• Big data putting the brakes on mastectomy

    Big advances are just as likely found in analyzing what we are already doing, and in finding and cutting the things we thought worked, but actually don't. Case in point: new research found up to 60,000 American women diagnosed with early stage breast cancer unnecessarily undergo lumpectomies, mastectomies, or double mastectomies.

SoftNAS introduces Object Filer, a software-defined Files-as-a-Service NAS

SoftNAS announced its Object Filer last Thursday, a software-defined, Files-as-a-Service network-attached storage, which works to ensure that object storage fits and performs well with existing applications that are file-based.

Recommind launches analytics for instant messaging data

Recommind announced Axcelerate 5.5 last Thursday, the latest version of its cloud-based eDiscovery platform, which enables sophisticated analysis of instant messaging data across a wide range of platforms, including Instant Bloomberg, Skype and Google Chat.

BackOffice launches DATA Act-compliant data management product for federal agencies

BackOffice Associates announced comprehensive data management and mapping capabilities in a single platform to support federal agency DATA Act compliance. This news comes as agencies are racing to meet the Department of Treasury and Office of Management and Budget's 2014 Digital Accountability and Transparency Act – or DATA – implementation proposal deadline on making federal spending open data.

Analytics apps for insights on political, legal and regulatory data

One of the most noteworthy trends in analytics today is the rise of apps designed to deliver fast insights into the details that bedevil all industries. Take for example, FiscalNote apps designed to deliver insights on political, legal and regulatory data. The ability to instantly see what existing regulations affect a company or its works is extremely helpful, as is the ability to see and predict outcomes of pending regulations.

New predictive analytics enable financial providers to coach SMBs on business decisions

RAI Stone Group launched a new predictive analytics system that combines big data and SMB past and present performance data so that financial providers can coach SMB clients on future business decisions. It also allows the financial providers to assess and mitigate risks associated with serving a specific SMB as well as capitalize on the more successful SMBs. 


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In face of mounting evidence that China is behind some major U.S. data breaches, the Obama administration is considering a package of trade sanctions against Chinese companies and individuals who have benefited from these breaches, the Washington Post reported Monday.


Following criticism from the enterprise community, Microsoft is re-considering the possibility of providing Windows 10 patch notes, at least for business users. However, Microsoft hasn't yet offered a firm commitment or details about a new process.