• Stoppers and cogs in the big data wheel

    Quite a bit of attention is given to improving data management and analysis at the data scientist level. But I submit for your consideration today an often overlooked area that needs our utmost attention: the cogs and wedges in both data entry and action execution.

2015: The year the cookie dies, online tracking moves on

J. Walter Thompson--or rather their JWT Intelligence arm that focuses on identifying shifts in the global zeitgeist--has released its annual trends report. Among their interesting predictions: next year we'll see the end of tracking cookies, bitcoin going mainstream, and smart fabrics leading the way in wearables "super-humanizing us." 

Retailers use facial recognition, head pose algorithms to merchandise products in store

In-store data mining and analyses are being refined everyday in increasingly sophisticated ways. One example:  Hyperlayer launched its Retail Acceleration Engine (RAE) this week. 

Group intelligence key to market advantage

Many organizations are focused on measuring productivity and efficiency and view the hiring and retaining of intelligent employees with specific skill sets to be essential for both. However, group intelligence may be of more importance than individual intelligence to achieving market advantage.

Sales and operations planning--a perfect pick for big data projects

Big data in marketing is all the rage. Everyone wants to know all there is to know about their customers and pump those sales ever higher. Alrighty, let's say you do that. Can you deliver on all those new sales? Do you have enough inventory? Can you make or get more product on time? Are margins where they need to be? 

App developers get serious about data and analytics

Many apps' data-collecting efforts amounted to wild grab bags and were not focused on specific end uses. This is slowly changing. Apps are getting smarter about data collection and analysis. 


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