News from Strata: Business users crash the party and big data turns a new corner

One of the most important things I noted at the conference: a considerable uptick in attendance of business people at an event previously thought to be a geek thing. There were a number of interesting announcements and achievements at Strata and you'll find many of them here. But if you were to ask me for a single winner in the battle of big data ideas, I would say it was...

More data on ebola outbreaks

Silk, a data publisher and collaborative platform, provides data visualizations on the current status of the ebola outbreaks, representing a blend of CDC and WHO data. 

Spotlight: How to identify fake big data products

How to identify fake big data products

Strata NY 2014 news roundup

Here are a few of the product announcements made at Strata to give you an overview of the direction products and partnerships are now trending, or at least leaning.

Big data's center-of-gravity is shifting to the business analyst

Underscoring yet again that business users are essential to driving both the data-driven business and the big bucks to big data vendors, Platfora's Ben Werther said in his keynote that big data's "center of gravity is shifting to the business analyst and that's a really healthy thing because the person who's analyzing the data should be much more in control of the data. But that's leading to multi-structured questions and new stack requirements are emerging." 

DOE's high-speed network to boost big data transfers

The Department of Energy's Energy Sciences Network, or ESnet, is deploying four new high-speed transatlantic links to deliver a total capacity of 340 gigabits-per-second. 


Microsoft's big idea: an algorithm and model store

Microsoft's idea of creating a data science marketplace takes best of show. It is the best idea in a sea of great ideas at Strata NY this year. 

How to get the most from descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics

Put all three types of analytics together and you get an entire picture of the situation and possible solutions. 

Spotlight: Looking at the top enterprise analytics startups of 2014

Louis Columbus has a chart of the Top 100 Enterprise Analytics Startups of 2014 in his post in Forbes.

Data scientists: Mobile analytics startups are looking for you

Another area where jobs are springing up for data scientists is in mobile analytics startups. Of course, mobile companies of all types are also searching high and low for more data scientists, too. 

What's stopping innovation? Data privacy concerns, says Intel, Harris Poll report

The survey of device owners revealed widespread misunderstanding and inherent distrust in data usage but "a willingness to share data if it will aid areas such as healthcare and education."

New predictive and prescriptive analytics-based scenarios added to Savi Insight

Savi announced today that new predictive and prescriptive analytics-based scenarios have been added to Savi Insight for the purpose of uncovering previously undetected operational and supply chain patterns.

New Predixion release speeds deployment of predictive analytics for front-line decisions

Predixion Software, a developer of cloud-based predictive analytics software, released Predixion Insight 4.0, a predictive analytics platform, at Strata. 

Revolution Analytics' new offerings support open-source R community

Revolution Analytics introduced Revolution R Open and Revolution R Plus, two new offerings that support the open-source R community.

Spotlight: Project Cybersyn birthed the big data nation in the '70s

There is a fascinating piece in The New Yorker on Project Cybersyn as the foreshadower of big data use by governments. This was a Chilean government project and, as envisioned, remarkably foretold...

Future workplace: AI bosses and an Algorithm Director?

IPSoft's Amelia, a "learning cognitive agent," is already gaining high-level work skills that its creators say will put it, or others like it, at the top C-level position one day. And a Hong Kong-based venture capital company has already appointed an algorithm to its board of directors. Will we all work for machines soon--if we can find work at all?

Credit-scoring, consumer lending disruptors gain ground

"Commercial banks, credit card companies and credit bureaus have dived into big data, too, mainly for marketing and fraud protection," writes John Lippert in the Washington Post. "They've mostly left advances in the field of credit scoring to upstarts." That, it turns out, is a huge mistake for banks and the consumer credit industries.

NIH invests almost $32 million to increase utility of biomedical research data

U.S. National Institutes of Health (NIH) made multi-institute awards totaling nearly $32 million for 2014 under the NIH's Big Data to Knowledge, known as the BD2K initiative. One of the awards went to the University of Pittsburgh with Carnegie Mellon University, the Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center and Yale as partners, to the tune of $11 million.

GE announces revenue from its IoT software business to hit $1.1 billion this year

It's not all that unusual for a General Electric (GE) business to hit the billion dollar mark, but as Quentin Hardy put it, GE's Internet of Things, or IoT, software business is "probably the fastest a GE business has hit the $1 billion mark." You can expect GE to pull in even more from this business arm because it has one heck of a great IoT strategy.

Apache Spark beats world record for fastest big data processing

Yahoo!'s previous world record was 70 minutes using a large, open-source Hadoop cluster of 2100 machines for data processing. DataBricks, founded by the creators of Apache Spark, completed the Daytona GraySort, which is a distributed sort of 100 TB of on-disk data, in 23 minutes with 206 machines with 6,592 cores during this year's Sort Benchmark competition.