Spotlight: Are data visualizations killing empathy?

You'll find a great case study by Jake Harris in Source OpenNews on how data visualizations are affecting reader/viewer empathy--and it isn't a pretty picture.

GoodData launches insights-as-a-service, IoT ready platform

Yesterday, GoodData, a cloud BI provider, announced major upgrades to its platform and the resulting launch of its "insights-as-a-service" concept that leverages collective learning and, according to them, is suitable as an IoT ready platform. 

Teradata study finds many organizations don't benefit from customer-data analysis

Teradata just released the results of its fall quarter 2014 survey of 1506 marketing and communications executives in all major industries worldwide. Among other things, it found only 39 percent of organizations are benefitting from customer data analysis.

2014 'blockbuster' year for M&As driven by big data, other tech disruptions; 2015 to follow suit

Jeff Liu, Global Technology Industry Transaction Advisory Services Leader at EY says that while globally "technology corporate development teams took a breather in the fourth quarter,"  the "quarterly volume set a fourth consecutive post-dotcom-bubble record."

MapR launches free training program, offers certification

If you're looking to get one or more Hadoop certifications, you might want to consider the free, self-service training MapR provides which includes certification testing upon completion of the course.

FBD community weighs in on 'decision engineering'

In response to my query in my earlier post "Next up in big data: decision engineering," the FierceBigData community weighed in via email on whether decision engineering is a thing or not.

Spotlight: Robotic bridge and tunnel data used for inspections

You'll find an interesting post by Martha Bushong in the George Mason University blog on how researchers there are using bridge and tunnel data gathered by robots and drones and converting it into virtual worlds for inspectors to inspect.

Next up in big data: decision engineering

"A shift needs to be made from big data technology, infrastructure setting up to enabling managers to engineer better decisions through data. We define this shift as Decision Engineering--the way to take power out of data and use it to make better engineered business decisions is the next big thing in 2015," says Titir Pal, director of products and solutions at Absolutdata Analytics.

Ford 'retools company around big data'

While naysayers and worrywarts continue to wring their hands over "too few big data implementations," visionaries are already moving beyond big data projects and into reshaping their entire companies around it. The latest to do so is Ford, who is now "retooling the company around big data."

Facebook open-sources its machine learning

Even a hard-nosed proprietary software maker like Facebook understands and embraces the value of scientists sharing tools and methods, even while protecting specific uses and projects. Facebook's most recent sharing foray is in open sourcing its deep-learning modules for Torch.

Microsoft to acquire Revolution Analytics

Microsoft announced that it has entered an agreement to acquire Revolution Analytics. Given big data analytics are really hot right now, the purchase makes sense. But also given that Revolution Analytics is an open source company, some eyebrows are likely raised at this news. 

Twitter data used to predict heart disease mortality

Analyzing tweets is not just an activity befitting marketing efforts. Such has great value in medicine and public health too. One great example of that is a recent study titled "Psychological Language on Twitter Predicts County-Level Heart Disease Mortality" by University of Pennsylvania researchers published in the journal Psychological Science.

CEOs and lower-level managers flip positions on big data

A new survey conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and Teradata finds a huge gap in how CEOs and other executives see big data. They found that it is CEOs who now wear the rose-colored glasses. Other executives, especially lower-level managers, have a bleaker view. 

Spotlight: Using big data analytics and Qubell

Qubell has announced Qubell for Hadoop Developers which enables Hadoop programmers and data engineers to access on-demand test environments for big data analytics projects.

Novetta makes connection between unstructured Hadoop data and critical enterprise data

Novetta says that since 9/11, it has developed, deployed and tested Novetta Entity Analytics (NEA) within the federal government.. Now it has announced it is making NEA available for commercial use. The product's focus is on the variety of data more so than data size.

Logicalis US offers encrypted storage option

Logicalis U.S. is heavily pushing flash storage in their cloud offerings and have now added the option of encrypted storage across its suite of products.

Datapipe acquires GoGrid to grow multi-cloud efforts

Consolidation in the industry is picking up, both through M&As and increasing alliances. For example, GoGrid is the third acquisition for Datapipe which is forever on the mission of ruling the global multi-cloud managed services market.

TIBCO, Lavastorm Analytics extend predictive analytics functionality

TIBCO is all about infrastructure and BI; Lavastorm Analytics is all about agile data management and analytics. They just announced that together they're seriously busy extending their relationship and predictive analytics.

Big data shifts from standalone projects to backbone of other software

You can expect to see more integration between big data tools and a wide variety of other business and consumer software as big data shifts from standalone works to the very backbone of all software. 

Spotlight: The Internet of Things has 4 big data problems

In his post in O'Reilly Radar, Alistair Croll points out four very large and looming big data problems in the Internet of Things. One of them is "datamandering" or data sprawl.