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Project Data Sphere leverages cancer research, collaboration

Before privacy protection efforts go overboard and drown the big data infant in the Sea of Good Intentions, it's important to help the public--and other big data users too--understand the many benefits to be had in big data.

This week in robots, drones and planes, oh my!

Big data, artificial intelligence and smart machines are the ultimate study in convergence. Together they change everything from how we work, and whether we can get work, to many of the intricacies of our daily lives from manufacturing goods and taking care of our homes, to flying and even to how we fight wars. This week there's big news on this front.

Exclusive interview with Gartner on 7 dimensions of context-aware security analytics

I chatted with Avivah Litan, an esteemed analyst with Gartner, ahead of the Gartner BI & Analytics Summit 2014 which is opening in Vegas on March 31.  In this exclusive interview, she shared enlightening details of her upcoming presentation titled "The Seven Dimensions of Context-Aware Security Analytics." I hope you can attend her presentation this week. I can say with certainty that it's well worth your time. But in case you can't or in case you want to know a little more before you go, here are the highlights…

Snowden's latest NSA claims strain credulity

Now that the heat of the moment has passed, it's time to look at the evolving evidence with a more discerning eye. "As each new allegation about the National Security Agency's data-gathering capabilities hits the news, one has to wonder how much of it is true and how much is sensationalism," writes Wayne Rash in eWeek.

Google vs CDC: When traditional methods beat big data

In the end, the CDC's predictions proved right and big data failed in the hands of some of the best big data analysts on the planet: Google's. So what does that mean to big data practitioners elsewhere? Here are the lessons learned...

Who is happy that Snowden is in Russia now?

One thing is clear: Snowden made no pretense at preserving that balance. His actions now stand to harm us all. And he physically resides in enemy, or at least hostile frenemy, territory which puts him at risk too.

The question big data can't answer: why?

From consumer sales to public uprisings, big data can only tell you what is happening and not why it's happening. Without knowing the why behind the what, the actions you take on big data insights can easily and woefully be off course.

Year of big data monetization? I say no

This is not a trend that will peak and fall. This is a fundamental change in how business is done.

'Big data for Law' government project begins

Finally, we have a way to do some major housekeeping and bring the law itself to judgment.

Twitter rolls out new comprehensive analytics

Twitter has rolled out comprehensive analytics for Twitter Card users. Good move on Twitter's part in upping its game, albeit in a limited fashion.