• Uncle Sam moves to a new school district, seeks big data teachers

    The Pentagon has learned a valuable lesson: It needs to learn a lot more about handling big data. While an admirable admission and pursuit, it's how the Pentagon is going about the pursuing that's raising a few eyebrows – and more than a little hope for government eventually getting up to speed.

State of IoT security: Free data and infrastructure control for the taking!

When it comes to hacks, we have yet to see anything like what's waiting in the wings for IoT. Not only will data be stolen from things, but things will be used to attack the data center and hackers will control and destroy the things too. And all of it will happen at a grand and frightening scale. At least it will if nothing changes.

'OLAP on Hadoop' Kyvos launches with a spin

Hadoop has been losing its shine for a while now, but Kyvos Insights hopes to help restore its sheen, at least a little. The company just launched Kyvos, billed as "OLAP for Hadoop." OLAP stands for online analytical processing. It's not by any means the only vendor offering OLAP on Hadoop, but it does have some notable features.

451 Research: Enterprises increase investment in datacenter facilities

One would think that the cloud has overcome traditional data centers given all the talk about cloud these days. But that's not the case. In fact, big data and other emerging tech needs appear to have spurred interest in reviving on-premises data centers. A new 451 Research report finds that "despite increased investment in cloud and colocation providers, 87 percent of data center operators surveyed from North America and Europe are maintaining or increasing their data center facility spending, with 25 percent expecting to increase spending over the next 90 days."

Linux Foundation launches R Consortium

The Linux Foundation launched the R Consortium centered on the popular R language and designed to unite and support technical and user communities, the members of which include about 2 million data scientists. And the new R Consortium is backed by some hefty industry players and founding companies, including Microsoft, RStudio, TIBCO, Alteryx, Google, HP, Mango Solutions, Ketchum Trading and Oracle.

TBR's Cloud Developer Report: Cloud decision-making process moving beyond developers

Technology Business Research predicted in its just released Cloud Developer Report that "the traditional developer-based decision-making process for bringing cloud computing into a business will become a group decision as executive, IT and line-of-business teams collaborate more during the process over the next two years." This would not be surprising given big data is also following that same decision-making route, and big data and cloud tend to go hand-in-hand.


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Several months after the company first revealed plans to split in two, officials at Hewlett-Packard  filed formal paperwork  to break HP Enterprise off as a separate company.


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