Spotlight: Privacy fashions: a mask to thwart facial recognition software

Along comes this idea of wearing masks to stump facial recognition software.

FourthWall Media expands return path data--adds cable system diagnostic data to set-top box viewer data

Even while sophisticated data from set-top boxes flowed in on viewer habits and actions for quick analysis, cable system diagnostic data largely didn't exist. FourthWall Media is addressing that by doubling down on its return path data to include device and system diagnostic data.

FTC on the dangers in consumer labeling and big data stereotyping

The problem with big data is its propensity to be used to label individuals and sometimes entire groups as good customers or bad ones and as good risks or bad risks. This leads, albeit usually inadvertently, to individuals and groups being unfairly discriminated against. 

Design overhaul needed for EHRs, says AMA

The American Medical Association, or AMA, says that electronic health records (EHR) systems in use today "have neglected usability as a necessary feature" and the association is now calling for a design overhaul.

Drones shoot down talks on the future of civilian robotics

Besides confusion over what constitutes a robot, politics and emotions on drone use took center stage at the Future of Civilian Robotics talk at think tank Brookings, of what should have been a serious science and tech discussion on robotics as a whole.

IBM unveils Watson Analytics, offers freemium

Bring-your-own-analytics has been cresting on the horizon for awhile, but IBM's unveiling of Watson Analytics has brought the idea home to roost. Delivering it in a freemium model was a stroke of genius. Let the consumerization of analytics begin in earnest!

Spotlight: Privacy on trial across the globe

Ghostery looks at privacy regulations across the globe. 

Machine-learning algorithm recognizes genes in microorganisms on our bodies that can be turned into antibiotics

Researchers are using a machine-learning algorithm to answer that question and to identify genes within the whole suite of germs living on human bodies that can be turned into highly effective antibiotics. 

Big data's big role in feeding the world

Now we have even more people to feed on even fewer resources on top of the challenge of protecting the earth. Can big data find an answer to all that and move us into The Evergreen Revolution?

Big data's dark side: Cost, manipulation, gamification and more

This report addresses a number of significant big data issues ranging from the costs and clunkiness of transmitting large data sets wirelessly to worrisome manipulation issues in gamification, and everything in-between. 

Guts and gigabytes: How UK business leaders rank the two Gs in decision making

U.K.-based business leaders prefer to lead by their gut--based on intuition and experience--rather than follow behind data and analytics.

Patterns in banking personal identification numbers

Researchers have discovered that people tend to choose only a few hundred 4-digit combinations from 10,000 possible PINs. Knowing what those popular combinations are aids hackers greatly in tapping their victims' bank accounts.

Yahoo forced to release data or face massive fines

There was a legal fight over a statement in Yahoo's own terms of service (ToS). Yahoo lost and the government won. 

Spotlight: 6 Google Analytics tools your company should be using, but probably isn't

John Boitnott points to popular uses of Google Analytics and then details six more uses that most companies aren't using, but should.

Supersized data: The statistically significant but substantively trivial results conundrum

A lot of things have to come together perfectly for statistically significant to equal something meaningful, starting with--but certainly not ending with--an accurate assessment of the effect of sampling size on standard tests of significance. 

A close look at drone autonomy

The Center for the Study of the Drone at Bard College released "The Drone Primer: A Compendium of the Key Issues," which is described as "an online and print publication about the basic facts, issues, questions, and patterns related to unmanned systems in military, civilian, and commercial contexts."

Indiana University's "Mapping Science" project winds down

Over the past 10 years, Katy Börner--an information visualization specialist from Indiana University--and her colleagues have led in the curation of 100 maps created by 236 mapmakers. The mapmakers are from 68 cities in 16 countries, and represent 30 different scientific disciplines. 

US House of Representatives passes supercomputing bill

This week the House passed H.R. 2495--The American Super Computing Leadership Act--to amend the Department of Energy High-End Computing Revitalization Act of 2004. It is intended to spur onshore developments in supercomputing.

Rosslyn Analytics offers Detroit's mayor free spend analytics in press release

Rosslyn Analytics feels that private companies should step up to aid Detroit with its recovery effort. To that end, Rosslyn is offering its spend analytics to the mayor for free for two years.

Spotlight: 12 Big Data Definitions: What's Your Pick?

How do you define big data?