Yahoo's Ceph implementation for Flickr, mail apps--Object storage at Exabyte scale

Yahoo uses the community version of Ceph software for its Flickr and Mail applications on its Cloud Object Store (COS). For a deep dive on that implementation, see the Yahoo! Engineering blog post. But for the purposes of this post, it is the increasing interest in, and use of, software-defined storage (SDS) that is of importance.

Survey reveals company data privacy policies are largely ignored

A new survey conducted by Dimensional Research and sponsored by Druva found that almost 84 percent of respondents reported that their employees do not follow data privacy policies. And while 84 percent also plan to up their game in data privacy protection and 87 percent said they are concerned about data privacy in the cloud, a whopping 90 percent said that their volume of data stored in the cloud will increase this year anyway

SQream launches screaming fast big data analytics database for genome researchers

Yesterday at the Bio-IT World Conference in Boston, Israel-based SQream announced the launch of its GenomeStack which the company says "enables the first-ever querying of a large number of samples simultaneously." 

Spotlight: Keep your eye on these data center companies

There's a major shakeup coming to data center products and everyone is busy trying to figure out which companies and products will fold and which will fly. 

You can now see your entire Google search history--look if you dare

Google has now made it possible for you--and only you--to see your entire search history. Google will even let you download the entire archive but it cautions you to protect that data because, yeah, there's a lot of sensitive data about you in that file. 

CenturyLink acquires Orchestrate, adds cloud-based NoSQL solution, experienced data services team

CenturyLink recently announced its acquisition of Orchestrate which adds new Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) capabilities to CenturyLink Cloud and an experienced data services team to CenturyLink's Product Development and Technology arm. 

Teradata expands QueryGrid, frees data in disparate analytics systems

Today Teradata announced a significant expansion to QueryGrid with the addition of six new integration features to "orchestrate the processing of data across an analytical ecosystem." 

Spotlight: Big data to get 'creepy' in the 2016 elections

Big data's use in the 2016 election will be "a bit scary and more than a little creepy," says David Gewirtz in his post in ZDNet

DHL, Cisco trend report looks at Internet of Things in logistics

The report estimates that the number of devices connected to the Internet will be up from 15 billion today to 50 billion by 2020 and that the new connections will generate around $8 trillion. What we're facing now is extreme data with little useful filtering. Harnessing the IoT will require much more than just connecting everything and bracing for the deluge.

Talend adds new Apache Spark scenario to its big data sandbox

Talend released an update to its Big Data Sandbox, a  pre-configured virtual environment that provides step-by-step guides, ready-to-run scenarios and a single-node Hadoop distribution based on Cloudera, Hortonworks or MapR. The update includes a new real-time Apache Spark scenario. 

Zappix Visual IVR adds multi-channel big data analytics suite

This move underscores two prevailing trends: the increasing importance of omni-channel and the speed of which big data analytics are becoming the backbone of almost all software.  

Taking a lesson in autonomics from the Nordics

The region ranks high in its interest and successes in IT transformation and as such provides lessons to companies in other parts of the world, including in the U.S.

Copernicus Masters competition wants big data fueled ideas and markets for space data

What makes this contest in particular interesting is that the organizers are stretching beyond the expected applications in agriculture, construction and renewable energy by also deliberately inviting new services and products in "forward-thinking segments such as big data, cloud computing, crowdsourcing, data visualization, mobile applications, and more."

Symantec Report: 60% of targeted attacks aimed at small businesses in 2014

The news is full of data breaches at very big companies, so the illusion is that SMBs are safe from attacks. However, the opposite is true. According to a new Symantec report, 60 percent of targeted attacks are aimed at SMBs. Clearly this is a growing threat to SMB data but it is also a common route for criminals to take to breach larger companies making this problem a concern for everyone. 

Spotlight: Big data finds ideal river locations for hydro-power generation

Successful efforts abound showing us new ways to leverage large data sets to answer complex problems. 

DoD, NASA among agencies not collecting demographic data of grant recipients

A new GAO study released this week found that half of the federal agencies reviewed fail to collect demographic data for federal research grant recipients to determine whether gender discrimination is a factor in grant distribution.

Tax Day data sheds light on accountants, taxpayers, legislators and lobbyist relationships

It's tax day! Yeah, I know, I don't like paying taxes either but here we are and those returns have to be filed. But once you've done that, you can look at the following data on the relationships between accountants, taxpayers, legislators, and lobbyists surrounding tax day. More data is always better right? We may not like what we find but at least we will know where we stand. 

Small Business Risk Exchange helps small businesses identify fraud

Yesterday, XOR Data Exchange launched a Small Business Risk Exchange to help companies identify fraud from fictitious businesses and unauthorized buyers. The company says the data exchange is primarily focused on helping lenders and service providers enhance their small business decisioning on microbusinesses. 

Antuit acquires Prognos to strengthen its big data offerings to retail/CPG market

Antuit, a global big data analytics provider, announced yesterday its acquisition of Prognos, a Chicago-based analytics company specializing in the retail and consumer package goods (CPG) sector. This is Antuit's first acquisition since the company announced a $56 million investment infusion which mostly came from investment bank powerhouse, Goldman Sachs. 

Amazon Machine Learning takes on IBM's Watson, Google's Prediction API and Microsoft's Azure Learning

As expected, machine learning is making its way to the masses. But first it's coming to developers free of any need to master statistics first. And, boy, is the field getting crowded with giants.