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Tim McElligott is editor of FierceBigData. He has 14 years of experience (and counting) as a trade journalist writing mostly about telecommunications and the systems that support it. He was the Editor-in-chief of B/OSS and senior editor for award-winning Telephony magazine, may it rest in peace. He likes technology, but likes even more the people who invent it, productize it, implement it, support it, market it, sell it and use it to innovate and change civilization in the process. McElligott is from Chicago’s southside, suburbia really, but why quibble? He can be reached at tmcelligott@fiercemarkets.com. Follow @timmcelligott on Twitter or on LinkedIn

Articles by Tim McElligott

Dell, Intel open big data innovation center in Singapore

The big data market in Asia (not including Japan) is expected to reach $603 million this year, according to IDC research.

The big data behind streaming music

 Although it is more 'under-the-covers' information, iTunes is a user of both Hadoop and Teradata large-scale data warehousing.

FDA putting a halt to off-label marketing fraud with big data

We've all seen the escalation of drug ads on television and the laundry list of warnings that come with them. But some ads go too far and push products as remedies for conditions for which they were not approved.

Educators discuss the role of big data in electoral politics

The University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School for Communication brought together more than 30 data experts, scholars, and political operatives last week to explore reactions to the developments in electoral politics caused by big data analytics.

Google-like search comes to Hadoop

Before one can analyze data, one has to find it. In the large, multisource database known as Hadoop, searching for data has never been as easy as it should be, given the contributions of developers who got their start with giant search engines such as Google's. And while some companies have used publicly available data on the basics of Google search technology to develop similar engines, according to Wired this week, others are taking bigger steps. 

Who should pay when big data incites panic?

When people start shooting their neighbors because they think they're infected, or zombies, is a second degree felony charge going to matter? 

Spotlight: PlayHaven acquires Staq.io

Mobile analytics company PlayHaven announced this week that it has acquired a small, big data company called Staq.io which developed a technology for real-time reporting of user statistics in mobile applications.

Big data, the cloud and wearable technology all need each other

Wearable technology is more than Google Glass. It also is more than a one way stream of data to the user. Most wearable technology could be streaming even more data back to the manufacturers--if people can stand it. 

Seeing big data in action

As TIBCO's Chris Taylor said in Wired this week, big data may already have reached Gartner's trough of disillusionment, but not in all instances. There are plenty of examples where big data has already provided its expected benefits. Wikibon provided a snapshot recently of where big data is already real in the present tense.

NPR on big data, big cities

As an introduction to its piece on big data for big cities this week, NPR delivered one of the more poetic descriptions of big data to date.