• The future of big data, ambient intelligence and ubiquitous computing

    Ambient intelligence will create a "data culture" that envelops and enables us all. The sooner people understand ambient intelligence and the data required for such to exist, the better people will understand why so many corporations are hard at work gathering data and making it widely available.

Spotlight: The Economist explains media, academic backlash against big data

The trouble with media accounts of big data usage is that it tends to be cyclic: first hailing it and then bashing it mercilessly.

Russian leaker says free cloud-based Windows is coming--but will that turn users into product?

A Russian leaker, Wzor, says Windows Cloud, a limited loss leader version to tempt users to subscribe to get the full features, is headed our way soon. While freeware has always been a great tactic in increasing software subscriptions, given how much data is harvested via "free" software and social media services these days, I have to wonder if this move too might turn users from their former categorization as customers into product.

Visualizing data with Datameer's 4.0 update

In the "oh, this is cool" column of interesting things happening in visualizations is Datameer's 4.0 update this week. Instead of creating a visualization at the end of your work on the results, you can visualize the data on your screen while you're working with it (in real-time) as long as your working with Datameer's analytics tool. 

Big data app development brought to you by Hortonworks, Cascading

Hortonworks has added Concurrent's Cascading SDK to its Hadoop distribution. Such helps developers operationalize their data. In addition, Hortonworks will certify, support and deliver Cascading--the most widely used App development framework for data applications on Hadoop.

IBM takes on the devil down in Georgia

Well, not exactly. More like IBM is helping farmers in Georgia tackle all the bedeviling issues Mother Nature is dishing out. But like the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" by the Charlie Daniels Band, the farmers need some serious big data help and they need it right now "'cos hell broke loose in Georgia and the devil deals it hard." Here's what's up with that showdown in my neck of the woods…