Big data makes PwC's top technology trends list


There is something interesting in this year's top ten technology trends for business report by PricewaterhouseCoopers. It lists emerging and disruptive technologies that are reshaping strategies, business models and investment, and among them, at number three, is big data mining and analysis.

By itself, this is not surprising or particularly interesting--although welcome--but among the top ten, most are being driven by big data, helping to drive big data, or are otherwise related to big data.

PwC's "2013 Top 10 Technology Trends for Business" report highlights the technologies that the firm feels need to be incorporated into business strategies and executed as soon as possible.

Chris Curran, principal and chief technologist for PwC's Advisory practice in the United States, said each technology can be a key driver unto itself, but that much collaboration will be required to maximize their potential.

PwC's top 10 trends for 2013 are:

  1. Pervasive Computing  
  2. Cyber Security  
  3. Big Data Mining & Analysis  
  4. Private Cloud  
  5. Enterprise Social Networking  
  6. Digital Delivery of Products & Services  
  7. Public Cloud Infrastructure  
  8. Data Visualization  
  9. Simulation & Scenario Modeling  
  10. Gamification

Data visualization, in particular is an important aspect of big data. Creative visualization tools will be required to clearly communicate the results of complex data analysis.

And, as discussed in our article today, cyber security will become increasingly important in relation to big data.

Public cloud infrastructure will also take on a more intimate relationship with big data as more data sets from across public and private cloud infrastructure are opened to third-party analytics.

For more:
- see PwC's report

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