Top 100 eTailers use more marketing tech but their data quality is poor

Proving once again that simply owning the tech is not enough to hone a competitive edge, new research found that the top 100 online retailers still lag behind lesser ranked eTailers in data quality, despite owning more marketing technology. 

Bon appetit: Restaurants can document who you're dining with

Restaurant chains tout them as a customer convenience that you can use to order your food, pay your tab, and even buy games to keep your kids occupied at the table. But there's one more thing those tablets can be used for that you should be mindful of--they can collect data on your visit from pictures or videos of who you sat down at the table with to what you ate and drank to who paid the bill.

Spotlight: GitHub's 'Awesome Big Data' list

GitHub offers an awesome list of big data frameworks and resources. 

Big data, the death of jobs, and the need for public policy in change management

For the first time, jobs at every level are potentially at stake and subject to elimination thanks to big data and automation. Most likely new jobs will arise as they have in the past as mankind progressed. But there is no guarantee of that this time around.

Big data changes sports on the field, at practice and in the classroom

An interesting post in USA Today by former San Francisco 49ers running back Roger Craig gives us an inside look at how sports has changed courtesy of big data and what we can expect next. Fans and athletes, are you ready?

How big data marries marketing and finance for greater profits

Big data makes it possible to marry the two and increase profits on a scale never before realized. Case in point: MasterCard.

Announcing my new book Data Divination: Big Data Strategies

Data Divination: Big Data Strategies was written to focus entirely on strategy from how to accurately calculate ROI, present a winning business case and empower your workforce from the CEO down, to developing overall and project-specific strategies that actually work.

Spotlight: The 10 coolest big data startups of 2014 (so far)

Kristin Bent put together a slideshow in CRN on her list of the 10 coolest big data startups this year.

Why big data is crucial for innovation and competition

The New Jersey Institute of Technology's, or NJIT, online MBA program constructed an in-depth infographic visualizing "Why Big Data is the Next Frontier for Innovation and Competition." 

Should AI development and machine learning be capped by law?

"One can imagine such technology outsmarting financial markets, out-inventing human researchers, out-manipulating human leaders, and developing weapons we cannot even understand. Whereas the short-term impact of AI depends on who controls it, the long-term impact depends on whether it can be controlled at all," wrote Stephen Hawking, Stuart Russell , Max Tegmark  and Frank Wilczek in a post in The Independent

State of data security: Report finds finance, manufacturing, education more prone to phishing attacks

The newly released ForeScout State of IT Cyber Defense Report, based on independent research conducted by IDG Connect surveying 1600 IT information security decision-makers, reveals the nature and extent of the security threats and defense maturity in the finance, manufacturing, healthcare, education and retail sectors in the U.S., U.K., Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

SAP is winning games from basketball to the World Cup and more

One of the hottest uses for big data and analytics is in sports and SAP is certainly making big headway in that sector. Just recently, SAP HANA was credited for its essential role in winning games in sports ranging from basketball and football to the 2014 World Cup and women's tennis.

Denmark analyzes medical histories of entire population

In a massive big data project, researchers analyzed the medical histories of the entire population--over 5.5 million people--in Denmark to find links in medical conditions and to predict disease outbreaks before they happen.

Spotlight: FBD Community Voices: Erick Sherman

Today's FBD Community Voice is Erick Sherman, a "physicist and human resource manager by education and a retired Air Force Officer before my 20 year foray into the tech world." His comments here pertain to my post "Where the Supreme Court Ruling, Law Enforcement Spyware and FISC Collide."

Many IT security pros are sending sensitive data without encryption

Nearly 36 percent of IT security professionals admit to sending sensitive data outside of their organizations without using any form of encryption to protect it, a new survey from Voltage Security found. The survey showed that almost half of respondents are not de-identifying any data within their organizations.


Stitch Labs data finds retailers get 10% revenue boost with free shipping

Stitch Labs, an inventory and multichannel selling platform for retailers and wholesalers, revealed findings that indicate a potential 10 percent increase in revenue when companies provide free shipping to customers.

A new big data tool built for biology labs

Researchers in the life sciences spend a quarter of their time managing data, according to an online survey of 70 people working in biology laboratories conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT in Sankt Augustin. Many reported that they have no centralized or structured approach to data collection in their workplace.

Highlights from Politico's 'Outside In: Big Data Event'

You might have seen last week's Spotlight tipping you off to POLITICO's "Outside In: Big Data Event" so that you could attend or at least watch the livestream. But in case you missed it, here are a few of the highlights. 

At the corner where statisticians and data scientists meet

If statisticians learn to do more than write code in the way of computing skills and data scientists begin to perfect their skills in statistical analysis--might the two professions merge into one? And if so, what title will be etched upon their office door?  

8 top challenges big data brings to statisticians

Ronald L. Wasserstein, executive director of the American Statistical Association, speaks frankly of the top eight challenges big data poses to statisticians--and the opportunities it presents as well.