• Millennials: The greatest risk to corporate data

    According to a U.S. mobile security study, millennials are a greater risk to corporate data security than other user demographics. The findings between generational behaviors are likely to be counter-intuitive to many who assume younger generations to be more knowledgeable and more aware of security threats in mobile tech use than older generations. So much for gut-instinct, eh?

Salesforce makes Wave more attractive with Cloudera, Hortonworks, Google integrations

Salesforce is rolling out some integrations with a few additional data sources in hopes of making its Wave analytics offering more appealing to users. Cloudera, Hortonworks, Google and New Relic are among the companies with new integrations.

Next-gen gene sequencing and big data: From solid disease modeling to clear treatment options

Coupled with next-generation gene sequencing, big data is illuminating solid and far more detailed disease modeling and subsequently, clearer, better treatment options too.

IRS hacked, data on 100K taxpayers stolen

The IRS announced that "criminals used taxpayer-specific data acquired from non-IRS sources to gain unauthorized access to information on approximately 100,000 tax accounts through IRS' 'Get Transcript' application." 

Ryft unveils Open API Library

Ryft announced its Open API Library is now generally available. The invoke or extend front-end for integrating Ryft ONE hardware-driven acceleration into existing environments and algorithms contains a growing set of primitives — such as exact search, fuzzy search and term frequency — and support for high-level programming languages.

4 critical jobs in big data

Crucial roles do still exist and will continue to be in demand for the foreseeable future. However, they are morphing a bit into more refined skill sets and job definitions from what we saw earlier in the industry. Take a look at what those roles look like now. 


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This morning Google announced that it will introduce a stripped down version of Android designed to run Internet of Things devices. It also said it will offer a communications layer so that devices can communicate with each other, the Internet and phones.


CIOs, CISOs and even CEOs are not constantly under the microscope on what they are doing to keep their organizations safe from cyberattackes. But a new study of boards of directors reveals that the efforts aren't enough in most cases.