenon known as big data and its vendors became, as Baer put it, a business story rather than just a technology story last year.

However, not all of the stories were positive. The report showed that big data's stature took a hit following news of HP's highly publicized over-payment for troubled Autonomy. Prior to that, positive mentions outnumbered negative ones by a 3 to 1 margin.

IBM (NYSE: IBM) and Teradata also received a lot of mentions, as well as Splunk. Splunk is likely to get even more popular, as it is  currently surrounded by acquisition rumors.

Baer admitted that Twitter streams do not provide scientific data, but do provide a valuable market perspective, letting some companies know they have to work on their visibility.

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