Spotlight: How Big Data Is Like Big Tobacco

Take a look at Tim Walsh's post in Forbes

Data brokers struggle with branding big data

There's not much of a market for raw data. But if you have output from sophisticated, trustworthy predictive models for sale, then you stand to make some sizable money. The problem data brokers have now is in branding their big data so buyers can know the difference--and the value.

Big data's customer conundrum

If you really want to leverage big data to increase your revenues significantly, you have to focus on customer-centric strategies and steer clear of the notion that you are in control of the customer.

Hilary Mason's big data idea service

If you already possess analytical and data science skills, then you are in a good position to take advantage of the coming hiring boom, or to launch a consultancy yourself.

Indiana state government uses big data to reduce infant mortality

The state of Indiana has been plagued with a higher than average infant mortality rate--7.7 infant deaths per 1000 births. Republican Governor Mike Pence sees hope in big data to find the causes and address them.