Associations embrace big data


To help businesses improve and compete, the associations they belong to are designed to help them stay ahead of new technology and help their members leverage the benefits.

Such is the case with big data, said Brian Solis, business consultant and author of "The End of Business As Usual: Rewire the Way You Work to Succeed in the Consumer Revolution" in his keynote address to ASAE's 2012 Technology Conference & Expo this week.

According to Associations Now, Solis said that the age of connected consumers has industries swimming in a sea of big data and that associations, not just businesses themselves, have to take note.

Solis said businesses now have the ability to know consumers better than they know themselves, because everything that connected consumers do, they do online. "With every tweet, share, review, photo, comment, and so on and so on, consumers are creating 'digital breadcrumbs' of data about their interests and behaviors ... organizations that tap into it to inform both who they connect with and how they connect with them will reap the rewards."

He said analyzing engagement data is where associations will make their forays into big data in the next few years, with online platforms that drive member engagement .

While the TM Forum, a telecom association, was in Orlando this week talking about the technology frameworks for big data, another association across town, the National Center for Database Marketing, was talking about big data governance for its association.

The NCDM said that as marketing data sets continue to grow while remaining fragmented across many organizations, data governance has become one of industry's most serious challenges.

JoAnne Dunne, CEO of data segmentation company Alliant Data, said it is essential that organizations unify their data in order to govern it. She added that companies must make the data structure holistic and suggested they create a data governance task force that includes privacy and compliance officers, as well as legal counsel, IT, marketing, sales and human resources.

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