National Data Science Bowl winners develop algorithm to automate analysis of plankton populations

Plankton populations are key indicators of ocean health and the team's algorithm, developed in less than 90 days, successfully automates work in real-time that would take humans doing it manually over a century to complete. 

ARS acquires, analyzes entire LPR dataset owned by Oakland Police

Oakland has 33 LPRs spread throughout the city and the data set Ars Technica obtained contains more than 4.6 million reads of over 1.1 million unique plates between December 23, 2010 and May 31, 2014--the largest set publically obtained in the U.S.

New council in Illinois aims for a lead in the IoT race

Today the Illinois Technology Association (ITA) launched the ITA Internet of Things Council, a cross-disciplinary effort to drive the growth and use of Internet of things technologies in Chicago and the Midwest. 

Stitch Labs launches predictive analytics for SMB sales forecasting, inventory controls

The Stitch Labs' in-house data science team has added a sales forecasting feature to its inventory management product to aid SMB retailers in making better inventory purchasing and storage decisions. 

IT decision makers think the cloud is risky, but many still use it for sensitive data

Despite raging security concerns--rightly or wrongly--with keeping sensitive data in the cloud, the 2015 Vormetric Insider Threat Report (ITR) finds 60 percent of U.S. IT decision makers store it there anyway. 46 percent say that behavior is a top risk for data breaches. 

Spotlight: Small advanced research businesses offered funding in SBA initiative

If you're a small business doing anything in the way of big data or other advanced R&D work, you may find funding through the Small Business Innovation Research Road Tour.

4 hot big data jobs

Yes, data scientists are still very much sought after and that will be true for several years. But this post is about four other types of big data jobs that are now also hot.

New big data alliance seeks to reinvent healthcare

Pittsburgh is going all out on disruptive healthcare.

73% of startups moving to big data, 35% falling behind

While all businesses face challenges, startups have to be especially vigilant to keep costs in line and innovations speeding along. And, venture capitalists like to see startups running lean and mean, and on top of the market. That should mean that big data analytics are a given for startups of all types, not just the tech darlings. But that unfortunately isn't the case for 35 percent of startups, according to Bluenose.

Spotlight: PoSeidon--a deep dive into POS malware

This is an excellent post on PoSeidon, the latest in Point of Sale, POS, malware threats.

Editor's Corner: Zappix launches self-service app authoring tool

App analytics help developers promote their apps but a new self-service authoring tool makes it possible for non-developers to make mobile apps to compete with developers' apps. 

March Madness meets data science

The moral of the story: while data analysis almost always trumps gut calls, chaos theory will still show up to laugh at the notion of data-driven fate.


AWS announces new public Landsat data set

AWS made data from over 85,000 Landsat 8 scenes publicly available last week. Landsat is globally considered the "gold standard of natural resource satellite imagery." In short, it is the climate change deniers' worst nightmare because the data is what it is and completely impervious to political whim and industries' wishful thinking. 

Spotlight: Big data doesn't matter if it isn't accurate

As we've discussed here before, if the data is wrong, so is the analysis. Here lies a cautionary tale everyone should take note of. 

Data Justice taking on big data as a broader economic issue

A new report (pdf) by Data Justice, a consumer group, is taking on big data as an economic justice issue, saying corporate use of big data is a driver of economic inequality. The report outlines steps the country can take to put individuals and corporations on equal footing with big data.

MemSQL adds geospatial analysis to in-memory, distributed databases

MemSQL unveiled its new geospatial capabilities at Spark Summit East this week. It uses geospatial data as a primary data type, treating it the same as any other class of data and thereby increasing analysis speed and its scalability.

Top 8 influencing technologies in innovation management

A new Frost & Sullivan report says that emerging IT technologies are essential to the fast development of frugal innovative models necessary to remaining competitive in the current market. 

New analysis finds less than 25% of brands use Instagram, despite its high consumer engagement

Analysis of Yesmail Market Intelligence's data finds that just 23 percent of brands actively use Instagram as part of their social media marketing despite its high growth and high consumer engagement levels. This could be a sign that marketers are still struggling with visual data and need better tools to facilitate this type of analysis.

Databricks, Tresata launch predictive, real-time Anti Money Laundering (AML) tool

Aimed at reducing the need for manual investigation due to high false positive rates and improving Anti Money Laundering (AML) detections and conviction rates, Databricks and Tresata launched a predictive, real-time AML tool for large financial institutions this week. 

Sumo Logic unveils outlier detection, predictive analytics to augment machine learning

Sumo Logic, a machine data analytics service, unveiled outlier detection and predictive analytics capabilities to augment its machine learning and anomaly detection engine. Both are available to Sumo Logic Enterprise Edition users at no cost.