• Notes on disruption in clinical trial research from the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference

    One of the hardest things for any industry to accept is that it can and will be disrupted. The tendency, especially in industries that have existed in much the same way for decades, is to think that processes have been perfected over time and that business will continue as usual. Even when new technologies arise loaded with data collection capabilities and analytics, many see them only as a means to add efficiencies rather than as a mode of change. And so it was that the message of impending disruption and how to adapt came as a surprise to some at the NY Academy of Sciences Mobile Health conference, and as welcomed information to others.

Statisticians court data scientists with new ASA position and policy statement

It's not that statisticians and data scientists had a falling out, precisely. Still, the relationship isn't all that it should be to speed big data projects to fruition. To pave the way to better relations between the two fields, and to help both benefit from increased collaboration, the American Statistical Association released a new policy statement.

Splunk announces new release of app for AWS

At AWS re:Invent, Splunk announced a new release of its app for Amazon Web Services. The enhanced version converts AWS CloudTrail, AWS Config, Amazon CloudWatch and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Flow logs into intuitive dashboards for simplified operational and security intelligence. Customers can monitor user activity, resource changes, topology and network traffic flows.

Teradata adds database for production workloads on AWS

Teradata announced today that it's making its data warehousing and analytics product, Teradata Database, available for cloud deployment on AWS early next year. Initially, Teradata Database on AWS will be offered on Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute – or EC2 – instances in supported AWS regions. You'll find those on a listing in the AWS Marketplace in 2016.

Patent Market Tracker shows US patent purchase trends for 2015

Innography released U.S. patent purchase trends for 2015 through July from the company's Patent Market Tracker, a standalone data set and analytics service. The results show roughly a 10 percent yearly increase over the last several years. Here's what they found in patent sales and purchasing trends.

IBM acquires Cleversafe

IBM announced it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Cleversafe, an object-based storage in the cloud company distinguished by its unique cloud storage algorithms designed to efficiently compress massive amounts of data.