Report: Spending on deep learning to exceed $40B by 2024

According to a new report from Tractica, deep learning is "one of the most active technology areas within the broader field of artificial intelligence (AI)" and it's heating up as a market. The market intelligence firm predicts deep learning spend will exceed $40 billion by 2024. That may actually be a conservative number given the rocketing fields of big data analytics with machine learning and the Internet of Things oncoming deluge of data.

Big data can stop product counterfeiting, but will manufacturers bother using it?

Optimal+ CTO Michael Schuldenfrei and VP of Marketing David Park are making presentations on using big data to stop product counterfeiting at the IEEE HOST 2016 Conference and the Big Data Conference in Alicante, Spain, this week. While those presentations are likely packed with useful information, and manufacturers may actually embrace the concept, they may still elect to not act on the results. That unfortunately is a common scenario. 

Statisticians and big data scientists finally ready to make up?

You would think statisticians and big data scientists would be brothers in arms, or at least amicable team members. In some cases, they are. But in others, not so much. The good news is that it now looks as if the two disciplines are attempting to make peace.

Ransomware attacks on electric and water utilities' data on the rise

Data breaches that result in stolen data are not the only threats organizations have to worry about now. Ransomware attacks are spreading across industries too. The latest on that front are attacks on electric and water utilities ranging from Israel to Michigan. 

Flickr photo analysis used to track protest hotspots worldwide

Proving once again the value of image analysis at scale, a recent analysis by researchers at the Data Science Lab at Warwick Business School of 25 million photos taken and uploaded to Flickr from 244 countries and regions in 2013 proved successful in accurately mapping protests worldwide.

Spotlight: China to unveil national big data blueprint

China is preparing to unveil its national big data blueprint in the next few months. The goal is to "to create a market revenue of 17 billion yuan (US$2.6 billion) in 2017, the Ministry of...

CFOs using analytics for 'what-if' scenarios in face of market uncertainty

While big data is not a crystal ball, and even predictive analytics are only right if current events stay on course, CFOs are turning to analytics anyway to plan for economic uncertainties ahead. Essentially, they're running a lot of "what-if" scenarios and planning actions they can take for each so they're ready when one of those scenarios pops into reality.

Congress is finally (sort of) on track to protect email stored in the cloud

Until recently emails stored in the cloud were not as protected as emails stored on-premises. Finally, after three years of batting the issue about, Congress appears to be on track to change that and restore Fourth Amendment protections for email no matter where it is stored.

Looking for a big data job? Here are the highest paying companies in America

While FierceBigData routinely reports on the changing skillsets you need to land a big data job, or grow your pay in the job you have, and we routinely report on resources for developing your skills too, it's time now to look at which companies are paying the most.

Nation's libraries focus on digital preservation of everything

Vint Cerf, "father of the internet" and Google vice president, warns that the world faces the risk of a "Digital Dark Age" when too much data is lost to obsolete hardware and software. Certainly companies need to take steps to ensure this doesn't happen, but considering so much consumer data is now piped in, urging consumers to preserve their digital data is a vital measure too.

NIST prepares to defend encrypted data from quantum computer threat

While we have plenty of data threats to worry about now, the National Institute of Standards and Technology says we should be looking at future threats now too. One they've spotted is a quantum computer threat to encrypted data. The NIST is already taking stepts to address it.

Spotlight: Top 10 skills in data science study

Bob Hayes, chief research officer at AnalyticsWeek, recently did a study to discover the top 10 skills in data science as it is actually being practiced today.

What a single-celled organism teaches us about the likely evolution of machine learning

The results of the experiment sheds light on the origin of learning and the adaptability in non-neural organisms not related to evolution. Perhaps it also has some implications for the evolution of machine learning.

Spotlight: Big data and the human condition

Source: Pixabay Some fear an eventual takeover of machines and the worsening of the human condition as a result. But there's another take on what big data can do to improve the human...

ODPi, an open big data ecosystem promoter, picks up new members

ODPi, a nonprofit focused on accelerating an open ecosystem of big data products around Apache Hadoop, picked up three new members: 4C Decision, ArenaData, and AsiaInfo. The initiative is to advance efforts to create a common reference specification called ODPi Core to streamline the development of analytics applications.

Accenture, Splunk partner on machine data analytics

Accenture and Splunk entered an alliance in which Splunk products and cloud services are integrated into Accenture's application services, security and other products. The two companies are also collaborating on a new line of products, the first of which integrates Splunk analytics into Accenture's Managed Security Services. 

Financial data carve-out in international trade agreements come under fire

A new report by technology policy think tank Information Technology and Innovation Foundation (ITIF) pushes back hard on policymakers for making financial data exemptions in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP). The United States pushed for financial data to be carved out of the TPP's prohibition on laws that force data to be stored within a country's geographic borders. The practice is known as "data localization" and the ITIF thinks that carve out will drastically curtail the digital economy and won't provide consumers with any additional protections.

FICO flips the question, puts the decision before the data

FICO, yes the same company that produces the FICO score, the standard measure of consumer credit risk in the US, thinks most big data practitioners have been doing it wrong. FICO has put its money where its mouth is and launched a prescriptive analytics product that puts the decision before the data.

National-security-level traveler threat intelligence platform goes commercial

Prescient, a risk management firm co-founded by former naval intelligence officers and best known for federal counterintelligence and national security programs, launched its commercial spinoff.  Prescient Traveler, a sophisticated traveler risk management system, analyzes petabytes of data from over 38,000 sources in real-time. Further, prescriptive analytics advise travelers on how to mitigate those risks or "react smartly" to the dangers.

Big data worries weigh down IoT initiatives

The Internet of Things is proceeding full steam ahead but big data worries are piling up in their wake. So finds Argus Insights which recently analyzed over 2.3M tweets to get a read on the market's take on IoT. Two fears stood prominent in the analysis: what will happen to the pool of data from IoT and will it be secured.