• Business-IT divide is growing, breaking big data and other initiatives

    Much has been said about the challenges in using big data, from data scientists having to spend too much time on data janitor duties, to adoption resistance stemming from corporate culture. Still, the biggest hurdle by far is in the Business-IT divide. Until business and IT reach a point where they truly understand each other and work as a team, big data and other initiatives will continue to falter and fail.

Spotlight: Big data through the eyes of Orwell and Huxley

Howard Baldwin penned a thought-provoking post in Forbes on the lessons that can be learned from the likes of science-fiction greats George Orwell and Aldous Huxley.

Waffle House channels its inner-Uber; Sharing economy generates more data

The Collaborative Economy, particularly the sharing economy leg of it, is likely to generate as much or more data as the Internet of Things. And it continues to erode traditional business models. 

IIA report: Companies failing to detect emerging risks due to the loss of internal auditors

The report finds that an alarming number of companies are unable to identify emerging risks ranging from cyberthreats to geopolitical developments, global health threats, and social media due to a shortage of skilled internal auditors.

Patricia Arquette addresses income disparity, Rhiza brings us the data behind it

After Patricia Arquette gave an acceptance speech at the Oscars addressing income disparity, Rhiza decided to focus its Rhiza Ratio project on income disparity between genders nationwide for those making less than $25,000 a year. Here's what their analysis revealed. 

Databricks, Intel partner in optimizing Apache Spark-Based Analytics for Intel Architecture

While the companies acknowledge in a press release that the Internet of Things helped spur the formation of this collaboration, it's important to note that it will also spur similar collaborations and partnerships as the industry hunkers down in preparation for the data onslaught. 


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