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Big data is a business issue, not a technology issue

Companies are typically buying big data tools before they know what they want to do with them. That's like buying the best fishing pole on the market only to discover that now you have to build a house with it.

Announcing my new book Data Divination: Big Data Strategies

Data Divination: Big Data Strategies was written to focus entirely on strategy from how to accurately calculate ROI, present a winning business case and empower your workforce from the CEO down, to developing overall and project-specific strategies that actually work.

At the corner where statisticians and data scientists meet

If statisticians learn to do more than write code in the way of computing skills and data scientists begin to perfect their skills in statistical analysis--might the two professions merge into one? And if so, what title will be etched upon their office door?  

Introducing FierceBigData Community Voices

Got something to say or ask about big data? Email it to me with permission to publish and you just might find yourself in the Spotlight section in an issue soon! 

Where the Supreme Court Ruling, Law Enforcement Spyware and FISC Collide

Last week we learned about "legal spyware." Shortly after that, the SCOTUS ruled a warrant is required for phone searches by law enforcement. Is "legal spyware" legal anymore? 

Introducing a very important guest

A post submitted by Daniel C. Barth-Jones, M.P.H., Ph.D., responds to my post "Risk of re-identification 'greatly exaggerated'" which ran last week. 

You are invited to…

One year ago I became your host and editor of FierceBigData. I need your feedback to make sure I'm delivering the information most useful to you.

Why big data hasn't reinvented advertising… yet

A truly personalized ad would hit the individual prospect's exact buying trigger. Sure, you can use big data to find people with that same trigger. Just don't expect to pull that trigger if the ad copy and pitch doesn't line up with the target.

How big data changes the way you think, operate business

New knowledge isn't very useful if you can't act on it. But if you do take action on most or all of your big data analysis, odds are that those actions will eventually change how business leaders think and how the business operates too. Here is how that works and why it's a great thing to happen!

Al-Qaeda moves to thwart US tactics after Snowden revelations

A recent report released by threat intelligence company Recorded Future found that Al-Qaeda has used intel gained from the Snowden revelations on NSA surveillance tactics to innovate new encryption technology to blind the agency to the group's terrorist actions. As the U.S government previously warned, the Snowden revelations are aiding U.S. enemies and weakening U.S. defenses. The analysis summary from that report is as follows...