Are a dozen database companies in one city too many?

12 more up-and-comers from Boston

Much of the money flowing to big data startups seems to flow West to Silicon Valley, but the East Coast has its share of innovators. The following 12 database startups from Boston represent $150 million worth of investment in their niche alone, said Kyle Alspach, in his profile in The Boston Business Journal today.

Only one of these 12 companies was on the list of 58 companies identified in our article today, another indicator that the list from Wikibon is, as they acknowledge, incomplete and a work in progress.

Some of these Boston companies may not be considered big data pure-play companies, but as Alspach said, they are all database companies. However, they are all planning "to begin an aggressive sales push into the [big data] market." And they are attracting good money to do it with.

In the article, John Partridge, CEO of Tokutek, said that while it may seem that a dozen database companies in Boston alone is an oversupply, that isn't necessarily the case."The number of big-data problems and the huge diversity of big-data problems creates an opportunity for all of us," he said.

Here are the 12 companies. You can get more details on the companies, their funding and their founders here:

  • Akiban Technologies--developed a way to physically store information called table grouping
  • Basho Technologies--created a cloud-based NoSQL database called Riak
  • Cloudant--enables distributed data across the cloud
  • EnterpriseDB--developed the low-cost relational database called PostgreSQL
  • Hadapt--looks to create a hybrid architecture for merging Apache Hadoop and relational databases
  • NuoDB--created a NoSQL database built to scale for the Internet of things
  • Paradigm4--developed a scalable array database for complex analytics
  • ParElastic--created a database virtual engine that scales on demand
  • Scalebase-- made a middleware for scaling existing databases
  • Sqrrl--developed an enterprise version of Apache Accumulo for control of sensitive data
  • Tokutek--created TokuDB, a storage engine for MySQL and MariaDB
  • VoltDB--performs analytics on high-velocity data

For more:
- see The Boston Business Journal article

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