• Patterns in banking personal identification numbers

    Researchers have discovered that people tend to choose only a few hundred 4-digit combinations from 10,000 possible PINs. Knowing what those popular combinations are aids hackers greatly in tapping their victims' bank accounts.

Spotlight: Privacy fashions: a mask to thwart facial recognition software

Along comes this idea of wearing masks to stump facial recognition software.

FourthWall Media expands return path data--adds cable system diagnostic data to set-top box viewer data

Even while sophisticated data from set-top boxes flowed in on viewer habits and actions for quick analysis, cable system diagnostic data largely didn't exist. FourthWall Media is addressing that by doubling down on its return path data to include device and system diagnostic data.

FTC on the dangers in consumer labeling and big data stereotyping

The problem with big data is its propensity to be used to label individuals and sometimes entire groups as good customers or bad ones and as good risks or bad risks. This leads, albeit usually inadvertently, to individuals and groups being unfairly discriminated against. 

Design overhaul needed for EHRs, says AMA

The American Medical Association, or AMA, says that electronic health records (EHR) systems in use today "have neglected usability as a necessary feature" and the association is now calling for a design overhaul.

Drones shoot down talks on the future of civilian robotics

Besides confusion over what constitutes a robot, politics and emotions on drone use took center stage at the Future of Civilian Robotics talk at think tank Brookings, of what should have been a serious science and tech discussion on robotics as a whole.