• Big data may kill higher education as we know it

    The days of expecting all students in a classroom to memorize and regurgitate the same information on the same tests are numbered. In the not so distant future, real-world project results will be the prime scoring mechanism instead. 

Spotlight: Who benefits from big data in healthcare?

You'll find an interesting piece on how healthcare data may be used against patients as much as for them in a post in TechRepublic

A bridge too far: Big data ethics

The latest to stand up and speak for both was none other that Doug Cutting, founder of Hadoop, at the Strata Conference in Barcelona. But the rules are few, penalties nonexistent and the temptation far too great for talk to make much of a difference.

Data visualizations on Ferguson, drone strikes, Black Friday death counts

These are interesting analyses on current events in their own right, but some of you may need the information for your own purposes. Or, you may want to contribute data or data visualizations to one or more of these silks to aid in the overall understanding of the topic(s).

Argyle Data partners with Hortonworks on machine learning-based Hadoop native fraud analytics

Argyle Data announced that it has joined the Hortonworks'partner program to provide Hadoop native fraud analytics to Argyle clients. It's a great move to bake fraud detection so deep in Hadoop rather than pasting it on later in the process. 

IU gets $6.6 million from NSF for Jetstream, a cloud for science and engineering research

The Pervasive Technology Institute at Indiana University received $6.6 million of an $11 million grant from the National Science Foundation to create the NSF's first science and engineering research cloud called Jetstream.


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