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Your cash cow is dying. Now what?

Many conservative business leaders got confused over what they were to conserve. Somehow they came to think they should protect the cash cow rather than the cash. However, it is a fact of life that no matter how well you tend to that cash cow, that sucker is going to die one day. Then what are you going to do?

Was the government's big data shopping list written in vain?

There's been a lot of talk about big data use in government, but government purchases of big data tools and services have been slow to flat. This mismatch between enthusiasm and actual purchases by government agencies is bewildering to many in the industry. 

84% of enterprises say big data will completely reshape industries within a year

According to a new Accenture/GE study, 87 percent of enterprises believe big data analytics will completely reshape their industry's competitive landscape within three years. Eighty-four percent believe that reshaping will happen in the next year.

How to spur adoption of user-friendly analytics in your organization

The hottest trend in big data right now is to loosen the grasp of data geeks and move analytics to the fingertips of end users. But it's pure folly to think that all business users will be interested in using these new tools. Therefore, adoption cannot be left to chance but instead must be proactively instigated and nurtured.

News from Strata: Business users crash the party and big data turns a new corner

One of the most important things I noted at the conference: a considerable uptick in attendance of business people at an event previously thought to be a geek thing. There were a number of interesting announcements and achievements at Strata and you'll find many of them here. But if you were to ask me for a single winner in the battle of big data ideas, I would say it was...

Meet with me at Strata?

I'm hoping to see many of you at Strata this week, on the floor, in the sessions, at the parties, or just milling about. You can also find me at the "Meet the Author of 'Data Divination: Big Data Strategies'" events on Thursday at 10:30 a.m. and again at 3:30 p.m. at MetaScale's booth #439. Drop by and say hello!

Big data cynicism runs amok, winners win anyway

Do your due diligence before buying big data tools and storage, by all means. But understand that whatever profits are to be had will be delivered by virtue of your mastery of them and not their mere presence in your organization.

Julia Child, Meta Brown, and data mining mania

Meta Brown is one of the top analytics consultants in the industry and author of the just released "Data Mining for Dummies." She wrote a guest post this week on what we can learn about data mining from "The French Chef," aka Julia Child. We can learn a lot from Meta's post including how to teach anayltics to others in our organization so that data democratization doesn't go awry in the course of the spreading data mania. 


An invitation to meet at Strata and a note of consequence

Are you presenting or exhibiting at Strata in New York? Here's the best way to get your information to me for consideration of coverage. More interested in today's news in big data? We have an excellent guest post this week that you'll want to be sure to read. 

Patterns in banking personal identification numbers

Researchers have discovered that people tend to choose only a few hundred 4-digit combinations from 10,000 possible PINs. Knowing what those popular combinations are aids hackers greatly in tapping their victims' bank accounts.