Australian advertising association task force examines global big data effect

ADMA wants to demystify big data

With an eye on global regulatory trends, the Association for Data-driven Marketing and Advertising, or ADMA, in Sydney, Australia, has established a council to examine big data's business potential and to promote best practices for the advertising industry.

Its mission--as the association begins talks later this month--is to review developing global regulatory trends that could impact big data and keep consumers informed. It wants to demystify big data.

Member companies of the ADMA include Quantium, Acxiom, Telstra, SAS, Datalicious, Accenture and Ngage. They will track developments around the "Do Not Track" initiative. as well as other online privacy legislation being considered in the U.S.

Additionally, they will examine cookie laws in the European Union and their effect on data collection.

For more:
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