• The big data pigeonhole problem

    For many companies, big data amounts to a black hole wherein a lot of data is sucked in never to be seen again. Fortunately some of those companies are already on their way to sorting that problem out – cleaning and labeling data and setting the data center to rights so that the data can be found and analyzed. But today, we're going to ignore the black hole and focus on the opposite challenge: the pigeonhole problem found in outputs. 

Denodo, Tableau data extract exporter tool launches

Denodo, a data virtualization provider; and Tableau, a business analytics software company, announced their partnership Tuesday, creating a new self-service business intelligence experience for end users.

ZapFraud to contribute data on scams to APWG's URL Block List report

ZapFraud announced Tuesday that it will be contributing data on scams and scammers to the APWG's URL Block List phishing report clearinghouse, which receives reports from hundreds of sources worldwide in a concerted effort to thwart cybercrime.

Predixion, PLAT.ONE team up to deliver predictive analytics for IoT

Predixion and PLAT.ONE have teamed up to provide real-time, predictive analytics on the edge for PLAT.ONE's vertical smart cities, industrial monitoring, smart buildings and vending Internet of Things applications.  

IBM launches new IoT community, training for developers

Wednesday, IBM launched a new Internet of Things community for developers called IBM developerWorks Recipes. It's designed to help novice and experienced developers learn how to connect devices to the cloud and how to use the data coming from those devices. 

Infegy launches News Ninja, a big data, automated news-generator

Social media intelligence company Infegy launched a big-data-based, automated news generator Wednesday called News Ninja. It's a free site that analyzes what people are saying and sharing online and generates stories about those trending topics in real-time.


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Alibaba said it's making a  $1 billion investment  in Aliyun, its public cloud computing service, with plans to grow Aliyun's international presence. 


The new tool Amazon pushed to Android and Fire developers to test their apps earlier this month will be extended to iOS soon, in a move that makes the service more competitive with others already on the market.