LinkedIn makes Kafka Monitor open source

LinkedIn has made Kafka Monitor, a framework for monitoring and testing Kafka deployments, open source, and it's now available on Github. It continuously monitors SLAs in production clusters and runs regression tests in test clusters.

Spotlight: Chinese province aims for big data lead

Big wheels at the head of some of the biggest tech companies converged in one of China's poorest provinces for talks about building a big data industry there. "Guizhou wants to attract...

New Alpine Data product adds collaboration, governance to machine learning projects

Alpine Data announced Chorus 6, an upgrade of its integrated analytics platform which adds collaboration and governance capabilities to machine learning projects for both business users and data scientists. It's designed to reduce the friction between humans regarding big data projects and to focus the work beyond the never-ending quest for the perfect algorithm. 

Cray launches new product combining supercomputing with big data analytics

Cray, a supercomputing giant, launched its Cray Urika-GX system, a platform that combines supercomputing with an open, enterprise-ready software framework for big data analytics. Think of it as the speed and scale of supercomputers with the handiness of an appliance and the flexibility and reliability of open-source. The product is aimed at conquering cluster and application sprawl in large enterprises.

Confluent launches real-time Kafka Streams

Confluent launched Kafka Streams, a lightweight product for stream processing development. It's part of the now generally released open source Confluent Platform 3.0 which also features Confluent's first commercial product, the Confluent Control Center, for managing Kafka Clusters.

KPMG report: enterprises slow to use analytics to stop fraud

KPMG, an audit, tax and advisory firm, released a report profiling fraudsters and measuring the success in using data and analytics in detecting fraud. While proactive analytics are often a good way to detect fraud, KPMG found they were not the primary detection means in any North American frauds, and used to detect only 3 percent of fraudsters worldwide.

Competition seeks innovative applications using big data from space

If you have an entrepreneurial streak, big data skills, and a startup dream, here's your chance to make it all happen. Go ahead, look at the sky and the stars and dream a big dream. Just be sure to also get your entry in by the deadline! 

World's largest digital camera to generate huge scientific datasets on billions of galaxies

The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), the largest digital camera in the world once completed in 2020, is slated to make the world's first motion picture of our universe. While some are fascinated and eager to see that "movie," it's the data that it will produce that will intrigue and occupy scientists for decades.

Dun & Bradstreet: 73% of self-described data-driven companies aren't

Dun & Bradstreet released a new report on how big data is actually being used within enterprises and the results show, well, that companies are essentially delusional. Seventy-three percent of those surveyed consider themselves "analytically driven," but fewer than half of them have more than 10 employees working with analytics.

Advera Health Analytics launches MS drugs analyses, real world evidence

Advera Health Analytics added coverage of multiple sclerosis drugs in its Evidex drug data and analytics platform. The new coverage of MS drugs renders on-demand, pooled analyses of MS drugs' clinical outcome measures, predictive identification of serious unknown risks, direct downstream medical cost calculations, and drug safety scorecards.

Spotlight: AI used for Bible interpretation

Source: Pixabay Researchers are using image analysis and AI to determine when the first books of the Old Testament were written. Already the research is pointing to some interesting insights...

Patients file HIPAA complaint against genetics firm for withholding data

New perils in health data reporting crop up regularly, but a recent HIPAA compliant against Myriad Genetics for withholding variant data from patients is an unexpected development. The company did not include in its data report to patients any data deemed to be benign or clinically insignificant – but, as it turns out, the patients wanted that data too. Heads up: this could signify a major change in companies' claims of data ownership.

New Logi Analytics, 1010data connector released

Logi Analytics and 1010data announced the release of a connector which enables Logi Analytics' self-service analytics to run on 1010data's ready-to-use massive data sets. 

Spotlight: Big data's "Streetlight Effect"

Source: Pixabay There are many potential pitfalls in big data, but the streetlight effect is one of the most overlooked, which is strange given its prevalence. For a good look at what the...

Magnitude acquires Datalytics

Magnitude Software, a provider of enterprise information management software, acquired Datalytics Technologies LLC, a data warehouse product provider for managing enterprise resource planning data in hybrid systems.

Survey: 90% of telco service providers believe Hadoop is best platform to combat fraud

A recently released survey by Cloudera and Argyle Data found that 90% of telcos believe Hadoop is the most effective platform to combat revenue fraud scams, losses from which are now estimated at U.S. $38bn.

IBM Research makes storage memory breakthrough

IBM scientists successfully demonstrated storing 3 bits of data per cell on a comparatively new memory technology called phase-change memory (PCM).  This breakthrough is hailed as vital for fast and easy storage of extreme data sizes from mobile and the Internet of Things due to its read/write speed, endurance, density, and non-volatility.

Data monetization is focus of new conference

It seems like only yesterday that 'data monetization' was the buzzword at every big data conference. In those days, just three or so years ago, the term was largely applied to selling raw data. But data monetization has evolved to largely mean using it to improve efficiencies and innovate new revenue streams. Enter a new conference focused on exactly that.

MapR unveils Quick Start Migration Service

Tuesday at SAPPHIRE NOW, MapR unveiled its new Quick Start Migration Service to assist users migrating to MapR from other Hadoop distributions. It also assists users of the new appliance recently announced by Cisco for SAP HANA since that includes the MapR Converged Data Platform.

Spotlight: Big talk, little collaboration in big data

"There's been much talk lately about big data's potential value in treating cancer, but little effort has been made to make big data bigger — and more effective — by sharing...