State of IoT security: Free data and infrastructure control for the taking!

When it comes to hacks, we have yet to see anything like what's waiting in the wings for IoT. Not only will data be stolen from things, but things will be used to attack the data center and hackers will control and destroy the things too. And all of it will happen at a grand and frightening scale. At least it will if nothing changes.

'OLAP on Hadoop' Kyvos launches with a spin

Hadoop has been losing its shine for a while now, but Kyvos Insights hopes to help restore its sheen, at least a little. The company just launched Kyvos, billed as "OLAP for Hadoop." OLAP stands for online analytical processing. It's not by any means the only vendor offering OLAP on Hadoop, but it does have some notable features.

451 Research: Enterprises increase investment in datacenter facilities

One would think that the cloud has overcome traditional data centers given all the talk about cloud these days. But that's not the case. In fact, big data and other emerging tech needs appear to have spurred interest in reviving on-premises data centers. A new 451 Research report finds that "despite increased investment in cloud and colocation providers, 87 percent of data center operators surveyed from North America and Europe are maintaining or increasing their data center facility spending, with 25 percent expecting to increase spending over the next 90 days."

Linux Foundation launches R Consortium

The Linux Foundation launched the R Consortium centered on the popular R language and designed to unite and support technical and user communities, the members of which include about 2 million data scientists. And the new R Consortium is backed by some hefty industry players and founding companies, including Microsoft, RStudio, TIBCO, Alteryx, Google, HP, Mango Solutions, Ketchum Trading and Oracle.

TBR's Cloud Developer Report: Cloud decision-making process moving beyond developers

Technology Business Research predicted in its just released Cloud Developer Report that "the traditional developer-based decision-making process for bringing cloud computing into a business will become a group decision as executive, IT and line-of-business teams collaborate more during the process over the next two years." This would not be surprising given big data is also following that same decision-making route, and big data and cloud tend to go hand-in-hand.

Spotlight: Teaching AI how to make moral choices

Nick Bostrom, a philosopher and technologist, explains that AI is really about continual optimization and how humans can suffer from myopic optimization events. In his TED talk, he explains how we...

IU researchers map entire global economy, forecast large-scale industrial evolution

"We're not only trying to give everyone a 'map,' or a large-scale picture of all the sectors of the economy, but also a 'weather forecast' and 'tools,'" Ahn said in a statement to the press.

"So users will not only know where they can find jobs but also predict bright spots on the horizon – the emerging markets – and acquire the skills, or tools, they will need to get where they want to go."

Platfora aims to make big data analytics a 'team sport' in the enterprise

Platfora announced mid-year updates in Platfora 4.5 including a dozen new features with collaborative functionality to enable several members of an organization to work in tandem with data scientists. 

Spotlight: IEEE Computer Society predicts the future of the Web

Experts from IEEE Computer Society released their key predictions about what the future of the Web holds for individuals, business, government and society. They explore key issues such as the...

US Patent Office data: Over 1 million pages per month automatically moved to searchable, minable content

Already, more than 1 million pages per month of patent documents are automatically moved to searchable, minable content, and there's more to come.

Wayin, Klout partner on ranking social media data relevancy

Wayin will fully integrate Klout's profile data into their analytics to further assist with social media content credibility issues. The move is designed to give Wayin customers the ability to filter social content "based on a person/brand's expertise on a given topic and their overall social influence."

Deloitte, Recommind launch data analysis tool for OTC contracts

Like most industries, banks are turning to big data analytics to keep them in compliance, but they're quickly finding that analytics alone aren't enough. This industry quandary leads to the development of some unique partnerships such as the Deloitte/Recommind deal aimed at transforming the way Over-the-Counter (OTC) International Swaps and Derivatives Association (ISDA) agreements are managed.

ZL unveils ZL NoSQL DB

ZL unveiled today its ZL NoSQL DB, an analytics persistence engine. It's designed to simultaneously handle billions of rows and thousands of columns of disparate data. The company says that out-of-box support includes multi-valued columns (string Array and Map) as well as standard String, Integer, Long, Boolean, Float, Double, and Date data types. To improve storage efficiency, two additional data types are also supported: Dictionary String and Dictionary.

Spotlight: Researcher finds inherent biases in big data from social media

According to new research by Northwestern University professor Eszter Hargittai, some analyses based on social media data are prone to bias from the outset. Check out the post by Julie...

PostgreSQL growing in popularity across new applications

The survey found "PostgreSQL adoption continuing to rise, with 55 percent of users – up from 40 percent two years ago – deploying it for mission-critical applications and 77 percent of users are dedicating all new application deployments to PostgreSQL," according to the press release. 

Free Hadoop on-demand training comes with $500 in credit for Google Cloud

MapR has teamed with Google Cloud to provide $500 in credit for Google Cloud Platform services for everyone who registers for MapR's free Hadoop On-Demand Training program. But it's not a reward for signing up; it's more like a subsidy or scholarship to cover the costs of creating virtual environments to complete the required lab exercises in each course. 

IDC study: Big data is throwing data archives into chaos

According to a new IDC study, sponsored by Iron Mountain, only 38 percent of businesses surveyed actually use their archives for business analysis. The study found some other interesting things too, like what big data is doing to data archives.

Fix in progress: APIs, iPaaS and new disparate data pipelines

SnapLogic and 3scale announced their partnership and the coupling of 3scales' API management with Snaplogic's Integration Platform as a Service. Their customers can now write multi-point integration pipelines that connect cloud and on-premises applications and can expose disparate enterprise data sources for big data analytics as RESTful APIs. 

Snowflake data warehouse cloud service opens for business

Snowflake, the company led by former Microsoft and Juniper executive Bob Muglia, is making its data warehouse cloud service available to anyone. The service competes with Amazon Web Services' Redshift.

Spotlight: CVS, Target deal will bring 'data security, privacy problems and HIPAA horrors'

Both Target and CVS have bad histories in handling sensitive customer data so what happens when CVS buys Target's pharmacy business?